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The website turned into a scam site. I have dealt with them before and was fine, I purchased 140$ worth of online goods and it is now 35 days later and haven't recieved anything. They put me on ignore on both MSN and AIM, will not answer their phone on skype or from my cell and when I join their chat they say "Please come back later for face to face trade". They were legit at one point but are now a scam. They make you deal through westernunion also.


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  • Ji
      Sep 30, 2010

    I recently purchased Nexon cash from this website, and never received the Nexon cash I purchased. Every time I would ask a customer service representative about my Nexon cash I purchased or a refund, he/she would tell me a ridiculous waiting time to speak to the manger. (12-24 hours) At first, I thought I was just experiencing a normal problem like on any online website I made purchases from in the pass, like But, I realized I been scammed after each and every representative told me "wait, the supplier is offline." I may have only been scammed for approximately $27 dollars, but your case can be even worse. DO NOT BUY FROM Goldina, PERIOD! If you are looking to purchase Nexon cash before 7 days after signing up for Maple story, I highly recommend using a alternative option like billing your phone. Before buying from any websites, do some searches and male sure that website has creditability first.

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  • Ji
      Sep 30, 2010

    I meant to say "Goldicq" not "goldina"

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  • Ji
      Sep 30, 2010

    Sorry about the errors, I was a bit angry when I posted my complaint.

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  • Re
      Oct 18, 2010

    Gamebynow runs you in circles. here is a example -
    09:46:53 PM [Jocelyn] Hello, how may I help you?
    09:47:50 PM [Visitor] Jocelyn.. So um.. -------------------------------------------------- character is ----------.. Still havent got my gold.. So umm how about that manager with a payment refund
    09:48:18 PM [Jocelyn] Please hold on, I will check on that.
    09:56:41 PM [Jocelyn] I've left a message to our manager for your order refund, he will deal with your order in 12 hours. Sorry for the delay of your order .
    09:57:35 PM [Visitor] Sounds like your manager didnt get the message last time.. cause that has happend once before.. Im guessing an order refund is not possible?
    09:58:52 PM [Visitor] and in 12 hours it will be 8pm where u are.. If I got the time zone right from one of the other support ppl
    09:59:04 PM [Visitor] or 8 am
    10:02:31 PM [Visitor] Also like I told ID:Rose.. Im probly not going to get my gold for another month or so??
    10:06:11 PM [Visitor] The longer it takes to get my gold, the longer Im thinking you should send me ---------instead of ---------, cause I ordered -------.. Look what I have to go through and prices on other sites havent changed, but yours has
    10:08:50 PM [Visitor] So not only are you guys not delivering in 8min to 24 hours, face to face trades, but on top of that.. its not the cheapiest rom gold.

    todays first chat->
    03:18:36 AM [Andy] Hello, how may I help you?
    03:18:38 AM [Visitor] Hi
    03:19:16 AM [Visitor] Thought I would put my toons name in this time.. you guys gettin a bad rep.. been reading about ppl claimin you guys scamin on the web
    03:19:42 AM [Visitor] been almost 5 weeks for me
    03:20:02 AM [Andy] May I have your payment email and character name please?
    03:20:20 AM [Visitor] no payment email, used paypal and money bookers. character is ------------
    03:22:00 AM [Visitor] Im getting to about 35 days.. that about the time I get ma gold??
    03:22:21 AM [Visitor] or is the rumors true and not going to happen?
    03:27:23 AM [Visitor] ignoring me wont do any good.
    03:27:28 AM [Andy] please wait one moment, do not leave here
    03:28:03 AM [Visitor] Ill give ya a fe
    03:28:05 AM [Visitor] few
    03:28:34 AM [Andy] We will mail the gold to you soon, you don't need to wait here, we will send an email to you once the delivery completed.

    03:28:51 AM [Visitor] lol.. Im guessing you have never ran into me.. haha
    03:29:53 AM [Andy] we will mail it to you soon
    03:30:33 AM [Visitor] I have been promised that I will get to talk to a manager for 2 weeks and that I will get a payment refund. I keep being told the manager will deal with my payment refund.. its all Im concerned about
    03:31:04 AM [Visitor] dont care about the gold.. I just want my refund.. you guys will not be delivering.. I know your not.. I have been told that answer more times than I care to count
    03:31:14 AM [Andy] ok, I will leave a message to our manager for you, he will deal with your order in 12 hours. Sorry for the delay of your order .

    03:32:19 AM [Visitor] Your manager was supposed to deal with this 2 weeks ago.. Support has been "leaving messages" ever since
    03:34:16 AM [Visitor] Like I said, almost 5 weeks now.. and if what the web says the days the guy said he went through when he posted was 35 and Im guessin he still hasent got his gold (or refund) but Id like to get mine
    03:35:12 AM [Visitor] He was saying you guys ignored him on msn and blocked him.. pretty bad
    03:35:53 AM [Visitor] but I guess you cant believe everything you read right
    03:36:29 AM [Andy] sorry, when mail start, we will ask the supplier mail to you first
    03:36:42 AM [Andy] do not worry, we will mail to you soon
    03:38:01 AM [Visitor] ok.. Im going to explain again.. I already know your not going to deliver it to me.. I have been told that before.. Most the explinations your going to give I have been told at least 2 or 3 times. So all I want is my order refund
    03:39:09 AM [Visitor] So unless you going to deliver the gold to me right now or withing the hour, not to interested in gold anymore
    03:39:44 AM [Visitor] Just want to go somewhere where ppl will deliver gold and I dont have to wait months for it
    03:40:25 AM [Visitor] cause thats how it seems
    03:41:40 AM [Visitor] Especially with the friend that recomended me here that buys here religiously
    03:41:57 AM [Visitor] already told her about this.. dont think she comin back
    03:42:30 AM [Andy] sorry, do not worry, we will mail it to you soon, when mail the gold to you, we will ask you to check
    03:43:18 AM [Visitor] I can see this conversations going nowhere.. You do understand I dont care about the gold and I want my order refund???
    03:44:25 AM [Andy] I will leave a message to our manager for you, he will deal with your order in 12 hours. Sorry for the delay of your order .

    03:45:01 AM [Visitor] Ill give you an hour before I start reporting this site as a scam.. 5 weeks is to long
    03:45:32 AM [Visitor] especially when you refuse to give back a refund
    03:45:42 AM [Visitor] for non delivery
    03:45:54 AM [Andy] but the manager is not here now
    03:46:01 AM [Visitor] Iv heard that also
    03:46:11 AM [Visitor] Sorry
    03:46:16 AM [Visitor] not going to work
    03:46:34 AM [Andy] when the manager come here, we will tell you order to him
    03:46:43 AM [Visitor] 1 hour, see ya then
    03:46:59 AM [Visitor] ID:Andy
    03:47:24 AM [Visitor] Ill check back before I do to see whats happening
    03:47:38 AM [Visitor] k
    03:48:01 AM [Visitor] Also might want to tell him that I have kept all the convos with support for the last 5 weeks in my email
    03:48:13 AM [Visitor] nice copy paste
    03:49:02 AM [Visitor] see ya then

    Last convo with them was a no go.. Still no refund. still no gold. Still claims they will leave a message with their manager... Scam or no.. Almost 5 weeks for me.. guess you can decide

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  • Mi
      Nov 11, 2010

    This guys are freaking slow and scams customer.
    It is really ridiculous, i tried to buy the gold worth $24 dollar, and they told me "sorry we only accept western union now"
    And I tried to send money through WU, and their location was in China. Internationa fee was $14.00. I asked them is there are stock for my gold? can i pick it up right after i paid?. Guess what, they said "yes! we have enough stock now! any amount you can get". I paid with Western Union, and i let them know that I paid. They said "oh, our worker who take care of western union system, so can you plz come back later?". I wait about 5 hours, and came back, asked them where is my gold. They said "Sorry, currently it is out of stock, so please come back later face to face trade". They let customer pay first, and take their time. What a scamming freaking cheating company. I don't know the reason why their in China who speaking basic english.

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  • Re
      Dec 05, 2010

    Well if ppl were getting their chat windows closed like crazy yesterday that could have been my fault.. they made me a bit angry so I crashed their servers. Nothing illegal, just bogged them down to force them to restart. Dont know if they banned me or they still under maintenace still. .haha

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  • Ra
      Feb 15, 2012


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  • Ra
      May 13, 2012

    Still scamming, wish i googled before i bought off them! Do NOT use them!

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  • Tr
      Sep 25, 2012

    well, i paid at witch is same company, and its been "only" 4 days now. But i get the same auto messages as you other, so i dont expect to get any gold.
    "sorry, manager is not here, can't refund now"
    "of course we can deliver gold"
    "our supplier will online few hours later"
    "sorry, our suppliers are not noline now but I have moved your order to the top of the waiting list, we will deal with your order first once the gold is ready to delivery"
    Same ### every day. SCAMMERS

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  • Th
      Dec 09, 2012

    YEP scammed. i only put in 5 bucks myself to test them out first which it probally would have been better to google it, but you know, 5 dollars is no big loss it just goes to show you just cant trust the chineese when it comes to business.

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  • In
      Dec 31, 2012

    Sigh... 12 dollars down the drain. Bought in Dec. 28th. It's now Dec. 31 with no gold. Not a long time but I can already tell there is nobody sending me gold. One of the operators I spoke to didn't speak English. Fortunately I have obtained the address to their operation in China. 12 dollars might not seem worth it but I will be getting on a plane Jan. 3rd and burning down the address.

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  • In
      Dec 31, 2012

    Evian 12-31 16:24:26
    Happy New Year, how may i help you?
    You 12-31 16:24:59
    Hi, Would gold be ready on runes of magic when I buy?
    You 12-31 16:25:24
    Evian 12-31 16:29:35
    Evian 12-31 16:29:41
    need u waiitng 3 hours again
    You 12-31 16:30:32
    What happens if it is not delivered in 3 hours?
    You 12-31 16:30:43
    You don't speak english do you?
    You 12-31 16:40:32
    Awesome no reply Thanks for the great service Evian.
    You 12-31 16:40:58
    Another website it is.
    Evian 12-31 16:41:16
    hmm ?
    You 12-31 16:42:09
    Hmmm? It's not like you didnt hear me, we are typing.
    Evian 12-31 16:42:28
    We are keeping collecting the gold for you, but need more time. As soon as we get it ready, we will email you at once. Thanks for your understanding.
    You 12-31 16:43:04
    Automated messages mean nothing to me Evian
    You 12-31 16:43:57
    Why don't you do me a favor. Be a man, and take care of my order.
    You 12-31 16:44:38
    It's been 3 days. The company you work for has a promise of 24 hrs
    You 12-31 16:46:05
    I would like to talk to the manager that is running the operation.
    You 12-31 16:46:13
    Don't give me wait 12 hrs
    Evian 12-31 16:46:33
    yes i know, but in few days is the legal national holiday, New Year's day, plz understand
    You 12-31 16:48:21
    After the "legal national holiday" is over and I still receive nothing. What do I do the Evian? Talk to another operator that will give me the same bs?
    You 12-31 16:52:33
    Ignoring the fed up customer. Real professional.
    Evian 12-31 16:53:08

    You 12-31 16:53:48
    I was really understanding of the whole waiting ordeal. But after reading peoples complaints of being scammed I am really frustrated.
    Evian 12-31 16:54:10

    You 12-31 16:55:27
    Cute, Listen Evian, I don't like to get angry. I would like to speak to manager please.
    Evian 12-31 16:56:17
    i said early, now no manager online
    Evian 12-31 16:56:34
    Obviously you didn't pay attention to what I say
    You 12-31 16:57:18
    Are you kidding me? No where did you say that no manager was online. You replied, "yes i know, but in few days is the legal national holiday, New Year's day, plz understand"
    Evian 12-31 16:57:35
    u said u need refund
    Evian 12-31 16:57:41
    i said, need u waiitng 2 days
    Evian 12-31 16:57:45
    do u remember ?
    Evian 12-31 16:58:00
    if manager at here, why need u waiitng 2 days ?
    You 12-31 16:59:21
    Can you scroll up? I never said I wanted a refund. Nothing in the world would make me happier than to receive the items I purchased. I just wanted to talk to some one in charge
    You 12-31 17:00:41
    Oh my god. You think I am some one else
    You 12-31 17:01:48
    Don't you?
    Evian 12-31 17:02:50
    Evian 12-31 17:02:58
    now i can tell u
    Evian 12-31 17:03:02
    no manager online
    You 12-31 17:05:01
    perfect... I want you to answer me with complete honesty here Evian, or whatever you Chinese name may be. Will I be receiving my items I ordered on December 28th ever?
    You 12-31 17:13:34
    I take the no response as a no. If so, could you tell your "offline" manager I will be looking to sue.

    I am so ###ing mad right now

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  • Se
      Jan 04, 2013

    I would also just like to add in yet another complaint aganist this company. I will not bother going into details as my experience is exactly like the ones above. I am simply here to add my experience so that other people to not make the same mistake we did. Please do not buy from or I will however post this:
    Vivian 01-04 12:12:25

    Happy New Year, how may i help you?
    You 01-04 12:13:42

    I would like to know where my order 130104003945771. is? I will not accept it will be to you shortly as an answer. Thank you Vivian.
    Vivian 01-04 12:13:56

    Please hold on, I will check on it.
    Vivian 01-04 12:17:39

    Your order has been sent to our supplier, and you don't have to wait here. We will send an email to you once the delivery completed.
    You 01-04 12:18:34

    Now i assume when i ask to speak to a manager you are going to tell me "the manager is not available" correct?
    Vivian 01-04 12:19:06

    he is really not here now
    You 01-04 12:22:14

    I'm sure..Well I made a huge mistake purchasing from your company especially after reading more complaints than I could count. I also know I am not going to get my gold or money back either. What I can and am going to do is report and [protected] to the (FTC) Federal Internet Crime Complaint Center. After enough complaints your company will be shut down.
    You 01-04 12:22:51

    I know you will have nothing to say because you just can not tell me that you have what I bought from you. So anyways that is that.
    You 01-04 12:23:33

    When your manager gets in if he ever does be sure to tell him that the company you represent has been reported to the United States Federal Government.
    You 01-04 12:23:44

    Have a nice day

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  • Se
      Jan 05, 2013

    I would just like to provide an update and say that goldicqcs did finally provide me with the gold i purchased. I do not know if it was because i threatened to report them or what but they did eventually come through.

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  • Jo
      Oct 12, 2013

    661-748-0241 California.
    Their number.
    Call this ###ing dirty Chinese ###.

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  • Ra
      Jun 24, 2014

    I fkcing hate goldicq. The game that I play is TERA Risings, which has a fraudulent system in it. However, when you're giving your customer gold. you ensure that the gold is safe and that the customers won't have any problem. My problem at the store is a huge one. I lost around 500+ dollars with the idea that i will not receive any of my money back. Their god damn manager is always offline whenever you ask for a refund. They even lie to me to wait for another day and the manager can talk to me but NOOOOOO the manager is sleeping or tired whatever the fk that he is doing. I'm sorry i cuss a lot in this comment but I can't control my anger anymore. I will report this darn Goldicq everywhere and have this site shut down immediately!!!

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  • Ma
      Jul 31, 2014

    I should of read this earlier, I'm still waiting for my gold its been a day. There was a period that they said my gold is ready for ingame delivery but I was not at my computer and was at work. I thought when I get home they would ingame mail me my character. Nope... I'm giving them one more day before I call my bank. These guys seem like legitimate scammers.

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  • 10
      Dec 23, 2014

    Scammed me... should have known about this site earlier. I paid via credit card. When I went online to the chat they said I needed to pay via Paypal or Moneybookers. They will not refund the money until I pay AGAIN with a new purchase.

    Kevin 12-23 19:53:59
    If you pay via western union, we will give you some extra bonus, meanwhile, paypal refund will be sent immediately!
    And if you buy more in future, you may get more bonus!

    You 12-23 19:55:08
    I don't have enough money to pay $200USD again :(
    You 12-23 19:55:39
    You 12-23 19:56:13
    You already have my $206, why can't I get gold?

    Kevin 12-23 19:58:22
    we will refund u and give u gold once u do a new purchase

    You 12-23 19:58:42
    I do not have enough money!

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  • Ca
      Dec 31, 2014

    i been scammed few days ago 135$ is the same ### keep telling me to do payment off wu or mb

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  • Re
      Jan 21, 2015

    Same thing as everyone else not a fun time dealing with their company. I went to (goldicq website) to purchase ragnarok zeny. I asked them a few times if they have stock and how quick can they deliver. They said everything is in stock and quick delivery. After making the purchase and giving them the confirm ID thats when the fun began. They started saying how the supplier is offline and they will msg me when he is online, at first I didnt think much of it ok sure but its been days now close to a week and still same crap. I tell them to refund me but they just give me their crappy automated responses. Not a pleasant company. NEVER buy from them. I went to a few other websites and and they were upfront with me and said they dont have stock and to check back later. Honestly it seems no one has stock but these guys just lie to get you to pay and make you wait . Also asked them to transfer my money to another game and they said they would but I would get less than what I paid !!! The nerve of these sellers. I want to repeat myself DO NOT BUY

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  • Pr
      Feb 07, 2015

    Here's one of my several conversations with this website's customer support. Even after threatening a Federal Government investigation, they would not budge. I highly urge skeptical buyers from using their service.

    Janney 02-07 18:22:37
    Hello, how may i help you?
    You 02-07 18:23:00
    Hi can you please tell me what you see in this screenshot im going to link?
    You 02-07 18:23:01
    You 02-07 18:23:16
    in great detail please tell me what it says and from what website it is coming from
    You 02-07 18:24:24
    It's your company's checkout page
    Janney 02-07 18:24:35
    what can i do for u
    You 02-07 18:24:43
    did you take a look at the link i sent you?
    Janney 02-07 18:25:02
    You 02-07 18:25:22
    please take a look at it. It's a screenshot of your webpage
    Janney 02-07 18:25:25
    pls click moneybookers to pay
    You 02-07 18:25:42
    are you ###ed?
    Janney 02-07 18:26:27
    we don't accept paypal now, pls try moneybookers
    You 02-07 18:26:54
    nope that's not going to fly, you don't accept paypal. refund my money and i'll use a different payment method
    You 02-07 18:27:10
    and if you don't accept paypal... UPDATE YOUR DAMN WEBPAGE
    Janney 02-07 18:30:07

    plz dont worry, after u pay moneybookers we will refund u this order.
    You 02-07 18:30:40
    You don't understand what I'm saying. I NO LONGER WISH TO USE YOUR SERVICES
    Janney 02-07 18:31:31
    we can't deal with your order now
    You 02-07 18:31:34
    yes you can
    You 02-07 18:31:38
    you have my money
    You 02-07 18:32:09
    i have emails, several conversations, and witnesses from PAYPAL DIRECTLY which all state that I am entitled to the product I ordered
    Janney 02-07 18:33:49
    plz dont worry, i promise after u pay moneybookers u can get ur gold
    You 02-07 18:34:59
    It doesn't work like that "Janney". Not only do I have proof of purchase, but I also have Paypal on my side. I have no reason to pay a single cent more
    You 02-07 18:35:31
    in case you've already forgotten, here's your checkout page again
    You 02-07 18:35:32
    You 02-07 18:36:15
    You see that first payment option? Thats YOUR company saying that you ACCEPT paypal payments.
    Janney 02-07 18:36:19
    we cannot deal with ur order now, so we need u try to pay moneybooekrs to get ur gold, so sorry for the trouble
    You 02-07 18:36:48
    whatever. I'll just wait out the 10 days in the dispute and get my money back since you ###wads won't give me my damn order
    You 02-07 18:37:10
    and you'll be sure to hear back from me for more legal actions regarding your negligence
    Janney 02-07 18:39:01
    i can understand ur feeling, sor for trouble, but we have many customers and we are a professional company, u can trust us, after u pay moneyboookers, u can get ur gold and the money
    You 02-07 18:39:44
    a business doesn't work like that buddy. You pay for a product and you get it. You don't pay DOUBLE for what the product is worth, just to get your initial payment back
    You 02-07 18:40:17
    I hope you guys refusing to give me my product is worth all the legal trouble you're getting yourselves into
    Janney 02-07 18:41:50

    we have many customers, they all use moneybooker to pay, it is more faster than paypal, after u paid moneybooker, u can get golds instantly without any confirmation
    You 02-07 18:43:47
    You 02-07 18:44:07
    I don't think you quite understand the severity of your situation
    You 02-07 18:44:10
    you are in my court
    Janney 02-07 18:44:28
    we can't deal with your order now
    You 02-07 18:44:35
    you are refusing to give me a product which I LEGALLY ordered. and also REFUSING to REFUND my purchase price
    You 02-07 18:45:00
    tell me EXACTLY why you cant deal with my order and don't give me this "you have to use moneybooker" ###
    You 02-07 18:45:24
    you may be in some foreign ###ing country but you are still committing fraud
    You 02-07 18:45:30
    by taking payment
    You 02-07 18:45:34
    with no product
    You 02-07 18:45:36
    in return
    You 02-07 18:46:02
    so either you release my funds back to me, or this will go alot farther than a simple $50 transaction
    Janney 02-07 18:46:54
    u can use moneybookers to pay, then u will get refund and gol, d
    You 02-07 18:47:03
    You 02-07 18:47:12
    You 02-07 18:47:43
    You 02-07 18:48:22
    get me your manager
    Janney 02-07 18:49:31
    manager is not here
    You 02-07 18:49:50
    You 02-07 18:50:04
    you call his ### and tell him to get there
    Janney 02-07 18:51:32
    even he is here, u still need to use moneybookers to pay
    You 02-07 18:52:08
    ok well have fun with your legal issues then. Hope it was worth the $50 payment fraud
    Janney 02-07 18:55:15
    u can use moneybookers to buy
    You 02-07 18:55:43
    ok well have fun with your legal issues then. Hope it was worth the $50 payment fraud
    You 02-07 18:57:03
    I'll be reporting you to the United States Federal Government
    Janney 02-07 18:57:57
    Sry to tell u that, depending on your case, we just accept Moneybookers.Please do new purchase with Moneybookers on our main site And we will refund u for this order.
    You 02-07 18:58:56
    ok well have fun with your legal issues then. Hope it was worth the $50 payment fraud

    I'll be reporting you to the United States Federal Government
    Janney 02-07 19:01:25
    we don't want this happen also
    You 02-07 19:01:34
    ok well have fun with your legal issues then. Hope it was worth the $50 payment fraud

    I'll be reporting you to the United States Federal Government
    You 02-07 19:01:38
    I can keep going all day
    Janney 02-07 19:03:33
    we can't deal with your order now
    You 02-07 19:03:39
    ok well have fun with your legal issues then. Hope it was worth the $50 payment fraud

    I'll be reporting you to the United States Federal Government
    You 02-07 19:03:53
    I'm filling out the report as we speak
    Janney 02-07 19:06:30
    we only can send gold and refund after u pay via moneybookers
    You 02-07 19:06:51
    that sucks for you. Guess you guys are getting shut down because you are stealing money
    Janney 02-07 19:09:19
    we never scamm u, u can trust us
    You 02-07 19:10:16
    na, i'm going to enjoy hearing back from the federal government when they track you guys down and shut you down for fraud
    Janney 02-07 19:13:58
    we don't want this happen also
    You 02-07 19:14:45
    and don't worry, I'm not the only one who's given you bad reviews. I will be sending the Federal Government a link to a complaint site where multiple people say you allegedly stole their money and did not give them their products
    You 02-07 19:15:13
    and you are %100 wrong. I do want this to happen, because its what you guys deserve for stealing my money
    Janney 02-07 19:16:56
    sorry for it
    You 02-07 19:18:01
    no you're not
    You 02-07 19:18:29
    its a simple solution. Just give me my product and this report goes away
    Janney 02-07 19:20:50
    we can't deal with your order
    You 02-07 19:21:06
    the in game name is -----. on runescape 3 in W100. Either send me my product immediately or i submit this report
    Janney 02-07 19:25:23
    we only can send gold after u pay via mb
    You 02-07 19:25:58
    Ok, well I'll just go ahead and submit this report. The federal goverment will be investigating your fraudulent activities
    Janney 02-07 19:30:38
    sorry for it
    You 02-07 19:31:49
    you will be

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  • Ma
      Feb 20, 2015

    Well, the company GoldICQ aka has struck again. The first problem I ran into was they were closed for 2 days during Chinese New Year. Then, after they got back the person "Kevin" on the other side of the chat window wanted numerous pieces of information (account name, password, credit card info, phone numbers, etc.) After having to make a noobie account, new email address and waiting for 8 more hours, the company still couldn't fulfill the order. When I initially asked for a refund, I was told "No need for refund. Just trust us." After talking to a few different screennames through their 24/7 live help, the consistant response was for me to simply wait and that they are not a scam. They also claimed that the credits couldn't be delivered because their "supplier" wasn't at their computer evidently. So, after countless excuses from them, followed by empty promises, I asked for a refund yet again. This time the individual claimed that no manager was available when I was persistant about the refund. So, that's what has brought me to typing this. I haven't gotten anything the company promised, and I've lost the money I paid them. The company's email is: [protected], and their international number is: +86 051985157021

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  • Ji
      Feb 28, 2015

    I've made 2 transactions with that site. The 1st one was for vindictus gold for eu server, 5M only to give it a try.
    They delivered the gold after speaking with their operator and after a short period of time (although the operator was asking silly "confirmation" questions). The 2nd time, 4 weeks later, i ordered 50M. After 3 days when it hasnt been delivered I contacted the operator. More stupid questions, and at the end they said We cant deliver the gold because our paypal service is down (a complete lie because they already told me about my transaction details, name, number etc). I said alright, then refund the money. They refused saying that they will refund me only if I pay again with moneybookers. So.. they wanted to pay AGAIN with moneybookers and only THEN they would refund the paypal amount. I said I'm gonna make a dispute, the operator said dont worry we are a trusted company bla bla bla.
    So, 2 mins later I made a dispute on paypal and in ~6 hours they refunded the money.
    2 days after my account on Vindictus got BANNED because of gold buying. Is that a coincidence? Yea... I don't think it is either lol..

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  • He
      Aug 11, 2015

    same thig from Europe
    2 days and no cash. just 20 euros, but a brain aneurysm.

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  • Sc
      Sep 08, 2015

    I agree with everyone else, I admit, when I first used Gold ICQ, they delivered my in game currency within a day, however, as I kept using it, they got slower and slower at delivering the in game currency till eventually, at this point, well, lets just say I seriously doubt they have any intention of giving it up.
    Stay away from Gold icq if you know whats good for you.
    Scam or not, they are a horrible business will low ethics towards customer service.
    Please boycott this company so that they would have to shut down. Its the least we all can do for other gamers yet to experience their service.

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  • Sc
      Sep 08, 2015

    I don't know how to use this site, so I clicked disagree and it made it a thumbs up...
    Here's me giving this company a thumbs down

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  • Al
      Nov 18, 2015

    Jenny 11-18 03:31:03
    Hello, how may i help you?
    You 11-18 03:31:14
    hi jenny
    Jenny 11-18 03:31:42
    You 11-18 03:31:46
    i want refund our money
    You 11-18 03:33:03
    my name is linda hermans
    Jenny 11-18 03:33:32
    the delay, we will leave a msg to the manager to refund you once he comes back.

    You 11-18 03:33:52
    tonıght we buy 7000m
    You 11-18 03:34:07
    but alz didnt come
    You 11-18 03:34:23
    we want refund money pls
    You 11-18 03:36:38
    do u want me to gıve payment mail
    You 11-18 03:36:46
    maybe u can help us
    You 11-18 03:38:56
    are u there
    Jenny 11-18 03:39:09
    sorry, sending wrong, u have bought?
    You 11-18 03:39:47
    how we will get our money than
    You 11-18 03:40:00
    we pay with visa
    Jenny 11-18 03:40:22
    May I have your payment email address and character name please?
    You 11-18 03:40:55
    [protected] timvp
    Jenny 11-18 03:41:48
    Please hold on, I will check on it.
    You 11-18 03:41:52
    Jenny 11-18 03:42:47
    Sry to tell u that, depending on your case, Please try those payment selections on our site:
    1、Western Union
    4、cashU, UKash, Paysafecard (under "Display")
    Jenny 11-18 03:43:04
    after that, we will refund u paypal payment
    You 11-18 03:43:32
    ı allready pay ıt so
    You 11-18 03:43:53
    why u dont wrıte ıt than there
    You 11-18 03:45:05
    this is not good really
    You 11-18 03:45:23
    ı am not gonna pay again to have this sit
    You 11-18 03:45:39
    but ı am not gonna gıve away that money also
    You 11-18 03:45:55
    10 years ı play this game first time ı buy on your side
    You 11-18 03:46:10
    this happen seruıs thats not thinks say
    You 11-18 03:46:43
    my money come there ı dont care whic way but my money ıs on your acount
    You 11-18 03:47:00
    send me my money or give me my cabal alz
    You 11-18 03:47:07
    pls guys fix this
    Jenny 11-18 03:48:23
    sorry, we cant deal with your order now
    You 11-18 03:49:08
    yeah but what is problem with my order
    You 11-18 03:49:25
    thats money on your acount or not
    Jenny 11-18 03:50:31
    u said we will call bank and stop this transfer
    You 11-18 03:51:15
    yeah ı call bank money is on your acount
    You 11-18 03:52:49
    ı just dont understand why do that us
    You 11-18 03:53:06
    this is not safe place
    You 11-18 03:53:20
    u think u do your job well
    You 11-18 03:54:17
    how ever if u not gonna help me
    You 11-18 03:54:25
    we dont have to make longer this
    You 11-18 03:54:35
    ı will try other way

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  • Wi
      Nov 24, 2015

    Goldicq.Com ----------->>>>>SCAM!!! be careful its a good thing i only purchased 12 usd from them i never got my order and their support arent nice. They will argue with you if they want too. Words like "we dont care about what happened to your order, i cant help you decided to buy it, etc. So pls dont order from this site

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  • Ja
      Dec 17, 2015

    I'm just another victim of this fraudulent service. I have used them several times in the past for AO and most times they delivered what I paid for, but on Dec 14, 2015 I made a purchase for $25 and expected my purchase in 8mins to 24hrs like the website says, here we are 3 days later and nothing still. I contacted customer support, but as I see here they use the same usual lines "our contact is not online, we have to wait the supplier back online". it's quite apparent that they have no intention of sending me the gold I paid for. Disappointed and frustrated but glad I didn't spend $100 or more. I certainly know now not to deal with these gold selling scammers, it's not just an isolated incident.

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  • Bb
      Mar 01, 2016

    paid already never deliver scammer

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  • Ja
      Mar 01, 2016

    UPDATE! Well, I eventually received my gold but not as they advertised. It took about 45 - 60 days before I actually received my gold as paid for. Their support team offers very little explanation as to why there was such a delay. The only way to contact them is online thru the website and on Skype. However Skype support is absolutely useless, because as soon as you start to talk about not receiving gold they automatically block you. It's sketchy not doubt, seems to be a gamble. Pay your money, take your chances. Disappointing no doubt. They must have gamers grinding in game for pay to make gold to sell to others. If that person is offline or they are short staffed...there's going to be delays!

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  • Co
      Jul 16, 2016

    Please look at the professional service.

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  • Gu
      Aug 23, 2016
    Goldicq - Scamers - Rupees - Chinese Scamers
    GoldIcq International Inc

    fking scammers OMFG FK MAN

    [Lynn] Hello, how may I help you?
    [Visitor] hey
    [Visitor] [protected] and name is iArZ4N
    [Visitor] i paided alrdy
    [Visitor] ..
    [Lynn] Please hold on, I will check on that.
    [Visitor] ..
    [Lynn] We are keeping collecting the gold for you, but need more time. As soon as we get it ready, we will email you at once. Thanks for your understanding.
    [Visitor] hey
    [Visitor] vvhat if i buy nx card
    [Visitor] hovv long vvill that take
    [Lynn] within 20 min
    [Visitor] ok
    [Visitor] r u sure?
    [Lynn] we always keep the old customer on the first list
    [Visitor] ill buy 20k
    [Visitor] nx
    [Lynn] ok
    [Visitor] k
    [Visitor] i bouhg it
    [Visitor] i bought it .
    [Visitor] r u goign to phone me?
    [Visitor] dont phone!
    [Visitor] o_o
    [Visitor] hello?
    [Visitor] i bought 20k nx
    [Visitor] [protected] iArZ4N
    [Visitor] ..
    [Lynn] Please hold on, I will check on that.
    [Visitor] ..
    [Fleury] hello
    [Lynn] hi
    [Fleury] ..
    [Lynn] Im getting the gold ready for you, please wait a moment here, once its ready, I will msg you here. Thanks.
    [Fleury] hovv long?
    [Lynn] sorry the supplier supplier cant contact him
    [Fleury] OMG
    [Fleury] u guys r fking goign to scam me
    [Fleury] can i have my money bac k novv

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  • Jo
      Jul 01, 2017

    It is a scam, they just take the money and deliver noting. The customer service is either a robot or a non-English speaking person pasting standard responses

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  • Jo
      Jul 01, 2017

    Standard replies are:
    Lily, Chris, Leen, Kathy

    1. Please hold on, I will check on it.
    2. I'm contacting the supplier for you now, please wait for a moment if you don't mind.
    3. sorry, supplier is offline now, please come here several hours later
    4. Our supplier is offline at the moment, and would you please check back here later for the face to face trade? Meanwhile, we will call you or send an email to notify you once the supplier gets online also.
    5. We are a professional online game service provider. We have a good credibility record in PayPal and 10 years more experience in game gold sale.
    6. It depends on the supplier, but we will try our best to complete your order within shortest time
    7. We apologize to you for keep you wait so long , please allow us some more time, we will email you once the supplier is back, otherwise, we are now trying to look for new suppliers. Please feel assured that we attach great importance to your order always

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  • Ar
      Jan 13, 2018

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  •   Oct 05, 2018,


    Don't buy. They have a classic scam where they take your paypal payment, then tell you they will only give you a refund if you pay them through Western Union. They also are BACKED by Paypal essentially, who claims that GOLD ICQ is in perfect standing and has never had a dispute. However, if you look through their reviews, they are clearly knee-deep in them. Stole 500 dollars from me. Paypal supports fraud.

    All good reviews are done by "people" with hilariously fake white names just like their live chat bots, it's all fake kids.

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  • Lu
      May 19, 2019

    Max 10:38:24
    Hello, I am Max, How may i help you?

    IM TELL IN OTHER CHAT, but not answered.

    i need know who proceed refund

    Max 10:39:18
    May I have your payment email address and character name please?


    Michael Hex

    Max 10:40:04
    Please hold on, I will check on it.

    Confirmação de pagamento
    Recebemos a confirmação do pagamento:

    Data: 17/05/2019

    Solicitante/Razão Social: MAYCONREX

    Valor: BRL 35.49 // valor em moeda local

    Transação: 168790736

    Método de Pagamento: Banco do Brasil

    CPF: 08287360650

    Merchant: Payssion

    Número da transação no merchant: M517568266629332

    Max 10:41:24
    I'm contacting the supplier for you now, please wait for a moment if you don't mind.

    no need

    no need your contat suplier

    only refund

    how proceed refund

    Max 10:43:23
    cant refund

    Max 10:43:26
    really sorry for your order delay, the supplier has not replied yet, but your order is on the top of the waiting list now, once it's ready, he will complete your order in the first time.

    sir, I do not want the product anymore. I want you to give me back what I paid ... Got it ??? How do I proceed????

    how do i proceed?

    Max 10:45:18
    sorry, we need to inform our manager to process your refund, but he is offduty now

    how email's manager?


    Max 10:47:18
    he is at home now, email is unavailble

    and how do I do? I wait for the good will of you? What email do I send to request return? I hate being cursed and I do not want to have to negatively affect you.

    It's been almost 3 days, and you always answer the same thing. same thing always. I'm feeling cheated and want my money back. I do not want the product anymore and I want the money back.

    Max 10:51:15
    This time delay is just an accident, I hope you can understand and allow some more time, we must do our best for your order, thanks!

    how to do the best for my request? On the site they state that the delivery takes 8 minutes, and can take up to 24 hours. 8 minutes ????? It's been 72 hours and nothing. I want my money back. I need an email to request a refund of the amount I paid. I do not want the product anymore.

    Max 10:54:01
    Sorry for the delay, but we already ordered the gold from our supplier for you, and we will try to complete your order in shortest time.

    Mr. He does not want the gold because of the delay. I want my money back. Understood? I want my money back. Cancel the request you made. Alias ​​cancel the request that every day you make when I ask about it. I refused to be cursed. I want my money back.

    Max 10:56:16
    i dont have the right to refund you

    Max 10:56:23
    sorry, cant help you

    And who has it? Transfer me who you have, please.


    Max 11:02:14
    sorry, we dont have it

    And who has it? so it's so The person buys the gold, does not receive and is in the loss? This is crime, is it robbery? Who is allowed to do this?


    my refund?

    8 min ~ 24 hour

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