Globe Telecominternet connection/landline

Im writing this complain letter to let you guys know of what happened and is happening to us. We've have been using your service for 5 long years and this I think is the worst.

We are under plan 1599 and the package includes unlimited call to Globe and TM numbers. This all started January 12. We were trying to call a Globe number when the voice prompt started saying that we are restricted from doing so. Thinking that it'll be resolved by itself after few days, we ignored. Come January 14, we started experiencing flactuating internet connection which later on totally disappeared. Thinking again that it will be resolved by itself, we ignored.

January 16, Monday. With a calm manner, I called your hotline. Your CSR told me that she made report already and a technician will visit and see the site to see what's wrong. Come January 17, a follow up call was made. It was Rico who took my call and said that the case is still open and just wait for the technician to visit us. He gave me an assurance of sending me message that'll serve as your notification if your technicians will push thru or not.

Expecting, my mother cancelled all her transactions that day and waited -all day. Take note. ALL DAY. No technicians showed up, no notification, no UPDATE. And whats worst? Still, no dial tone and no internet connection still.

January 18, Wednesday. Again. A ff up call was made and this time, it was Ligaya who took my concern. This made me furious. She told me that the case was closed because it was already visited and has been solved by your ####in technicians. Why would you close a case without making sure everything's ok? Ok course, I got mad. Ms. Ligaya even taught me how to do basic troubleshooting. (Unplug-plug. Restart etc) I wasn't home that time so I didn't do the basic troubleshooting she was telling me. But what I'm sure is that - Our internet is still down and we still dont have the fckng line.

So I asked Ms. Ligaya to make another report. She gave me another job order number. ([protected]). Again, we were told to wait for you GOOD technicians. A call/text from them will be sent as instructed to me to let us know if they can make it the next day.

I let the next day pass. We waited. Again, nobody came.

Thursday night, I called to talk to one of your supervisors. One of your CSRs gave me another job order nmber (Qyf17010003334). Again, i waited for more than an hour for your supervisor on duty to take my concern - no one took the line. That's past 1am Friday when I finally decided to call it a day. I have work the next day in Ayala at 8am. I live in Antipolo and past 1am, your INCONSIDERATE CSR AND SUPERVISOR didnt take my call.

Friday morning, I called. Gave the control nmber again and this time, it was Jel, not the supervisor, talked to me. Again, same words were told-the technicians will visit you today, blah blah blah. Jel, your CSR even assured me that the issue will done the same day and he gave this false assurance that the technicians will visit that day. Came saturday, - NO TECHNICIANS. Sunday, being furious, I called again and same words were told. The same thing happened Monday.

Tuesday, I would like to commend Alex for giving me updates from time to time to see if your technicians made it to our house.

Last night, bein desparate enough to know what's the progress, i tweeted your customer care and this was the message I got this morning. --- Hi there, Angela. As checked, the case was already closed. Please be advised that a follow-up has been raised for your concern. Kindly keep your lines open for updates regarding the schedule. Thank you.

You are wasting our time. My time. Please do something on this. We have paid our last month's bill just the other day -in full payment, cold cash. And this is what we get. Do something on this. We don't deserve this.

This afternoon, my mother did a follow up on this case and she asked for the name of the technician who was assigned on this case. One of ur CSRs - Jordan Tuazon told her that the technician's surname is Hornilla.

Here is the reference number for the complain my mother had against this technician Hornilla -- ATW17010000801

RRR17010003965 -here's the last reference number we'll have. Believe me, i'll have this line terminated if there's no action done until tomorrow.

Jan 25, 2017

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