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Taguig, PH
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Accnt number [protected]. Ive called them to cancel the service because were it's not worth it.. the internet service sucks. Anyway, there was supposed to be a cancelation fee but the representative told us it woulf be waived. I've called several times to double check this info and all of the representative told me that the waiver has been validated and I dont need to pay anything. I then received an email stating that I need to pay 5K for the termination fee. I called again and was told to ignore that email. A few days after, I received another email stating the same thing. I called again and now I was advised that they have'nt waived anything. The representatives that told me it was waived was Caisee and Antonina. I am very frustrated as they have been wasting our time. We're planning to file a case regarding the matter. I'm writing this now while speaking with a Supervisor named Zed. But before we got to speak to him. We were on hold for far too long. I think they need to review the meaning of customer service. If this does not get sorted, I will file a case against Globe telecom. Hope to hear from you soon. All my details are in my accnt number.

Mar 18, 2017

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