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[Resolved] GoldCar Rental / unauthorized credit card charges

1 FARO, Ireland
Contact information:

Contract number: [protected]

We rented a car from goldcar in faro airport and collected the car on january 30th 2018. The car we got was a fiat 500 16st88. We inspected the car when we collected it and could find no obvious damage.

We gave our credit card details and were charged €44.41 which we were told was for tolls, airport tax, etc

We returned the car to goldcar in faro airport on the 6th of feb 2018 @ 8am. A goldcar representative came out and the main driver inspected the car with the goldcar representative. She pointed out a tiny mark on the windscreen, no more than a pinprick, not a crack or scratch or chip. She said the entire windscreen would have to be replaced and charged us €400.
We were extremely annoyed by this as there was no damage to the car, let alone €400 worth. We tried to question the goldcar rep as to how it could cost so much and asked could we get a receipt for the work carried out as proof. She was extremely rude and unhelpful and rather than answer our question she just said:
"stop making me crazy, it's 8am!"

We reluctantly agreed to pay the €400 and signed the invoice, even though there was no damage, as we knew we would be able to claim it back through our own insurance. Also we were getting nowhere with our queries and were under pressure to catch our flight home.
The invoice shows that the car had been fully inspected and that the only "damage" was the mark on the windscreen. The invoice was signed by both the main driver and the goldcar rep. We can provide a copy of this if necessary.
The €400 was taken from our credit card.

On checking our credit card account today (12/02/18) we realised that a further €403 had been deducted from the credit card. This is an unauthorised charge which was taken from our credit card without our knowledge, with no notification and no consent. This is an illegal transaction. Please reverse this charge immediately. We are already in the process of disputing this charge with our credit card company.

We attempted to contact goldcar in portugal today and could not reach them so we called customer service in spain. We were advised that the €403 was €400 for damage to the front of the car and €3 for tolls. We had already paid for the tolls and there was absolutely no damage to the front of the car whatsoever. The car was fully inspected by a goldcar representative and ourselves on the 6th of feb. Upon completion of this inspection the goldcar representative signed off on the car and stated that there would be no further charges other than the €400 for the windscreen.

Please provide us with a full breakdown of the cost of replacing the windscreen including evidence that this has been carried out, invoice from the mechanic and photos of the windscreen before and after.

Although we do not accept the new charge of €403 and will not be paying it, we would still like to see photographic evidence of the alleged damage and an invoice for the repair work required.

All of the above has been sent to you by email and we have already raised a query on your website

Please note if we do not receive a satisfactory response we will be taking this further.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Feb 13, 2018

    Dear Ciara,

    Thanks for your comment.

    We're trying to improve our services and your opinion is essential to do so.

    On the issue you described, please note that our Customer Service department looked into this and agreed with the fact the damages weren’t properly addressed. They have just arranged a refund of the amount our agents deducted at the end of your rental. 400€ are now going back to your account. The transaction should take between 2-4 days at maximum. Please check it with your bank whenever you are able.

    Kind regards.
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar Representative.

Feb 12, 2018

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