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Goldicq International / virtual currency scammer

Sep 26, 2018

Waited an entire month to deliver with various excuses. Eventually I gave up because they would not issue a refund. I'm now in a chargeback situation with paypal. They will not refund me unless I send them another 400 dollars through my bank. They are scammers and ALL positive reviews are...

Goldicq International / gold

Jul 30, 2017

Sorry ahead for my english I ordered gold in Revelation online, it was 5k. So when I entered the websait I was amazed by the prices and their promise for 8min until 24 hours delivery. This is the date when I ordered my gold: 18 Jul 2017, 14:44. Now is 23 july 2017 17:06 and everytime...

Goldicq / Game gold

Dec 09, 2016

I purchased the virtual goods from the website. They delayed delivery for three days. They are still not fully delivered.On the first day I asked to cancel the order, but they do not agree. Until now they did not give a solution. I need them to return the full amount,and give me the relevant...

Goldicq / Game cash

Dec 16, 2015

It's been 6 days, still haven't received game cash, payed $22.00, keep receiving same message...Requested refund, manager not in.. [Jocelyn] Hello, how may I help you? [Jocelyn] Please hold on, I will check on that. We will mail the gold to you soon, you don't need to wait here, we will... / They dont refund my money

Nov 18, 2015

I have been pay with my master card and they dont pay cabal alz they say I have to pay again with other of the payment thats not normal what they ask again I just want some one can read this and see thıs side what do people I want they close side bec I dont want anybody lose they are money I pay 127 euro for the payment

Goldicq / Mmose/ Mmook / No delivery and refusing to refund by stalling

Oct 31, 2015

First, i'd like to say this three websites are the same company with the same live customer (just check their contact info or the name on the payment). I bought gold for around 23$. Before purchase, i inquired about stock and delivery delays. They confirmed all was in stock and delivery...

Goldicq / fraud

Jun 01, 2014

this company will lie to you outright Janice 05-31 21:31:32Hello, how may i help you? You 05-31 21:32:12hi, i'm thinking about buying astral diamonds for neverwinter online. want to see how long it would take for 2 mil? Janice 05-31 21:33:53We will arrange the delivery in 10 minute...


Feb 24, 2012

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY – THEY ARE FRAUDULENT! Complaint Rating: DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY – THEY ARE FRAUDULENT! I am thinking of starting a lawsuit against them they have been giving me the run arround for over a month. stupid me clossed my paypal issue because they told me clo...

Goldicq / goods never recieved

Feb 10, 2012

I had put in an order with these ppl and i kick myself in the proverbial 'butt' for not having checked with this site first. Unlike most, my order only cost me 11 dollars, but i think this has to be put in as a complaint as well just to show others that these guys are seriou...

Goldicq / Scam

Jul 31, 2011

THEY ###ING SCAM LIKE HELL: paid 100+ in euro`s waited for 5 weeks for my cash and all the time they say they got problems whit paypal but i paid whit moneybookers! and they say yea we will take care of ure order today but they dident had my email yet so how the F. can they take care of my...

Goldicq International / Non-Delivery of Purchased Lindens

May 13, 2011

Like many hard-working folks in Second Life, I try to stretch my lindens as far as they will go. I normally buy lindens in game, but thought I'd try an alternate source, since their currency is traded legally on the open market outside of the game world. I typed, "cheap lindens"...

Goldicq International Sales Ltd Review / Scam Artists

Feb 02, 2011

This company sells gold for mmorpgs or claims to do so, to be more accurate. Do not do business with them, they will steal your money. Avoid this company and spread the word that they should be avoided, they operate under different site names for various online games.

Goldicq / no product received of virtual goods

Jan 26, 2011

'I purchased virtual goods through the website: a week ago. I have not received the product yet. I paid through payal. I have maintain corresponse with the website trying to obtain the goods but the company keep giving me the run around. I do have document of live...

Goldicq/goldbot / Fraud


This is a topic for all those who are looking to buy or have bought and got scammed from these websites. Here is your solution to getting your money back: First of all, if you're looking to buy from these websites, do not. They will not deliver period. My situation and solution: I bought...

Goldicq / Online Scamers


Goldicq International Sales Ltd offers (game-money) ISK. but have no intent of give it to you. When your money has been transfered from PayPal or your creditcard, they run into trubble contacting their supplier, they tell you to come back later. When you come back at a later time the same...

Goldicq - Sucks - Ripoff - Avoid / Ripoff - Avoid


Yeah same here although i got my first 300mil in two days.Later than they said but still happy with results so i decided to get more, a larger amount this time.Oh big mistake in chat f0r 4 days and they either said supplier wasn't on or they are still collecting.I then found this site... / Scam Artists


It has been almost a month and I have yet to receive my 6K gold. All they did was buying more time from me, making excuses that their gold are out of stock. On their website they said they bought out gold from retired gamers and that makes them legit because it doesn't involve any 3rd...

Goldicq International Inc - Rappelz / FRAUDULENT BUSINESS PRACTICES


October 10, 2010 Re: [Moolin] Hello, how may I help you? [Dwayne] hi moolin i just placed an order, form number is : 10101022094xxxx [Moolin] Please hold on, I will check on that. [Dwayne]...

Goldicq / SCAM website Don't BUY


The website turned into a scam site. I have dealt with them before and was fine, I purchased 140$ worth of online goods and it is now 35 days later and haven't recieved anything. They put me on ignore on both MSN and AIM, will not answer their phone on skype or from my cell and when I...

Goldicq International Sales Ltd / Buying EVE online ISK


Goldicq International Sales Ltd offers (game-money) ISK. but have no intent of give it to you. When your money has been transfered from PayPal or your creditcard, they run into trubble contacting their supplier, they tell you to come back later. When you come back at a later time the same...

Goldicq International Sales Ltd / They dont Deliver.


Avoid at all costs! I paid for some services they were offering and before Pre-Purchasing I asked for delivery times, they told me 10minutes-20minutes. So I waited... guess what? 48hours later STILL waiting. I contacted Customer Support Numerous times, with excuses like "The Supplier...



This company clearly states on their site that they accept paypal as payment to purchase online game gold/credits etc. However once you make the payment they do not deliver, and when you attempt to resolve the issue they tell you to make the payment again with westernunion and only AFTER...