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Just today I am now confused. As an agent in Pennsylvania, I heard angry phone calls saying that they paid 13.99, 16.99 and 15.99 cents - without GRT added in. That's a doubling of fees, yes it seems, and I am told that to get the average rate you have to average the entire year.

Am I selling a scam? Please help!

I spoke with the former representative I used to work through and she said it was a scam and that she is selling for a company called Liberty Power and switching over all her Glacial accounts.

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  •   Jan 20, 2012

    The statements above are false, hurtful and unfair to our employees who operate with integrity and honesty on a daily basis. Glacial Energy has great customer base which enjoys our customer service, products, and prices. Furthermore, we are committed to the communities in the markets we serve. A good example of this commitment can be found in the Glacial Cares program. For more information, visit

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  • Em
      Feb 02, 2012

    Mr Glacialenergy,
    Those statements aren't false or hurtful but your prices are. I have the bills to prove it. A customer that runs a school for the blind, utility rate was 9.49 our rate was 7.89 your rate was 13.99. You rape customers on the rates and if you keep claiming you don't I will post these bills on a blog. We take Glacial customers away with ease, and your drop rate if proof of that.

    Stop tying to defend your acts.

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  • Wh
      May 28, 2012

    I know this company very well, let me explain the scam they play.

    You get a very aggressive proposal showing you how you will save against the utility, furthermore you might have gotten a proposal showing how much you would have saved over the previous year. Glacial Energy has never hit that mark, it is not designed to hit the number they promise. They know from the beginning over charging you is part of their business model.

    Each Senior Vice President for each State, NY NJ for instance is given a financial number they need to make. This number is based on the Company needs in the Virgin Island. It has nothing to do with the rate you were sold or told would be your rate. Customers are routinely overcharged in each State, the understading is you are charged as much as you can handle without screaming to loudly.

    If you fight hard you can get a rebate of the overcharges, I have seen this happen several times. Most Customers just resign with other suppliers and move on chalking up the experience as a mistake. But in reality, it was all about the way Glacial Energy sells, bills and collects.

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