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Global Visas prey on your dreams and will tell you what you want to hear, and not the true facts. I had a consultation with them for about an hour and half and surprisingly they found a way for me to go to Australia …yet my job or job title was not listed on the skills assessment list or on any regional sponsor states lists!

They reckoned that I would be eligible to go under another job title since it sounded similar to my current title, but yet the job descriptions were not the same!

Unfortunately for me I was sold knowing that if my skills assessment come back unsuccessful, that would be fine. So I took the risk and I paid them the first payment, yep big mistake…

I was told under the instruction, that after the skills assessment come back successful then further payments will be made. Nope, 30 Days later a second amount was taken without any notification from my bank account …I was disgusted and demanded that they refund the amount taken and mentioned what had been said to me.

Global Visas didn’t want to know and denied such conversation took place, so they are refusing to refund the money…

I know going to try and reclaim the whole amount back from my bank, since one payment was at least unauthorised and no work has been completed!

So this story is to be continued…

Mar 12, 2013
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      Mar 30, 2013


    I started my free assessment on GLBOAL VISAS website in the third week of November 2012 to check whether I qualify for the CANADIAN IMMIGRATION or not.

    Very next day I received a phone call from customer services representative SHARMIN and we arranged a meeting in the last week of November 2012. She started discouraging me about the genuine CANADIAN IMMIGRATION although I was eligible for it. In the meantime she started giving me advice about LIVE & WORK in CANADA. She gave me poor advice and was making false claims of success while representing global visas. She told me, ‘securing a job in Canada is not a big deal for global visas as they have very good links with the employers and have their own recruitment agency. We will secure your job and then we will apply for LMO (LABOUR MARKET OPINION). You will see the results and if global visas will be unable to secure a job, a full refund will be given’.

    Global Visas agreed to charge me £1800 for the full job (Live and work/LMO) and in 4instalments. First instalment I paid them in the office through my debit card of £450 and asked them for the written agreement and receipt as well but nothing provided.

    Then they gave me login and password to access my account and I ticked the terms and condition to access my account as how they trap their clients to enter into a fake agreement. It was my biggest mistake as it was client care letter and when I read it, everything was opposite as described by the customer services representative ( SHARMN )

    .I spoke to them personally in the office but I never got a written agreement for my case. Then they started applying for the jobs on my behalf and they started charging my debit card without my permission and I never allowed them to take payment in any form as it was related to the progress of the case according to my first meeting with SHARMIN.

    So In reality, progress of my case with facts and figures was as follows

    Total No of jobs applied:

    January (09/01/2013) 5 jobs

    February (11/02/13) 5jobs

    Total No of links sent to me:

    January (from 9 – 24) 38

    February (11/02/13) 07

    More than 60% of those links sent to me were not relevant with my experience, or the positions were outdated or expired. (All related emails attached)

    And here are some facts I am going to describe about payments

    Global visas charged me for the work not had done, charged my account without my permission and in advance sometimes more than 2 weeks

    My first instalment was due on Sun Dec 23 2012

    And payment was taken out on 21/12/2012 (2 days earlier)

    And I was unable to use my funds 10 days earlier

    My second instalment was due on Tue Jan 22 2013

    And payment was taken out on 17/01/2013 (5 days earlier than agreed time)

    And again I was unable to use my funds 12 days earlier

    My third and final instalment was due on Thu Feb 21 2013

    And I was unable to use my funds 15 days earlier than agreed instalment date.

    I spoke to my bank all the times and they told me payment has been initiated by global visas so you are unable to use your available balance.

    On 16 March, 2013 I stopped GLOBAL VISAS for all the services and hard work which they are providing me from last 4 months as I was totally disappointed. I just asked my case worker about refund policy as I didn’t receive any written agreement and next day she sent me an email regarding to the ‘UNSUCCESSFUL REFUND’ according to the terms and conditions of FAKE CLIENT CARE LETTER which GLOBAL VISAS got ticked by me FRAUDLENTLY.I initiated a written complaint to them as I am unable to speak or see personally any manager or directors, they don’t allow me and they have taken all the payments which is mis- sold of their fake services and fraud on the name of immigration. I got same response as according to client care letter, they have provided me all the services and my account is closed.

    They charged me around £1620(10% discount) for changing the format of my CV and 10 applications in reality on my behalf especially no any application from last 7 weeks (before account closed) after the clearance of all instalments. They charged my debit card for the work not had done and without my permission and mostly in advance.

    By seeing all the reality which I described earlier in detail about professional negligence and inappropriate services full of false claims of success and fraud agreement never signed provided by global visas to me, I am fully qualified for full refund according to their own so called client care letter.

    Aseer Shahid


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  •   Apr 30, 2013

    Global Visas agreed to charge me £1800 for the full job (Live and work/LMO) and in 4instalments. First instalment I paid them in the office through my debit card of £450 and asked them for the written agreement and receipt as well but nothing provided.

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