Gmac / Alley / unjustified repo

United States

In the month of June 2011 I was out of work & behind on my truck payments. So when I returned to work in June I wired GMAC/Alley $2, 700.00 I owed then $2, 600 +/-. At this time I was all caught up on my account except for repo fees which I was told would be put on the back end of the load, which they were not!

On Friday Nov.4th I was notified by Alley/GMAC they were going to repo my vehicle if I did not pay $2, 800.00 in the next four (4) hours! Since I had not made a payment since June 2011. This was not a true statement. I told the woman that I had paid $1200.00 on June 29th for the month of July, August & part of September since I was going to be out of town I had paid the payments ahead so I wouldn't have to worry about the payments. She told me she could see the note in the computer but the payment was not posted to my account that way. The payment was posted all as interest only! And there was no way to correct it now. At that point in time I contacted the person with Alley that assisted in making the payments in advance. He told me he couldn't help me since my file was not n his office. But he would note it in the computer that I had contacted him. On Aug 31st: I called due to the fact that the on-line loan payment balance was not correct. When I spoke to Jeff he told me that it's okay it will catch up and that they had been having computer and phone problems. Well I said I would pay the balance for September on 08-31, until they could get the balance straightened out. he said that was fine.

On Oct. 10th I received a phone call the woman told me that I needed to pay $ 140 + dollars to catch up my payments. I explained to her what happened. There was no luck in her helping me. But I sent a payment of $150.00. On Nov 4th I promised I would call Alley back by 1:00pm when I did I requested to the lady handling my account to please issue me a deferment since I was told I did qualify for it, and that should give both of us time to figure out and request that the payments be posted to the account correctly. She then passed me to a supervisor. The Supervisor was very rude when I tried to explain the situation and insisted that I post date a check for two payments in order to qualify for the deferment. Well I said my payment is not due until today Nov 4th, and since you want me to pay by 1:00pm I can not do this since I will not have a check until 430 -500pm the supervisor then stated to post date a check for two payments to be deducted at mid-night I said no, I would not do that because my bank is not open on saturday, and then the supervisor became very up-set with me you could tell in her tone of voice, and I requested to make one payment in order to qualify for the deferment and she said no. So now I went to trade the vehicle, which I can not do since my credit now indicates 6 months behind!

No one will listen and no one will help! And what makes this situation even worse, most of the time you can not understand what the person is saying due to accent from the GMAC/Alley office. And when you request another person, their tone of voice changes and at times you get disconnected.

This whole mess has been very confusing! Everytime you talk with someone in the Alley office you receive different information.


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