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Goldicq International reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 22, 2009. The latest review Online goods not received / time wasted was posted on Sep 2, 2020. The latest complaint do not use this company – they are fraudulent! was resolved on Feb 24, 2012. Goldicq International has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 23 reviews. Goldicq International has resolved 8 complaints.

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Sep 02, 2020

Goldicq International — Online goods not received / time wasted

I've ordered online game currency of 2600M, which is worth $1702.05 CAD on Sep 1. Their live chat...

Goldicq Internationalvirtual currency scammer

Waited an entire month to deliver with various excuses. Eventually I gave up because they would not issue a refund. I'm now in a chargeback situation with paypal. They will not refund me unless I send them another 400 dollars through my bank. They are scammers and ALL positive reviews are probably fake or some rare situation where they held up to their promise.

Pick another site, these guys are literally the worst. I paid them 400 dollars. I may never get it back. I feel like an IDIOT.

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    Goldicq Internationalgold

    Sorry ahead for my english
    I ordered gold in Revelation online, it was 5k.
    So when I entered the websait I was amazed by the prices and their promise for 8min until 24 hours delivery.
    This is the date when I ordered my gold: 18 Jul 2017, 14:44.
    Now is 23 july 2017 17:06 and everytime
    when im asking what about my gold im receiving that annoying answer, that was copy pasted of-course, the supplier is offline, please wait a bit more and we will call or send you an email.
    None of does things happened after 2 days so I asked for a refund, most of the times they were avoiding it by saying that they are sorry or dont worry you will get your gold.
    Anyways if any of you is really interested I can provide this all conversation trough pictures, ofc I SS everything.

    ps: few days passed the are converting my order from 5000k to 3800k already. I got 1000k tho and prolly wont see any other, they are ignoring and very annoying.

    The price rised, sorry, we can't control the market.

    the supporter said he promise that he wont convert it
    question can u give me 1.8 all now?
    so can you give me that 1800k?

    can you answer? or you gonna keep ignoring? give me this dam 1800k and finish with the deal already !

    Cindy 07-30 18:43:42

    Cindy 07-30 18:43:46

    Hi, my number is [protected]. Qelacien

    can i have my gold?


    Cindy 07-30 18:46:32

    good, where should i go to?

    Cindy 07-30 18:49:54

    what sent?

    Cindy pass the conversation to someone who is going to do hes work

    your troll isnt funny

    its just a very small part of how annoying and scamming they are, so see your self if u wanna spend your money on that.


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      Goldicq — game gold

      I purchased the virtual goods from the website. They delayed delivery for three days. They are still not...

      Goldicq — game cash

      It's been 6 days, still haven't received game cash, payed $22.00, keep receiving same message...Requested...

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      I have been pay with my master card and they dont pay cabal alz they say I have to pay again with other of...

      Goldicq / Mmose/ Mmook — no delivery and refusing to refund by stalling

      First, i'd like to say this three websites are the same company with the same live customer (just check their...

      Goldicq — fraud

      this company will lie to you outright Janice 05-31 21:31:32Hello, how may i help you? You 05-31 21:32:12hi...

      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Goldicqdo not use this company – they are fraudulent!

      Do not use this company – they are fraudulent!
      Complaint rating:

      Do not use this company – they are fraudulent!
      I am thinking of starting a lawsuit against them they have been giving me the run arround for over a month. Stupid me clossed my paypal issue because they told me closs it and you will recieve in 15 min. Yeah right now paypal will do nothing so just lost money. Looking at all the sites and all they have done wrong multi lawsuit is what im thinking because there are more than just a few.

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        Goldicqgoods never recieved

        I had put in an order with these ppl and i kick myself in the proverbial 'butt' for not having checked with this site first. Unlike most, my order only cost me 11 dollars, but i think this has to be put in as a complaint as well just to show others that these guys are serious scam artists if nothing else. I put in an order, and then in my email i had to click a link that opened up a chat box with these people. I was asked to send my information about my email character name etc. As if that wasn't enough, i was then asked about my age, my phone number and another email, after all of this nonsense and running around, i was then told that their supplier was offline and that as soon as he was back on i would get an email. Well, the email never came so i got back online with them after i read the complaints on here's what happened;

        Thanks for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly...

        [Evian] May I have your payment email address and character name please?
        [Visitor] nathalie.[protected], Valckyrie
        [Visitor] i also sent in a lot of information yesterday, , i'd like to know when your 'supplier' will be giving me my game money that i had paid if full for?!

        [Evian] Please hold on, I will check on that.
        [Evian] hello
        [Evian] do u order now ?
        [Evian] may i know u order number ?
        [Visitor] [protected] THAT'S IT NOW GET ME MY MONEY!!!
        [Evian] sorry for u, i don't know u mean
        [Evian] u need refund ?
        [Visitor] YOU WILL BE SHUT DOWN
        [Evian] Please use lowercase letters

        [Visitor] i want what i paid for
        [Visitor] now
        [Visitor] if i hear once i again that your supplier is offline
        [Evian] did u paid 120 gold for King of Kings 3 ?
        [Evian] and our supplier
        [Evian] Is helping you receiving
        [Evian] need u w aiitng
        [Evian] so can u waiting ?
        [Visitor] Hello Nathalie Le Maire,

        The $11.44 CAD eCheck payment you made to [protected] has cleared.

        Here are the details:

        Total amount $11.44 CAD
        Transaction date January 31, 2012
        Transaction ID 34K59926MV604193U
        Subject of Kings 3--Dynia--100 Gold Crown + 20% extra bonus--11.44 CAD--Ihatespldbrats--OrderNo:[protected]

        [Visitor] i have a hard time understanding your english
        [Visitor] there's all the information you need above
        [Evian] yes i know
        [Evian] i find u order
        [Evian] our supplier here now
        [Evian] but need u waiting
        [Evian] our supplier has helping you receiving
        [Visitor] 'i will find your order' ' can you wait please and i will get your information'
        [Visitor] ok, , , what do you mean 'our supplier has helping you receiving???'
        [Visitor] my god what terrible terrible english
        [Visitor] i have no idea what you are saying at all
        [Visitor] are you saying he is 'getting the order for me so i can recieve it?'
        [Visitor] This is from the site Complaints Board;
        [Visitor] More Goldicq complaints
        Goldicq - no product received of virtual goods
        Goldicq - Online Gold Scammers!!
        Goldicq - Scam
        Goldicq - SCAM website Don't BUY
        [Visitor] so ppl are onto you
        [Visitor] and now im being ignored, , , yeah, , consider yourselves reported and hopefully you people will be ### down and you will all be thrown into the streets!

        I will never see my order/recieve my goods, and i do blame paypal for supporting crooks like this. I'll never use paypal again. Lesson learned and yes, i sincerely hope they get shut down and justice is brought down, but again, i'm a cynic by nature and ppl like this only get away time and again with crimes like this.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction

          paid 100+ in euro`s waited for 5 weeks for my cash and all the time they say they got problems whit paypal but i paid whit moneybookers! and they say yea we will take care of ure order today but they dident had my email yet so how the F. can they take care of my order then

          09:49:14 PM [Lucy] Hello, how may I help you?
          09:49:16 PM [Visitor] why is ure problem not on the site yet whit moneybookers and WU and all
          09:49:17 PM [Visitor] :S
          09:49:31 PM [Visitor] its been 4 weeks now since i made a payment
          09:50:30 PM [Visitor] i want my runescape money i CAN`T pay whit WU
          09:50:56 PM [Lucy] sorry for the trouble, but if you pay western union we will refund you and give you the gold at once
          09:51:02 PM [Visitor] dont want any excuses
          09:51:18 PM [Visitor] i told u befoure i can`t pay whit WU
          09:51:40 PM [Visitor] its not my problems its the site problem u got the cash ready i want 2 get paid
          09:52:17 PM [Visitor] dont macro me plz just awnser personal
          09:52:50 PM [Visitor] i want my cash i pay for like every month 100+ on euro`s i want my money
          09:54:54 PM [Visitor] ????
          10:01:33 PM [Lucy] sorry, i will leave a msg to our manager and he will deal with your order in 12 hours
          10:01:52 PM [Visitor] how do u know my order if u dont got my email :S?
          10:02:33 PM [Visitor] they told me many times but u dont got my email so how do the manager knows thats my email ore account
          10:05:52 PM [Visitor] ???
          10:05:54 PM [Visitor] tell me
          10:06:01 PM [Visitor] how u know my email'
          10:09:11 PM [Visitor] ??
          10:09:11 PM [Visitor] ?/
          10:17:41 PM [Visitor] tell me ??
          10:17:44 PM [Visitor] awnser
          10:29:10 PM [Visitor] ******** (Username) fix it i want an email tomorrow
          10:30:12 PM [Lucy] ok, i will send you a email to notice you, sorry for the trouble (still no email!!!)

          So here`s proof i got many more chats

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            • Co
              Compl GoldiCQc Feb 04, 2012

              [Visitor] I want my rsgp
              [Visitor] my order # is
              [Visitor] ***************
              [Vivian] Please hold on, I will check on that.
              [Visitor] ...
              [Vivian] We can't login game atm because of the problem with our proxy here, need some time to fix it, please check back later, thanks for your understanding.
              [Visitor] lol
              [Visitor] first your supplier isnt on
              [Visitor] now you cant login game?
              [Visitor] I WANT WHAT I PAID FOR ! OR MY ###ING MONEY BACK!

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            • Rs
              rs007rscammers Oct 15, 2011

              same they only do like cheap payment so you come back to them in the future to get scammed i spent £5 there got my stuff then spent £250 then lost it i also used western union frauds... im pissed off

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Goldicq Internationalnon-delivery of purchased lindens

            Like many hard-working folks in Second Life, I try to stretch my lindens as far as they will go. I normally buy lindens in game, but thought I'd try an alternate source, since their currency is traded legally on the open market outside of the game world. I typed, "cheap lindens" into a search engine and found 3 prominent paid-for Google links, one of which was sllindenshop. I followed this link and found their website which promised delivery of lindens from 8 minutes to 24 hours. Their exchange rate was about 398L to a USD, which was far better than the 249L per dollar you can get in game. I did a Google search on "sllindenshop and scam" and didn't come up with anything bad, so I placed the order and then chatted live with a person named "Daisy" who was nice, said she was 24 years old (she asked me my age and so I asked hers), and the order would be delivered in-game in about 20 minutes. I stayed on the live chat with her until 30 minutes had passed, and she asked me to send her my in-game name in an e-mail so they could arrange the transfer. Then she told me they were having problems reaching their supplier. I asked her how long, and she said a couple hours. A couple hours later I went back to their web site and chatted with another girl who told me that my lindens would be delivered shortly. They never came. I went to bed and woke the next morning and found that I still had no lindens. My card was charged withing minutes of the transaction the night before. After work, I logged back onto their website and got yet another girl in chat who told me the were having supplier problems but they'd definitely have it worked out today. I then did a Google search on the company who's name appeared on the Credit Card charge and it pulled up tons of information on people who'd been ripped off by these guys. All of them reported the same things that I was experiencing. I told the girl that their site promised 24 hours and they had until then to deliver the goods or I would consider them in breach of the terms of the order and take appropriate action. 24 hours passed with no communication. I called my bank and told them I wanted to dispute the charge, and asked for the phone number of the company who made the charge so that I could call them and work it out. I called the number they gave me and it went to PayPal. The Paypal support representative I spoke with was very helpful. I explained the situation and told him all the complain info I'd found on this company. He helped me file a formal complaint against them and told me that they would withhold the funds from the company and would add my complaint to what may already be an ongoing investigation into this company. He told me to formally dispute the charge with my bank, and then money would then be credited back to me. The next morning, I found an e-mail from GoldICQ saying,

            "We have got the gold ready for you, please contact our live support for face to face delivery. Please contact us as soon as possible, we can't hold the stock for a very long time."

            I replied to them as follows:

            "Dear Sirs:

            Your website promised delivery of goods in 8 minutes to 24 hours. 24 hours passed with no delivery of goods. You are therefore in violation of the promised terms of the transaction.

            I have filed a formal complaint against your company with Paypal. They have stopped payment for the goods I ordered from you. At their recommendation, I have also disputed their charge against my bank for this transaction so that my money will be returned to me.

            In addition, so that countless other innocent people will not fall victim to your fraudulent and criminal scam, I called Paypal directly and spoke to them at length regarding the many complaints documented by and other similar websites not only against your company's deliberately deceptive tactics, but also against Paypal for their complicity by not involving Federal authorities in this case sooner (which they led me to believe may be already in progress).

            I have also learned that Linden Labs has been suspending the accounts of anyone caught accepting goods from you in game, so I will not be accepting anything from you or any of your representatives.

            I have provided Paypal with the lengthy list of names under which your company does business so that unsuspecting victims will not continue to be fooled by your various disguises.

            I would advise you to get out now, before you are escorted out in handcuffs by the FBI, which may actually be a good thing if it saves you from being gunned down with an AK-47 by some poor schmuck that you scammed. Get a real job with a legitimate company that actually is trying to make the world a better place.

            Happy Friday 13th to you."

            Please help stop these guys by putting your experiences with them on the web for people to read. Oh... and if you find a deal on the Internet that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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              • Gu
                Guest User Oct 12, 2010
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                They took my money and have refused to deliver what they promised! I paid them via paypal and all they ever do is ask for more time. THEY CLEARLY PROMISE 8min - 24 hour delivery!!! It has yet to happen. This is an online SCAM! They have no ZULIE, NO GOLD, NO GIL, NO NOTHING!!! Buyers BEWARE!!!

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Goldicq International Sales Ltd Reviewscam artists

              This company sells gold for mmorpgs or claims to do so, to be more accurate. Do not do business with them, they will steal your money. Avoid this company and spread the word that they should be avoided, they operate under different site names for various online games.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Goldicqno product received of virtual goods

                'I purchased virtual goods through the website:
       a week ago. I have not received the product yet. I paid
                through payal. I have maintain corresponse with the website trying to
                obtain the goods but the company keep giving me the run around. I do
                have document of live chat conversation that we had. I contact the
                website each day since I purchase yet no product. First the the company
                needed me to verfiy I did that by emailing them my information : imvu
                user name, they also wanted my phone number i did that, they called to
                get more verfication, next they wanted me to create something on the
                website of imvu and set at ##k thats the amount of credits i bought from
       said they would buy it from me (the product I
                created) well i dont know how to create. so they ask if they can have my
                password to farmer my credits. I was apprehensive but i gave them the
                information. They asked me not change the password until they were done.
                They had done nothing, i changed my password. Now the company says the
                market is slow or the supplier is offline and come back in three hours
                but each time i come back the company says the supplier is offline again
                and they have my order. This is unjust i have never had an issue before
                with any other website receving goods, this website is fraud with paypal
                services connected.

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                  • Ka
                    kassie g Feb 27, 2012

                    well now they are saying pay-pal not letting them go through them any more i was lucky and got my refund back. now they are saying they can only take western union.but if that's the case then why did pay pal take the money out in the first place def a huge scam here.

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                  Goldicq/goldbot — fraud

                  This is a topic for all those who are looking to buy or have bought and got scammed from these websites. Here...

                  Goldicq — online scamers

                  Goldicq International Sales Ltd offers (game-money) ISK. but have no intent of give it to you. When your...

                  Fort Mcmurray

                  Goldicq - Sucks - Ripoff - Avoidripoff - avoid

                  Yeah same here although i got my first 300mil in two days.Later than they said but still happy with results so i decided to get more, a larger amount this time.Oh big mistake in chat f0r 4 days and they either said supplier wasn't on or they are still collecting.I then found this site and decided to contribute to the hate :)

                  Day 5 chat went like this...

                  [Julie] Hello, how may I help you?

                  [Visitor] hello I have purchased gold 5 days ago and still not got what I payed for.I must receive it from you today or I will have to open a dispute in paypal and will not purchase a third time.

                  [Julie] May I have your payment email and character name please?

                  [Visitor] Character name: KeyGrip email ***************

                  [Julie] Please hold on, I will check on that.

                  [Visitor] my patience is running out.

                  [Julie] We are keeping collecting the gold for you, but need more time. As soon as we get it ready, we will email you at once. Thanks for your understanding.

                  [Visitor] you said that 2 days ago

                  [Visitor] Could you send me what you have collected so far?

                  [Julie] so sorry for the delay

                  [Visitor] will you have it by tonight?

                  [Visitor] thats 7 hours

                  [Visitor] should be enough

                  [Julie] yes

                  [Visitor] ok will check again later thank you

                  [Julie] np

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                    Goldicq.comscam artists

                    It has been almost a month and I have yet to receive my 6K gold. All they did was buying more time from me, making excuses that their gold are out of stock. On their website they said they bought out gold from retired gamers and that makes them legit because it doesn't involve any 3rd party program - that's why I bought their gold. I just send them a charge back a moment ago via paypal. If you have enough proof and evidence (like me) that you've been scam, you can also report this to the Internet Thief Department or your local police department, they will definitely deal with them. It won't hurt much, only if they refuse to pay the charge back they will have their whole website shut down and pay some "extra" payment.

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                      • Da
                        DamionShearer Mar 12, 2011

                        ima have the site hacked i to have been scammed, they tell me there market is slow or there supplier is offline... they continue to tell me that same things everytime... however this sites adress is located in china there for we american can not do anything about them and closing the site down will not stop the situation they will just remake a new one so there is nothing we can do about it

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                      • Un
                        unicorn27 Feb 01, 2011

                        I also am having a problem with this company as well. It has been 5 days now going onto the 6th day and I keep getting excuses as to why the gold is not being delivered. They have no manager on site (ever) and they are full of excuses as to why my gold is not in my account as promised. Now when I ask about a refund... they will not even type to me at all. Oh and the phone # given on the site is always (busy) . Please if anyone knows of a way to get a refund from this company or the exact directions to which get a refund from them it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you...

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                      Goldicq International Inc - Rappelzfraudulent business practices

                      October 10, 2010


                      [Moolin] Hello, how may I help you?
                      [Dwayne] hi moolin i just placed an order, form number is : 10101022094xxxx
                      [Moolin] Please hold on, I will check on that.
                      [Dwayne] ok
                      [Moolin] Could you please email us your character name, level and Server, we may need to make a confirm before the first time trade.
                      Please make sure the character name you wrote is exactly the same as your ingame name, with correct capitalization.
                      Please email it to [protected] . Thank you.
                      [Dwayne] ok
                      [Dwayne] Hi message sent
                      [Moolin] ok, let me see
                      [Dwayne] sure
                      [Moolin] wait
                      [Dwayne] ok
                      [Moolin] We may call you to make a confirm, if you don't mind, may I have your phone number please?
                      [Moolin] :)
                      [Dwayne] 1-403-xxx-xxxx
                      [Moolin] how old are you
                      [Dwayne] xx
                      [Moolin] whose card did you use to buy
                      [Dwayne] my own
                      [Moolin] ok
                      [Moolin], wait for the call
                      [Dwayne] ok i am waiting
                      [Dwayne] I use paypal as i have my card link to this account this is also for my protection as well.
                      [Moolin] ok
                      [Moolin] Oh, we meet some problem with our phone connection currently, I won't call you now, we may would call you next time, sorry for the inconvenience.

                      [Dwayne] no this wont work as i have to back to work in a couple of hours. If you are not able to process at this time then I would like to cancell this order and not process later.
                      [Moolin] contacting the supplier for you
                      [Dwayne] ok, continuing to wait.
                      [Moolin] Our supplier is offline now, would you please check back later for the face to face trade ?
                      [Dwayne] I do not want to wait anymore, I contacted Mary about 30 minutes ago and she said that you had stock. I wish to cancel my order and not meet face to face later.
                      [Moolin] the supplier just has a little pqoblem with his system, he cant log in game
                      [Dwayne] I would like to have a credit back to paypal. This has taken to long, sorry.
                      [Moolin] can you wait ?
                      [Dwayne] for how much longer do you think?
                      [Moolin] soon
                      [Moolin] ]he is trying to fix
                      [Dwayne] Moolin this is my free time I dont wish to waste it waiting, my patience is wearing thin.
                      [Moolin] sorry:(
                      [Moolin] can you check back later'
                      [Moolin] I know your feeling
                      [Dwayne] It not the mater of feeling as i am not able to play online later as I have to work. I wish to cancell this order now and not wait and I suggest that you find a more reliable supplier.
                      [Dwayne] please return credit.
                      [Moolin] our supplier are reliable
                      [Moolin] just need time
                      [Dwayne] no more time.
                      [Dwayne] If you can not issue a credit at this time then I will have Paypay contact you directly as I have stated I no longer wish to proceed.
                      [Moolin] sorry, plz dont do that
                      [Dwayne] Then simply issue a credit.
                      [Dwayne] All that is lost is an order.
                      [Moolin] I have no right to refund
                      [Moolin] :(
                      [Dwayne] What is meant by that? you have no right is it not the company you work for?
                      [Moolin] the manage has the right
                      [Dwayne] He will also have the right to speak with Paypal and Mastercard. I will also post these comment for others to read as you seem not to be co-operative.
                      [Moolin] I will leave a msg to our manage, he will deal with your order soon
                      [Moolin] I will leave a msg to our manage, he will deal with your order soon
                      [Dwayne] Yes he can deal with paypal now. Unjustified Customer.
                      [Moolin] he is not here, when he come, he will deal

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Goldicq — scam website don't buy

                        The website turned into a scam site. I have dealt with them before and was fine, I purchased 140$ worth of...

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