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I purchased a Carrabbas gift card from Gift Card Rescue on 9/11/2015 . When I went to use it, it had a zero balance on it. I sent an email to the company stating the problem. I was issued a claim number(#49630), and they would check it out, and get back to me. After a week of waiting, I called their number, and talked to Benjamin. He would email me a shipping label to send the card back. That didn't happen until I emailed them again for a shipping label. Was issued another request number (#50126). I finally received a shipping label. Sent the card back . After another week of waiting, I emailed them again asking for the status of my request. They then issued me another Request number (#50818). Here it is Wednesday 12/30/2015, and no result as yet. This is definitely a poorly run business. They have chosen customer service is not a priority with them. I would suggest not dealing with this company. They have my Carrabbas card, and I can't prove anything other than the request numbers they provided, which basically are worthless Sincerely Gary McHugh

Dec 30, 2015

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