Geisinger Medical / billing department

Danville, PA, United States

I was in a bad car accident in '04, and spent 3 years of my life in and out of the hospital and physical rehab. I was in a large amount of medical debt, but finally got it under control around '06. Fast forward to 2012. I finally finished school, got a great job, and finally am up and on my feet. I get a letter in the mail not 2 weeks after graduating that Geisinger has a case against me from 2007 for unpaid bills that amount to $7000.00. I had 1 month to contact them and work something out or they would put a lien against me. I spent 3 and a half weeks attempting to contact their billing department, being passed around to diffferent personeel, and when I finally got aholf of someone to send me the bills in question they were incredibly rude. I got the bill in the mail, but on the bill they had sent me my insurance covered all but $500.00. I find it odd that they say they have had a case against me since '07 yet never once did I hear from them. My address did not change, and my family doctor is a Geisinger Clinic so my check-ups have to be in their system. Why wait so long if I do owe them money? And why charge me the full amount when the amount I supposably owe is only 500. Since then I have tried to contact them to get to the bottom of it, and yet again fail to get any answers. It is past the date I had to respond, and I even tried calling the collection agency lawyers to figure out what is happening. Geisinger Medical is one of the most poorly run, shady, downright despicable corporations in PA today. I was 18 at the time of my accident and am constantly hounded by them for things I already paid, they just forget to take out of their system. The amount of stress and emotional pain these people cause is not equal to the treatment they provide. I know nothing will ever be done because they have a stranglehold on North-Central PA, just venting. So be careful and KEEP EVERY SINGLE RECORD from these con-artists

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