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Gmac Mortgage / how to stop illegal foreclosure

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GMAC Mortgage entered into a modification agreement with me. Afer the first payment was collected, I received a letter from them stating that my rate would increase for the next month even though the modification agreement stated that my payments would be fixed for 2 years. I continued to make my payments according to the terms in the signed contract. For over 5 months, GMAC cashed my checks but never credited my account. After collecting payments for over 5 months, GMAC filed a NOTICE of DEFAULT against me. They are outrageous!!

I am an owner of a forensic loan auditing company. I am so upset about what this incompetent company is doing to people who are paying their bills. I have filed a complaint with the FTC, but they do not investigate individual cases. I am willing to do FREE audits for GMAC customers. I am interested in compiling all state and federal violations GMAC commits against its paying customers. Please email me at If we can identify and show that these practices are routine, then we can expose them for who they really are (GREEDY LIARS). Please email me I am interested in what they may have done to you!

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  • Pk
      28th of Oct, 2009
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    Attention everyone--- RUN RUN AWAY FROM GMAC Announced today by Tresury Dept/ Forbes / Rueters that US government will have to give GMAC third injection of stimulus money of Over 12 Billion or they risk going into Default!! Yes GM is looking for a buyer.. Ceberus Capital owns 51% and wants OUT where GM owns 49% and we all know how the US Auto market is going.. So Get Out Now before they go into default.. Obama probably wont let it happen, but we all will pay the price.. They are the #1 Comapny in the country right now at risk..

  • Gm
      11th of Jan, 2010
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    GMAC applied all my payments to escrow for balboa insurance that i didnt need, next thing i know, i'm in foreclosure and now waiting for the sheriff to throw me out despite the fact that my payments were made. the ceo needs to be tried for treason. they are clueless, except for a few employees who took the minute to look at my file and understood what they saw.

  • Je
      25th of Mar, 2010
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    same thing happened to me.. at first we didnt make enough for modifaction, the under obama help we did. We entered into an agree for 3 months I paid the decmeber bill which they took out the orginal payment not new one. When I called in january for refund i got it, then they told me the repayment plan was readjusted and went up 230.00 for feb march and april. I called to set up making payment on 26th of febuary because they said I did not have a payment for January and It was due 23rd but didn't get paid until 26th no big deal I was told, but received a certfied letter the 25th saying I did not make the timely payments and forclsure proceeding would start if all that was due was not paid in 30 days...oh yeah did I mention that they failed to tell me the due date changed from 23rd back to the first! I guess since they are obligated to help under obama's plan, they will, but then change things to make it impossible to keep. and they made me add PMI to my loan, i put 20% down so I didnt have to have it at first...hmmm guess they just needed that 20k and can resell!!

  • Pe
      2nd of Sep, 2010
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    Hello MY Name Is Peter Zeppeiro I have had lots of trouble with GMAC I have even won a judgment against Chicago title and it was unlawfully set aside by the judge and attorneys with out my knowledge or permission. thay have violated the California one day interest rule my ph number is 805 497 7570 I am in Ventura California

  • Gm
      7th of Sep, 2010
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    GMAC stole my home * the judges in DuPage County don't want to hear it, * Freddie Mac doesn't care, *now we have another abandoned house on the block * ANYONE THINKING OF A SHORT SALE?? YOU ARE MAKING IT EVEN EASIER TO STEAL YOUR HOME & CREDIT F THEM.

  • St
      2nd of Jan, 2011
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    I have an FHA insured loan and my lender is not following HUD rules & regulations or FHA guidelines as they are supposed to when servicing my loan. They keep making up new excuses why I don't qualify for the FHA HAMP. When I fax them the information from HUD proving them wrong, they come up with a new one. My assigned person to manage my loan modification from beginning to end has not returned any of my last 9 phone calls. It seems like as soon as I started to questions their answers, they stopped communicating with me. The lender started foreclosure, but then abruptly stopped it with no explanation. Now they have started a second foreclosure. I have contacted my Attorney General's Office, Congressman, Senators, Representatives, The Office of the Comptroller of Currency, and HUD (National Servicing Center). So far, HUD has not stepped up to the plate to enforce their guidelines even though they agree it is illegal and agree I do qualify for the FHA HAMP. Makes you wonder why. Could it be that HUD's Assistant Secretary, David H. Stevens, used to work for this very same lender? I am still hoping for a miracle to save my home.

  • Gm
      2nd of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    they just want your house. keep fighting. don't move. this is a battle with no rules. keep hounding hud. the AG, senators, reps, Obama, all play stupid. good luck. they got me. STAY IN YOUR HOUSE DONT LET THEM CHEAT U OUT OF IT

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