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GEXA / Fraud and cheating!

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I requested a change of electric provider on line. I read where there might be a $400 deposit so I called GEXA and asked if GEXA would inform me if there was a deposit required - the answer was, "Of course!".

I did not expect to pay a deposit - I have an excellent credit rating. Nothing was mentioned in the contract that I received with my new account number, but when my first bill came, it included a $400 deposit!

I have called the company and have spoken with 6 customer reps. Nothing has been resolved and they say they will not check my credit rating because I was a previous customer. When I was with GEXA previously, they received my payment "late" twice. Once it was 1 day late and another time it was 2 days late. I paid early 8 times, paid exactly on the due date twice. THAT payment history deserves a $400 deposit?!!!

I just switched back to Spark Energy and I am filing a complaint with the PUC.


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N  11th of Mar, 2008 by 
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GEXA - price gouging
6777 sommerall dr
United States

I cancel service because I was moving and after two week I call to make sure the last bill was paid with my deposit that went they told me I had a contract with them and had to pay 150 early termination fee. I did not pick the 12 month contract I told them month to month. They are also very expensive and rude.
N  15th of Feb, 2009 by 
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GEXA - Unlawful rate increases
Gexa Energy, L.P.
United States

Last spring, I signed up with Gexa, which had a great introductory rate for a variable rate plan, with the thought that the price of energy would certainly go down (and it did), and my prices would not increase. But yeah, Gexa jacked them up statewide while energy prices were declining, and we didn't really see it until our energy usage increases in the winter--and it cost us each hundreds of dollars.

But the contract says they can, right? So we were suckers, right, nothing we can do, right?

No. I figured something out. They messed up--got a bit too greedy.

I'm not only an affected customer. I'm also a lawyer. They might be liable in a statewide class action. Please contact me if you have any interest in getting involved. gexacase@yahoo.com
N  5th of Mar, 2009 by 
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GEXA - price gouging
United States

No question Gexa is guilty of both bait and switch and price gouging. Even watching my bills and kwh rate, it took me three months to escape my monthly spot rates of over 20cents/kwh. When I complained in the late fall about the rate, and the fact they were now selling a term plan for 12 cents/kwh, they only said that they do not offer the month to month plan anymore. How sweet that they have been able to put their cheapest purchased power in a new term program and screw their month to month customers with the highest cost power until the customer catches the gouging. Hanging all their directors, senior managers, and Texas politicians in bed with the power companies and financial scam artists is too good for them! Where are the class action lawyers when you need them?

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