Golden Arrow Bus Services / bus inspector at century city

Bus station at Century City, South Africa

I have rushed to take a Philippi Bus from Century City got my bus ticket clipped and made my way to my seat as I often take the bus just to find out th bus no longer goes pass Vangate mall. I then consulted the bus driver that confirmed as he referred me to speak to the official. I then make my way to him, and waiting till his talking to a women with regards to his personal life I wait patiently till he completes and acknowledge me I then explain that I got in The bus and got my bus ticket clipped and the bus does not go pass vanagte mall. He then listens and says so you got on the wrong bus and you got your bus tickets clipped! And you now want me to put you in a other bus! I have never been humiliated as 4 women starring at me while his being sarcastic and not even helping me. I just feel that there was no respect as I waited till he completed his conversation will the women to tell him more situation and his response is rather sarcastic. I seriously dislike the way he spoke to me and had no sense of urgency to assist me. I then returned to the bus and took the wrong bus home.

Feb 23, 2017

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