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On Tuesday August 3, 2010 @ 6PM I attended a Global Vacation Network presentation. The execution of presentation was memorable and exciting. I was planning on contacting Global Vacation Network for membership at a later date when my financing were available. In the meantime I decided to check on the company's ethics through the BBB on line website. I was stunned to see a "C" rating when the speaker announced clearly the company was "A" rated through BBB. Now I felt taken. Next; I made a decision not to be a member when I tried to go on their web site ( to check on their accommodation locations, since they show us beautiful slides of the beach and scenery from mountains tops through out the world.
I could not check on anything since they make you become a member in order to have access of their information. This was the 2nd let down.

In addition I tried to redeem my gifts.
1- Preloaded Visa Card worth $75.

2- Retail Rebate worth $300. thru PPI the company who sponsors Global Vacation Network. I could not redeem my gifts due to the complications in filling out their registration form on line.
You must have a scanner to scan your original gift certificate. Must upload IRS Form W-9 (do not want to give my Social Security #)
Must upload copy of your government issued photo ID. Ok, now I've given my life away for what? Next; I was given a GVN Premium Incentive List of items to choose mine to kept. You have 7 different incentatives to pick at least 2. I am still working on this since I have to go through an online site where all is explain, you will have to register your incentive gift within 30days. No problem, Right

WRONG all incentives gifts come with a refundable $50. or more good faith deposit.
2nd choice; a bonus Gas card $300. you think you will get a Gas card for $300. and you are on a roll here. Nope guess again, $25 back each month with a $100 minimum monthly purchased required. What does this all mean? Make it simply you offered a vacation, just for showing up and staying 90 minutes for a presentation. You offer the Gas card because I drove 45 minutes each way. So why do I feel violated?
I don't think I should give my indentity to anyone and I surely don't think I should spend $100 for $25 rebate coupons. I will inform you I spend more than $100. a month in gas and when a $300 gas card was offered it was an incentive for me to drive 45 minutes each way just for the $300. Gas card.
Global Vacation Network you are a disappointment and I will let all who ask about your company how deceptive you are. Check on your BBB Rating it is "C" not to be confused with "A" those who maintaining an "A" are worthy of staying in business.

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  • Jl
      Oct 07, 2011

    I am sorry to say that we joined Global. It worked OK till they closed the office near us and I had to book my vacations on line. Now, after paying over $3, 000.00, I can't get a vacation any where near me. I would have to drive for at least a whole day to get to any place they have available and I started looking in April for something close from then till the end of the year. NOTHING! I quit making the payment and now Universal Data Services calls me everyday... it seems that Global got their money and now I owe a 3rd party. Global could care less about me now that they have their money. What a Rip OFF ! Where is the obligation on the Global side of this situation. There only answer is " Technically, you could drive to Colorado" ???? yea sure with one week of vacation, that works!!!

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