Global Suzuki / suzuki gixxer sf right side faired melting internally with 3 day after delivery

chennai, India

I am Mr. Dinesh, contact numberemail [protected] .I have taken a new vehicle Suzuki Gixer SF F5 ABS in jain auto care which is located in Pallavaram branch. I have taken delivery on 03/04/2018 and still now vehicle is not been registered. When I left my vehicle in the workshop for the issue running mileage is only 32 kilometers and with in this short period or mileage. The right side got melted internal. Shall i take this product quality is not good, Or workmanship or PDI have not checked before giving delivery to the customer as per delivery process. I have been to the workshop and spoke to the works manager MR. Senthilkumar who is seated in Pallavaram Branch regarding this issue, but he is not capable to explain a proper technical reason and no any proper response from workshop side. I left my vehicle in the workshop on same day on 07/04/2018 and there is no response after that. So I carried over to TSM MR. Rakesh he said he will check and come back to me with in two days. And today is 16/4/2018 its been 10 days. I still haven"t got any updation from workshop nor TSM side. I need my vehicle to replaced new one. I never thought such a irresponsible action towards your dealership or TSM. I am very much disappointed and dissatisfied with your sales and service team. I hope i will get proper response from your side.

Global Suzuki
Global Suzuki
Global Suzuki

Apr 16, 2018

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