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Glamour Shots / Bait and switch!

1 35 Monroe PlaceStaten Island, NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 718-477-1637

I am reporting this to the better business bureau. this franchise is clearly a bait and switch scam. I agreed to have my 3 children's picture taken yesterday December 16, 2007. during this time I was never given a price list nor was anyone helpful in assisting me in providing any further information on pricing until my sons' picture were taken and displayed to me for viewing. This is truly a bait and trap scam.

After my sons' picture was taken the young lady still did not show me a price list but instead wrote out prices and informed me it would cost me from $1200.00 to $2000.00 to get my pictures. Immediately I felt this company or franchise if you will is pulling a large scam in Staten Island and I expect to proceed to spread the word if this is not addressed immediately. I was not told of any holiday specials as I see on the current web site. Instead I was told the cheapest package I could get was 1-8 x 10, 2-5 x 7, and 1- wallet size sheet of pictures for $360 dollars. Unfortunately I felt trapped in this scam and I bought 1 package that cost me $363.00 which has now left me with no money to make a proper dinner for my children for Christmas.

I cannot believe I was not even give a choice to break pictures up for different prices!! Another example of what appeared to be a scam to me was that I was also not told that any sheet I wanted to choose that had my 3 sons in it would start out as $60 per person in the sheet. In other words I was told that I had to pay $180 PLUS and special effects that provided within the photo. But I was not even given that price either for special photos! This site is run by young girls that do not have any information on their product. I will NEVER refer this place to anyone else again.


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  • Ki
      19th of Jan, 2008
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    Glamour shots tricks people into thinking they will get a decent price. then the sales person/makeup artist/ receptionist will read off some sheets and give you a price of 10 times that of what you where initially told.

    Horrible experience. Already told people i know about my horrible experience.

  • Sm
      2nd of Feb, 2009
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    I went to Glamour Shots thinking that I was going to get a free Sheet and have my make-up done. Well, nothing was Glamour about my make up, I could have done it better, and the whole point of having Glamour shots is the touch up that they do, but that is not included. I was quoted $3000.00 for my pictures and I felt like I was dealing with a car dealer trying to sucker me out of Thousands of dollars..

    I left this 678 Brandon Town Center Mall Glamour shots crying over the price and will NEVER EVER go to another Glamour Shots again, I will stick to Picture people.. I hope that Glamour shots closes..

  • Lu
      10th of May, 2009
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    glamour shots, a store i thought would be a great one, better than picture people. i spent 4 hours at the store taking pictures, happily although i was really hungry after a while. the tension started once the lady started quoting the prices. my total came up to a grand $6075. stunned, shocked and horrified i was about to cry. glamour shots is a beautifully disguised scam that will lure you into their trap. first off they will try to wast as much time as possible in the name of their useless make up. second of all they will take a million pictures and most of them are useless poses. finally they will show you your pictures in the one and only computer monitor that they have in the store. finally i left that store in frustration of wasting my time on a beautiful Sunday. i would never recommend this store to anyone.

  • Av
      21st of May, 2009
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    This shameful business practice affects everybody. I am a professional photographer and never hide my price lists. My prints are extremely reasonable and my level of service is very high. It kills me to see studios advertise "90% off sitting fee" and then fling the client through a 30 minute session and only allow them to view their images in a closed room with a high pressure sales person. THAT's when the price list comes out and the bargain the poor client thought they were getting turns into a hi-jacking. When I see someone waver when viewing my prices and then tell me about the great prices they saw advertised as "brand x" I just cringe. I refuse to get down to the level of business who use that practice but will also not put myself on the receiving end of a libel suit. The only thing I can do, is watch them walk away, knowing full well I will see them in 6 months and the story I will get, is "we wish we had come to you"

    I think the worst part is that my profession suffers for it. There are far too many amatures who are calling themselves pros giving a false expectation of what it really takes to be a quality photographer and those of us who have the years of schooling and experience to truely learn our craft are surrounded by carpetbaggers.

  • Em
      2nd of Jul, 2012
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    OMG, I had exactly the same experience with Glamour Shoots. They want $99.95 for 1 e-photo meaning that you have to pay almost $5, 000 for 50 digital photos you like. You can buy a new SLR camera for this price... Unbelievable!!! Avoid at any cost!!!

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