Goldicq International Sales Ltd / They dont Deliver.

United States Review updated:

Avoid at all costs!

I paid for some services they were offering and before Pre-Purchasing I asked for delivery times, they told me 10minutes-20minutes.

So I waited... guess what? 48hours later STILL waiting.
I contacted Customer Support Numerous times, with excuses like "The Suppliers computer is not working"
Upon asking for a Refund I was met with replys such as "The Manager isn't here, we cant authorize a Refund" "You just missed the Manage, he left" ect ect.

So.. I'm filing a Dispute on Paypal right now "Dont know how thats going to go down."
And again, I contacted Customer Support with this information and this is what they said

"[Daisy] plz close the dispute first then we can deliver you"
Yeah... so now all of a sudden they want to deliver to me.. or just another Smart Way of trying to delay the effect of me getting my money back?

anyways, anyone who's considering buying from any of there websites, Dont listen to there ### Promises, There fake ### awards.
Either earn what you're going to buy or find a better trusted word of mouth website.

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  • Lo
      Mar 27, 2010

    Guys, If you want your money, itll take a while. Heres the right dispute to file.

    Didnt recieve items.

    the conputer SOFTWARE, not Virt good

    Say bad stuff, then if needed, call paypal

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  • Tr
      Apr 19, 2010

    what would be you advise to me cause this is happening to me right now?

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  • Pi
      May 06, 2010

    they are swindlers! They steal your money.

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  • Bu
      Jul 08, 2010

    Thanks for posting your comments up! because recently i was going to purchase from their website, Ive seen their same live customer service chat on another website with the exact same woman, she couldnt answer any of my questions that their site was genuin so i wrote to their email with all my questions, and all i got in response was:

    We are a professional online game service provider. We have a good credibility record in paypal and with 3 years more of game gold sales experience, we have enough golds in stock, once you paid, we will trade you face to face in game in 10-20mins, if you need, you can buy it, thank you !

    I dont think i can trust them after that, i asked them to prove they was a trusted site, but failed every question.

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  • Ii
      Aug 15, 2011

    The same thing is happening to me right now, it's about 48 since my purchase and still nothing. I've written to them and all they are saying back is some nonsense about VIP A- VIP B, and so on and so forth. I filled a money request and now i'm waiting one more day before I file the dispute.

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  • An
      Oct 09, 2012

    Same here paid like astupid idiot and i got exactly the same kind of answers: sorry for the delay, but could you plz wait some more time, supplier hasnt back yet, we will hurry up to complete your order as well...
    Too late for me this site should be closed. And they ask for ID copies, that sucks!
    I'll make a complain to the government about that. is really crap.

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