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Gmac Mortgage / I lost my home...

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Over the last several months my husband and I have been trying to work with gmac mortgage to save our home. I am unemployed and my husband is self employed and as many others have... We too have fallen on hard times. I wanted to share with you my horrible ordeal. The easiest way to do this would be a time line.

In september 2009 I contacted gmac to explain my hardship. They were kind enough to give us a 4 month forebanrance taking us through december 09. (we trully appreciated this. I had hopes that within the next 4 months our business would pick up and I would be able to find a job. Unfotunaly this did not happen)
December 22, 2009 we received a letter from orlans/moran (gmac's attorney's) stating that our mortgage was in default and that we needed to contact gmac to make some kind of arrangements. I contacted gmac immediatly and asked what the process would be. They stated to submit paper work for a loan modification..
January 11, 2010 all necessary paper work including a financial analysis for loss mitigation workout, a financial hardship affidavit, request for transcript of tax returns, bank statements and the sourse of income (which was massachuetts unemployement) was faxed. I called and confirmed that they received all paper work.
On january 21, 2010 we were sent by certified mail a notice of intention to foreclose on tuesday, february 16, 2010.
January 22, 2010 I contacted both gmac and orlans/moran (gmac's attorney's) to see how I could stop this from happening. Both parties told me two things - that I needed to contact the loss mitigation department (which I had already done) and that if we called on thursday, february 11, 2010 (5 days prior to the aution date) and not any earlier we could ask to postpone the aution. At this point I had high hopes of delaying the aution and saving our home because of the hope for homeowners and/or a loan modification.
January 26, 2010 I contacted gmac to see what the status of the loan modification was. They said it was still in review.
February 3, 2010 I was sent a letter regarding some additional documentation they needed. They were missing a copy of the most recent paystub (which I had sent them already), unemployemnt award letter and 2008 taxes (which again... I had already sent them.)
February 8, 2010 called to see if there was any update on the loan modification and to explain that we maybe filing for bankrupcy. Nothing at this point. Instructed at this time to call on thursday, february 11th to ask to postpone the aution as instructed.
February 11, 2010 I called to asked to have the aution postponed. A ticket was entered. I instructed the gentalmen to make sure that they called me on my cell if they had any questions or need anything. I was adimint about it! I also asked them to put in the notes that I was very very close to getting a job... I am on the 3rd round of interviews and all I was asking was for a couple of weeks to see if I got the job. They told me that they would document that.
February 11, 2010 - at 2:00 eastern time I received a call from a woman named maureen who asked me to give her a call. It was late that evening and I had to wait until the morning to contact her.
February 12, 2010 - called maureen around 10 am regarding message left the night prior. [protected], option #5 and extention - 2365415) I left all the information needed for her to get back in touch with me including my cell phone. About an hour later I trired calling maureen back and still got voicemail. I finally called the regular call center in which I was told that the request had been denied due to missing documentation. The documentation stated that they did not have the signed 2008 tax form which I had already faxed over twice before. Very upset I stated that I would send the information right way. The representive told me that the fax could take up 24 to 48 hrs to receive and once received I could ask for the aution to be postponed. 24 to 48 business hours would bring us to tuesday! This was unexceptable to me and demanded a different solution... She gave me an emergancy fax line. [protected]) I still wanted to talk with maureen who I was told was a supervisor... I called and left a total of 6 message throughout the day asking maureen to contact me. I begged her to just call me and update me as to where I stood. I never received a phone call from her. I called the call center at least 5 to 6 different times demanding to speak with a supervisor... No one would put me through to one. Everyone told me that they would need to enter a ticket for a call back and I would be contacted withint 24 to 48 hours! What!!! I was so upset... All I was looking for was answers... All I wanted was for someone to "own" my file so I did not have to speak with 7-8 different represetives who I had to repeat my story to 7-8 different times. Finally at 4:33 while speaking with a woman I was told that my fax was received, that a request to have the aution postponed was submitted once again and I was insured that I would be contacted by a supervisor that evening before closing. I waited all night... No one called.
February 15, 2010 - first thing in the morning I called maureen and left a message on her voicemail and then I called the call center... At which time I was informed that I would not be granted the postponment of the aution because I was denied for both the hope for homeowners and a traditional modification because I could not afford to pay the mortgage. I am sure you can imagine how upset I was/am. I tried to explain to the representive that all I am asking for is a couple of weeks to postpone the sale. That I have a 3rd round job interview this week that if I get the job would allow me to pay my mortgage and get me on my feet again. I asked why a supervisor never contacted me and they stated that their was a ticket still open for one to call and I told them it was unexceptable. I told the gentleman that I would not get off the phone until I was talked with a supervisor. The gentleman came back 3 times and told me that there was no one to speak with... But I told him I was not going to get off the phone... Finally they placed me with stacey. ([protected]) I explained to stacy what I had gone through over the last couple of days, I explained to her how many calls I had placed to maureen, I explained to her my sitution with my employeement and that all I needed was 2 weeks to find out if I got the job. All I was asking was for 2 weeks. The answer was no.

We truly feel that gmac has intentially deceved us for the following reason:

They knew that we might file chapter 13 bankruptcy which would immediatly hault any foreclosure or aution process.
We feel that they intentionally delayed our request to speak with a superior so we could not esculate the sitiation. We were adamant that my cell phone number be the only contact number and we also stated not to call the house number which is where maureen left the message.
We were never contacted to be notified that any of our packets were missing documents... The only time we found this out was when I called them to request an update. At which point we did receive a letter of missed items... But only after I had called them days prior and request what info was missing.
We believe that gmac knew all along that we did not quaify for either one of the plans but chose to tell us only hours before the deadline and on a federal/state holiday so we would not have access to the courts to save our home by way of filing the chapter 13 bankruptcy.
Ms. Slack - I know that at this time we can not afford the home. I am not nieve to that. All I am asking or was asking for was a delay in the order to see if I did get the job. 2-4 weeks tops! I am not sure why waiting another couple weeks would hurt them or their investors. (gnma) if I don't get the job... Then we move on. At least I know I had the option and can tell my children we tried.

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  • Jf
      4th of Apr, 2010
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    dear clb1 your story has realy helped because my wife and i are going thru the same problems and now i know how they are and can be prepared for the struggles . good luck and hope for the best for you and your family. thank you!

  • Dh
      17th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I guess we all feel what you feel. I had filed for modification, I new that the paperwork was in review and they sent our home onto the sale and sold it out from under us while we were already in the Modification Process. Then I receive a letter 6 days after the sale stating * Not enough time to review - will go to foreclosure sale and the letter was dated the date of the sale, post marked the day after the sale and we received it 6 days later.
    Just like the paperwork for me to fill out for the Modification. I requested the Modifiaction through a client rep and online the same day. Did not get the paper work for 15 more days. They FedX on one day and I received it at my door 5 day after that It took me about 14 days to get it all completed due to we are both self employed and had to produce Profit and Loss Statements. They never mentions a time line. I faxed all 40 pages waited 2 days to call them and was then told it was all receiced and was in review. I even mentioned my concern about the sale and the re assured me be was resubmitting the request to stop the loan from the sale due to all my paperwork was in review, But they got me anyway. I feel Violated in the deepest respect bcause we had about 35 thousand equity in our home and lost it all including the memories. I have a appointment with a Lawyer this afternoon and am hopeing with all the dates and documentation I have that something can be done.

  • An
      25th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    I lost my job and was denied unemployment during the holidays last Nov, I went to court and I won the unemployment case and was sent the funds owed to me for past 4 months, I tried to work with them and explain the situation and wanted to give them 2 months out of the 4 that I owed, They would not take my money and said ALL or nothing we are going to foreclose! alternative was loan modification since I did find employment that i just started. It took forever to get a response and finally it was denied because i didn't make enough, as i am in sales and they DONT consider commissions part of income??!! So I finally found a job that paid better and reapplied and now denied because I showed too much income! even though I was trying to play catch up with all my back bills. Iam now in foreclosure state and they want to settle by putting all the money plus attorney fees, late fees and add to the back end of the mortgage (approx 20k)... They just did NOT want to work with me at all and seems like they just wanted to push me into foreclosure.. Horrible company to work with!!!

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