Globe Telecom / after sales service


I'm bong rubino, distributor general manager of everkeen mktg., inc. (an exclusive distributor of alaska milk corporation and other fmcg in negros island region).

We opened 30 new data plans for our pos (we shifted from smart to your end) believing that you serve customers well compared to our data provider before.

Recently, I requested if it is possible to add incoming calls to these lines for we finf it hard to communicate with our sales people.

I approached mike paver and the promise to get back on my request remained a promise. was adviced also to approach beth pedrosa but the same happened.

I had observed that globe's after sales service is also not that good (from this experience)... like smart... all are the same after securing the sales/new subscription.

How I wish that the after sales service are that aggressive like when you want to secure the 30 new data subscription.

May 19, 2017

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