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General Revenue Corp/Sallie Mae / Collection Calls

1 DC, United States Review updated:

To all of you complaining about bill collectors. 1st of all you are the ones that are in the wrong for not taking care of your Debts. Its not the bill/loan collectors fault you aren't making your obligations. No one told you to sign the student loan, or Repayment paperwork without reading it 1st. You stupid azz mthr fkrs, who couldn't u/stand the terms on the paperwork you signed shouldn't have been allowed to get into college anyway. If you didn't understand it you should have asked someone what it meant at the least. And now you bash collections people for doing their job. And before you stupid mthr fkrs, complain about the frequency of calls, you also need to know your states laws and what the FDCPA says about phone calls. They are allowed to ' BY FEDERAL LAW" TO CALL you up to 4 times a day between the hours of 8am to 9 pm., AND yES THEY CAN CALL YOUR WORK, your home phone and your cell#, & 1/2 of you little pieces of chit change your numbers after you start getting calls about money and debt that you owe, You scumbagg little azzholes today of the me me me generation 21-32 years old are the most irresponsible little pukes to ever walk this earth) because you arent answering your other phone calls @ home or on your cell's. Besides wouldn't it make sense that after 4 phone calls you at least return theirs, then they wouldn't have to call you 4 times a day, most bill collectors are willing to make arrangements with you, but if you don't call and do that then you are the stupid mthr fkrs and dserve to be called 4 times aday you free-loading little azzholes. You owe the fkng Govmnt for your student loans (or XYZ company), this is Tax payers money you borrowed, And me as Tax payer i'm pissed off. You got an education, you got a better paying job than someone else with that education, & you still owed the Fed'l govmnt, well Fk You. U
are theproblem with Debt in this country and the collectors are the solutions and If you can't see that you are the stupid Dead beat no bill paying Mthr Fkrs. They didn't tell you to have 4 kids, drive $600 a month cars & have a 2, 000$ amonth house payment. When you are in De-fault you are in Default and your balance is due in full. Its because of you stupid little mthr fkrs that don't pay your bills why the banks have all of these bullchit policies and high interest rates that plague this Country and we all have to now put up with these bullchit rules and terms, You lowlife little pieces of chit are the Problem once again. ( Payments on any defaulted loan or bill that you have is a courtesy. Its a very basic principal, you don't make your care payment they come get it, DUH YOU STUPID FK'S) When you de-fault the paperwork YOU signed says you will pay the collection cost, penalties, and the interest on those accounts and any attorneys fees that are required to collect on those debts. And you still blame the bill collectors. 95% of you stupid azz college snot nosed uppity little fkrs dont even understand basic math and how an interest bearing account even works, and yet you want to bash these people who are just doing thier job, the companies (you the borrower defaulted on) Hired them to do. Its a Job just like an IRS agent. You don't pay your taxes, they will get their money 1 way or another you stupid idiots, wether it is thru wage Garnishments or Tax off-sets Running from your debts is not the solution you are the Problem in this Country and you all need to be exposed for the Irresponsible little jackazz's that you are. Their is always a solution all you have to do is call them, you making a minimal payment arrangement shows good faith and responsibility, you not answering thier phone calls shows lack of good judgement and irresponsibility and your parents should have put a boot up your stupid azz's for being Fkng Stupid, unless you are part of that 75% of the Folks in this country that the Parents are Dumber than their fkng stupid azz kids), and you dumb mthr fkrs went to college. GET A FKNG LIFE AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR BILLS AND YOU WON'T HAVE TO BE CALLED BY COLLECTIONS PEOPLE PROBLEMS SOLVED JACKAZZ'S !!! Complain to someone who gives a flying chit about your Stupidity, and Quit Bashing those hard working people who are just trying to do their JOB.

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  • Bl
      3rd of Mar, 2010
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    I don't mind someone charging me for a loan but when they charge me wrongly and you cannot find a customer service representative to correct in these organizations, there is a problem.

    Don't assume you know what you are talking about and look at what the people are saying, the customer service department is making mistakes BJ

  • Bl
      3rd of Mar, 2010
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    Learn to spell before commenting and your ranting does not make sense, I have paid taxes more years than you know, served my country for twenty six plus, and paid my student loans but the companies overcharging and taking my money do not deserve the respect.

    You certainly are defensive and I doubt you understand simple Math as your Spelling and grammar is horrid along with you are using my tax payers money to have attended school in the past and it did no good it seems for you. BJ

  • Am
      3rd of Mar, 2010
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    WOW!!! Very shocked after reading this. Ya I am sure there are people out there who dont wanna pay money back that they do owe but seriously I dont think those people who go as far as to come on here and complain about it. The complaints on here are to be heard and to make others aware because there is so much scamming and fraud out there.

  • Ni
      14th of Nov, 2010
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    Is this why you did not get a college education? It sure does show. Learn to spell or maybe take an English class. LOL. Im sorry, but I do not know what a "Care" payment is?? LOL. Collectors are out of control. They will learn one day not to operate illegally. Plus, are you really going to knock someone because they want to better themselves by getting an education? Unfortunately it comes with a price, and sometimes even when people better themselves it doesn't always mean they make tons of money. Look at teachers of the world, their salaries are very low and sometimes their degree costs more than their salary. But it is very clear you didn't learn a lot from your teachers. SO, the next time you knock someone because they can't pay their student loan, just remember it is not because they chose not to pay, but maybe honest to goodness, they just couldnt afford the interest rates and collections cost that are illegal that companies like GRC/Sallie Mae tack on to the original bill. Just food for thought, but since you love your job so much, you may just be rolling your eyes at this. Ignorance is definately only for the blind.

  • Th
      17th of Nov, 2010
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    You Said it yourself to better themselves... 95% of the people who have a degree are social mrons and self serving idiots that have no common sense nor can they deal with the general public. The loan documents that you signed says that if you defaulted you would pay legal, collections, and attorney's fee's if you failed to pay. The collection cost and these fee's are mandated and those amounts are regulated by the Government as to what can be charged. You don't like it write your congressman. Just like your fkng car payment you don't make the mother [censor]er they come get your car. If you don't pay your student loan your license needs to be suspended wether your a doctor or a teacher or a nurse. Bottom Line !!! Also, those "" underpaid teachers are eligible to write off an annual percentage of that school debt every year, all they had to do was fill out a simple 2 page form every school year, again if they bothered reading the fkng paperwork. Its called the public service forgiveness program. Again being responsible, if you took on more than you can chew, like anything else you have to pay the piper. I have no sympathy. Pay your [censor]ing bills and take care of your obligations and you won't have to have collectorers calling your dead beat [censor]. You wanna know why cost keep going up of you feel that its unfair pricing, it because of non-paying mthr fkrs. Simple solution spelled out for you above, now get your azz back to work and teach other not to be as stupid as you in money management. If you have kids, thats your own fault no one told you to have kids you couldn't afford, or how you got hooked up with Mr. Wrong or Miss Wrong. You made the choice now live with the consequences of your actions. Higher Education is a joke and it always will be right along with our piss poor education system in this country that does nothing but set students up to fail from the start. Perfect Example: We have went through 7 Chief Electrical Sales Engineers at our Company in the last 24 years. These guys have 8+ years of College, yet they couldn't hold down this position for any longer than 4 years. I've been there for all 24
    years with my non-highfalutin (4) year Vocational Training Certification from all the way back to high school, and out scored 6 out of 7 of those 8+ year degreed engineers on Our Annual Testing and Evaluation Reports. It is what it is, most people with a degree think they are better than others and it refelects in their attitudes towards co-workers customers and management. I was their boss and they cldn't fkng stand it, and I made on Average about 9-10K
    more a year than the social fkng robotic book smart only [censor]'s that our company hired. I recommended they get rid of all the MBA
    highfaultin jack [censor] at our company 3 years ago, they did. No more employee issues have come up, Our profitability increased by 31%, AND IT WASN'T BECAUSE OF RAISING PRICES, IT'S BECAUSE WE RAN MORE EFFICIENTLY WITHOUT THE " College [censor]"
    I'm better or above you, I didn't go to college for 8 years to help with the excessive filing or Inventory -"I'm not doing that" - [censor]ing drama. We havent had to hire anyone for the last 3 years and our people have gotten a raise every year. 95% of All high and mighty college people do nothing but belittle co-workers and those they feel are under them. They are the Reason the World is in the State that it is in... Look around the economic state of the Country. Its the
    "Highly Educated" that run it and boy they are just doing a wonderful job aren't they. The meek and meger shall inheret the earth, not all of these rich, manipulative pushy, attended a Jew Owned college, Zionist low life [censored]bags. 2.1 % of the population controls 96% of the worlds wealth, and you see how they make laws and rules for the other 97.9% of us. I rest my case!!! GOD HAS A PLACE FORALL OF YOU MOTHER [censor]ERS... Hell !! I hope I'm on the Match Lighting Squad that get to ingnite the flames, and watch you stinky lowlife [censored]bags burn for what you have done and how you have treated your fellow man. The world's for Real this time "Holocaust" is coming. I can't wait...

  • Sh
      18th of Jul, 2011
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    This guy clearly works for the company, personaly I know I owe them money, but you can't take blood from a stone, im struggeling to pay for food and rent for myself, in a single room apartment with no car payment, not a drinker or smoker and never done drugs, but my reason for venting aside from this ### is they wouldn't identify themseleves untill I gave a birthdate and the last 4 of my ssn, not hapening, I am not giving even a name untill you atleast tell me why your calling, there are way tomany scams

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