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Goldicq International Sales Ltd offers (game-money) ISK. but have no intent of give it to you. When your money has been transfered from PayPal or your creditcard, they run into trubble contacting their supplier, they tell you to come back later. When you come back at a later time the same thing happens, over and over again. I opend a case at PayPal, and Goldicq begged me to close it, if i did the ISK would be in my gamecharacters wallet within 5 min. everything was ready for transaction. I closed the case at PayPal and Goldicq closed the chat...These people are really ###, they robbed me for USD 7, 39 and went to all this trubble to get at them?? I know i shoul never closed the case at PayPal before the ISK had been transferred, i know! By letting websites like this use PayPal, PayPal help criminals operate, they are not without blame here!

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  • M4
      20th of Jan, 2011

    I can attest to this fact. I currently have $100 USD tied up with them and a PayPal complaint being investigated. After they had received my payment confirmation through PayPal, they told me that I would have to send the money via Western Union or provide them a copy of my credit card and photo ID. This was an attempt to steal even more money from me. Given the way the system works, PayPal denies all claims found to be intangible items a.k.a. in-game items or currency. This means even though you paid them the money, they can just "say" they gave it to you. If I do not receive my money back, I'm going to fly to see them in person and personally take back what is mine.
    According to their credit worksheet for their corporation, they can be found at:
    Registered Office: 30 IRONMONGERS PLACE, LONDON
    Date Incorporated: Oct 18, 2009

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  • Fo
      2nd of Feb, 2011

    They are scam artists running out of China, have evidence of this and have forwarded to who is handling there transactions. This company will rip you off do not do business with them. They have a slick website and make the appearance as being a valid company. This is not true, they are criminals and should be avoided.

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