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Global Vacations Network / Business Practice

1 Data CourtAnn Arbor, MI, United States Review updated:

The group presenter was very inappropriate making several inappropriate comments: sexual, drug related, and just plain rude to people who weren't paying attention.

Presenter told us that Global Vacations Network had a A+ rating with the BBB but after doing some research I found it's actually a B- rating with several complaints. I believe 25 so far this year!!!

I am very glad I didn't join. They tried to renege on our free gift by trying to "un-q" us. After we told our one-on-one sales person we weren't interested he said OK but asked us if we really make the required 50, 000 a year. He said it didn't matter, he just wanted to know because they pay a lot of advertising. When my friend said he made $30, 000 the guy asked if it was OK to "un-q" us. When we asked what that meant he was very vague and just said "Don't worry you'll still get your gift, it's just something we do, do you care if I "un-q" you? We said OK but afterwards realized that "un-q" probably meant qualify and that's why he asked if we really made the required 50, 000 and made a comment about how much they spend on advertising...WHICH they told us in the presentation they spend NO money on advertising. He finally came back and asked if we lived together and when we told him we did he said "Oh, nevermind. I can't "un-q" you, here is your gift card, scratch off for your prize"...very fishy. We scratched it off and SURPRISE! We won a vacation - too bad half of the vacations require you pay at least $200. $200 for a vacation isn't bad but the fact of the matter is that it's face advertising and I do not appreciate that.

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  • Ih
      1st of Aug, 2009
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    i hate companies like this...i use to work for a telemarketing company called s & r premium marketing about 2 years ago so i can get back on my foot but i had no idea that my job was scamming people. my job was to read a script to people and try to convince them that they have a chance to win a cadillac escalade or lincoln navigator when they had no chance at all to win nothing but a vacation that wasnt paid for. we had to tell the customers its not a timeshare presentation and they have chances of winning 1 of 5 prizes. this company and others also had to book people for a day and time but they had to be a "q" (qualified) and if they was a "nq" we told them they're name was going to be placed into our final drawing and there was no such thing as a final drawing it was jus to get them off the phone. you wasn't qualifed if you wasn't between the ages of 25-72, currently employed, and you had to be married. also you had to bring a major credit card or you was going to be a NQ. also we was given a sheet with numbers on there to call and some ppl said dnt call them back and we said we would put you on the do not call list but guess what?WE HAD NO DO NOT CALL LIST...WE STILL CALLED. also in the script i had to say there are multiple scratch cards with different prizes but guess what again?ALL OF THEM WERE THE SAME WITH VACATIONS!!!..i quit because i dont want to work for a scamming company. if you want to help get rid of this company here is the address where i use to work

    GLENWOOD IL, 60425
    the number is 708-441-8051

  • Ke
      9th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yeah, and global warming is a scam, too! I got a call yesturday wanting me to turn down my thermostat because of the rain forests and I just said "hah!" and reported him to the travel board, too. I hope his rating is f- minus now!!!

  • He
      19th of Oct, 2009
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    I have been called repeatedly by Global Vacations network-------they want me to come in for a 30 minute sales talk and say that if I just show up (don't have to buy a thing) then I will receive 2 free airline tickets to anywhere in US.
    Has anyone out there ever actually received these tickets without having to buy into whatever it is they are selling (timeshares, I guess).
    I was tempted to go ahead and go in, but don't want to have to be pressured by some high-intensity sales rep trying to get me to buy something. And I am just wondering if there isn't some catch involved about the 2 free airline tickets..??..??

  • On
      5th of Nov, 2009
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    I have been a member of Global Vacations Network for a few years now and I have not been disappointed with them. I have stayed several times in North Myrtle Beach and once in Gatlinburg using this plan. I have had wonderful condo stays and never encountered any problems.

    I love the fact I am not locked into any certain location on any certain week of the year. I am free to choose my vacation destination each year. If I decide not to vacation one year, I do not have to pay the maintenance fees for that year. My maintenance fees were locked in when I purchased my package and will never increase.

    When I purchased this my children were younger and I wanted to make sure I was able to take them on a few vacations while growing up. Global Vacations Network enabled me to do just that. The plan is very affordable and the condos are wonderful. I would recommend this to anyone looking to vacation on their terms at a reasonable cost.

  • Wh
      24th of Mar, 2010
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    My husband felt this would be a great plan to get for our children to make use of in addition to us. We signed up June 2008; were not able to use any 'stars' that year. My daughter tried to get a trip scheduled but was told 60 days wasn't adequate notice--in future, you must request 120 days. The renewal fee hit us in July 2009 and was rolled into our 'payoff' amount. We attempted to request another trip and was told nothing available to meet our request and in future make sure that we plan at least 6 months in advance. This past month I request a trip for 6 mos out. This time I was told, can't meet your request, you have to request one year in advance! The second year is about to expire and we have yet to use one single star.

    To add insult to injury, our 'free gifts' were and are a lot of trouble. The free gas - never happened. We diligently kept receipts and mailed them off for 'reimbursement' in the form of gas vouchers. After 6 mos and not response, we did find out from Global that the free gas program was a bust. They were going to give us the $25/mo as promised from free gas but that never happened.
    The other incentive was from a choice of 7 or 8 options. We opted for an all inclusive, all expense paid package for 2 to Mexico. The first year we attempted it, they could not meet our dates. The second time we attempted the trip, they never contacted us with confirming dates. The third time (hoping it was a charm), we were confirmed to go December 15, 2009. We sent in our inital $100 to hold the trip along with passport copies and all other required docs. Then we had to submit $300 to complete the purchase. All funds are reimbursed 100% if trip falls through. December 7 when I called to find out our departure details I was told our trip was changed to January 11, 2010. In addition, our destination was not what we requested either!

    When I spoke with their 'customer relations' person - Doug - I have never been so ill-treated. Basically, with no exaggeration, he asked, 'Do you want the trip or not? Take it or leave it.'

    It is now March 24, we canceled the trip December 8 and STILL do not have our $400. I have tried to get the funds from Mexico Paradise Giveaway to no avail.

    At this point, I am tempted to park myself outside the Ann Arbor office to warn off unsuspecting folks from falling into the same money pit we did.

    Fool me once, shame on you...

    I can't get anyone to even return my calls.

  • Im
      17th of Apr, 2010
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    Buyer beware!!!

    My fiancée and I went to a presentation today at the Ann Arbor location and in front of the entire room the Global Vacations Network presenter (his name is "John") more than once that their BBB rating was A+. He held up a sheet of paper at the front of the room as he said it. He didn't pass it out for us to read however.

    Well after we returned home I looked up their rating on the BBB . org site and the Better Business Bureau lists their current rating as D+.

    Does that sound like a company being honest with you as a potential client??? Heck no. Sounds pretty bad deceptive to me to tell us they have an A+ rating when they don't according to the Better Business Bureau.

    That's enough dishonesty to make anyone walk away.

  • Ja
      18th of Apr, 2010
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    I just checked on the Better Business Bureau site and it is true, they actually have a D+ rating. You can see this for yourself if you go to the BBB site and look up Global Vacation Networks in Ann Arbor, MI. I would never want to give my money to a D+ rated company. Why not find a company with a good rating instead?

  • Me
      18th of Apr, 2010
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    I found this video about this company and it reveals how dishonest they are. Go to youtube and search on "The Global Vacation Network Continues Promising Expensive Gifts Without Delivering ". I went to one of their presentations and felt I was being scammed.

  • Sl
      7th of May, 2010
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    We attended a presentation last night and experienced more of what everyone else has stated. We signed up and paid our deposit but after more research today we stopped payment on our check. We will not be attempting to use the "free" vacation as they require a $100 deposit and will give you a date within 45 dates of your request date. My schedule does not allow for me to book like that, I need to pick my own dates. I did receive a $50 Visa card and will be using that though!

    I would not recommend this company to anyone. When we called today to let them know we had stopped payment and were sending the cancellation documents, Becky actually asked us to return the book to them and when he told her that she could come pick it up she was outraged. LOL He offered to send it back postage due. I'll send it back when they send me a postage paid envelope. If anyone would like to see it or know what info is in it, just lmk. I'd be happy to share!!

  • Gv
      27th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    It's a scam. Try booking a Free vacation. It soon isn't free with all the fees. And trying pinning down an actual date. They have you give several dates of travel. Like I have the time to travel anytime. Try going through the paperwork sometime. When you're done, you'll really need a vacation.


  • Di
      30th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am so glad I read these comments before I wasted my time this evening. I felt like something was fishy when they kept asking me yesterday -- are you sure you can come, are you sure you make at least $50K a year, and the best one yet was since it was the reps birthday she was going to double my $50 dining card to $100. Then I talked to another person and it was his birthday too -- I made the comment -- dang it's everyone's birthday. He just kinda stuttered. I agreed to go thinking I would be getting $100 to either Olive Garden or Red Lobster and since their office is right by my work I thought what the heck. Then I received a confirmation letter saying it would be a $50 gift to which I have learned now is that I have to spend money to get the $50 dollars and that those two free airline tickets to anywhere in the Continental U.S. are going to cost me between $300-500 each because I have to book a travel plan.

    So if anyone receives a call from the office in Houston on Highway 6 -- hang up. On 2nd thought tell them to call me back because I've tried the number all day to tell them I wasn't interested in their scam and they don't answer at all.

  • Tb
      29th of Jan, 2011
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    We just went last night to a presentation by First Choice Destinations. I think they keep changing the names they work under. We really thought about joining but our gut told us something wasn't right. They were nice and worked on price but when we finally said no the attitude changed. "Excort these people out" with displeasement from the manager. They consistantly pushed the BBB was a A. From experience I know that the BBB letter doesn't mean much. The examples sound good but did not apply to how we would use it. We got our free trip voucher but sounds like we will not bother. How do these vacation gift companies get away with this?

  • Ds
      26th of Jun, 2011
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    We went to one of these presentations in Orlando FL on June 25 2011 for Global Vacations Network.
    They called us in the morning to "Confirm" our reservations, (message left on answering machine). We called back and got a recording saying all operators were busy please leave a message and they would return the call, we called two times and left a message both times. NO callback.

    The "Presentation was supposed to take only 90 minutes. We were there 4 hours! It sounded good but I'm glad I stuck to my principle of waiting a day before I sign ANY contract.

    One curious thing that they kept saying was that if they were a scam operation there would be picketers at the door. In retrospect I thought it was curious that one of the "managers" had visible tattoo's and was dressed as if he were from the Mexican Mafia. Hmmmm. Now I'm wondering if they had no picketers because they had hired the tattoo guy as a bouncer to convince people to leave.
    Also it turns out that it is one of those presentations that is "Today Only". I simply told them that if it is a good deal today, it would be a good deal tomorrow. I stuck to my guns and after reading these comments I'm glad I did.
    In looking at the "gift" sheet that I am required to send in money to receive a gift, it looks like the only viable gift I could get without sending them money to get my "free" gift, (Wait a minute, if I have to send money, how is it "FREE"?) is a digital 3.0 MP 4x zoom 1.5" LCD digital video camcorder (no brand name, no picture, most likely from china with Chinese instructions) ... Wait a minute, my "smart phone" has better video capabilities than that!

  • Fu
      16th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    Well, I truly wanted to believe...
    I received a "Happy Birthday" letter with the promise of an 8day 7night cruise on any one of three cruise lines, but the letter referred to only Carnival. I also "won" 2 round trip airfares to any major airport in the continental U.S. I called, made an appointment for a 90min. presentation to be held in Ann Arbor, MI. I found a wealth of information on the computer last night and today, so, needless to say, we won't be attending. I tried to call "Steve" at his "private number"(he gave it to me)to let him know we were not coming, and to ask him if he would still like me to pray for his Dad, who it seems, is terribly depressed. A woman answered and said that Steve would be in later; she could help me every bit as well as he could. I explained I had a "private message" for "Steve" and would call after he got there at 4pm. She became very pushy and less friendly when I kept repeating I wanted to speak with "Steve" and hung up on me. I'm certain she knew why I was calling. I am so thankful I found all the online info. I figured it was a scam, and between the letter, the "confirmation email" and two confirmation calls I've received since yesterday, I now have four company names for this operation.
    I've looked them all up and I'll buy in to this scam when a Fairie Princess delivers my "gifts" on Dragon back.
    My time is too valuable for scammers!

  • Ja
      6th of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

    We are among all the others that feel ripped off. We called the next day only to be told, "oh you will love it just get a trip and you will never look back". The next day we called to cancell (3 business days) and no one would return our calls. So we thought we were stuck and stuck we are. I called to arrainge a vacation in Michigan, like we were told, and was told that we could go to Wisconsin. But I thought we could use a Michigan location. Nope, we really only have things in Detroit. Really that sounds relaxing...So we are deciding what to do next...for now I tell everyone I know Don't go to any marketing programs. Save your money and your heartache.

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