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G Scottsdale, AZ Review updated:

In November of 2008 I purchased a new vehicle and then began searching for cheap full coverage insurance. After some intense googling I found several references to and checked out their rates. Although it seemed to good to be true, I purchased a policy for $499 using a credit card, incase it was indeed fraud, so I would have protections such as initiating a chargeback.

Upon recieving the insurance cards I was immediately suspicous as they looked like a product a 6 year old would have created in MS Word. Landa Insurance claimed to be underwritten (or selling policies of) another company which I then contacted. After some extensive research and talking with the legal department of that insurance agency I found out the following:

1) Landa Insurace or their agent (alias, I'm sure) Bob Warren are not authorized agents of their company
2) The insurance agency does not sell ANY automobile policies, only medical insurance
3) The policy number I was given matched a medicare suppliment of an elderly lady in Iowa.

I was given a letter by their lead attorney verifying this.

Upon further investigation on my own I discovered the following:

1) The address used by Landa Insurance is an apartment complex in Dallas Texas
2) The phone number for Landa Insurance is a Cellular phone number
3) Landa Insurance is not listed on the Texas Department of insurance directory of authorized insurance agents

After these discoveries I initiated a chargeback on my credit card and filed a legal complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance law enforcement division. I recieved documentation from them that the company is fraudulent and the complaint has been forwarded for disciplinary action.

After recieving my refund I began a complaint with for the removal of the domain. I provided all the evidence above in it's original form (formal letters on letter heads, not just email complaints), and requested that remove the website in accordance with the requirements for DUE CARE (required by ICANN).

To date godaddy has refused to look into the complaint and has only stated via automated reply that they do not look into complaints that do not come from law enforcement. I've since recieved notification from the Texas Department of Insurance that they too have contacted godaddy to make the same request, but the domain remains.

To date go daddy is knowlingly hosting a fraudulent website.


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      Feb 13, 2010

    GODADDY also host many of the scam locksmith sites. They are believed to be Israeli organized crime outfits. Nation wide locksmith scam outfits.

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