GM Financialcustomer service - cannot get them to release second lien which is 4 years old

I have been trying to get a 2nd lien released for years/weeks. It was originally released in 2014 and multiple letters have been mailed and faxed to these people with no resolve. I have spent countless hours of my time on the phone only to get the runaround and wrong information and "we are having system issues so I cannot help you right now." In the last 3 weeks I have called almost everyday trying to get this resolved. The first time I was told that no mailed copy of lien release had been received even though it had been mailed over 2 weeks prior. Then was told I could fax it in which I did. She said 24-48 for response on faxes. Waited 3 days and called back...nothing! Was transferred to the title department only to find out they are a third party not part of GM and was told GM had to do it on their end and then send it to them. Called right back to CS and demanded a supervisor who after 30 minutes of holding told me I had to fax it to the title admin department and it would take 3-5 business days. Hmmmm who do you think is telling the truth? or does anyone at GM even know what the truth is? Where do the documents go that are sent to them by various agencies on people's automobile loans? Black hole I can only assume.

Do not support this horrific company. Finance through your bank or another lender. They do not deserve anyone's business. They are incompetent and lack the most basic of customer service and support. Funny thing is, I am trying to get the lien released so I can buy a new car and give my son the current auto as his got wrecked. Sorry GM you won't get my business EVER again!!

May 30, 2018

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