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we've been geico customers since 2007. this past month has really showed just how low and underhanded they can be.

we've been enrolled in the automatic payment plan since signing up with geico - we can't afford to pay the policy off at once, so we opted for the monthly payments. we used the same bank account until march of this year. we had to close out the account in april, and switched to our current bank. the payments have been withdrawn from the new bank since april.

this month, however, we needed geico to take the payment a couple days late (due to some illness and my husband missing work). our payments came out on the 12th, and we called to ask if we could delay one until the 15th. the lady said "sure, no problem whatsoever - we understand that things can come up and we're here to help" - then she verified the bank's last 4 digits (of the current bank) and we went on our merry little way.

the 15th came and went. around the 19th there was an odd charge from geico in our bank account - it was a credit for $0.00. i didn't really think anything of it - maybe someone messed up and it'll be taken care of within a day or so. on the 21st i checked geico's website to see the account. the policy was past due and was pending cancellation if a payment wasn't made by the 29th. i emailed customer support and was told the check wasn't honored by the bank - that it was returned due to the account being closed on the 18th. i flipped out. of course i was worried, but if the account was closed we'd not been able to use our bank card or write other checks. i kept asking questions and got the runaround.

i re-entered the payment on the 22nd, after trying to rattle my brain about what could have happened. i used, and didn't enter any new information in. i used their stored information about our automatic payments to make the payment. as soon as this posted (immediately via their website) there was a $20 fee tacked on to august's bill. i was outraged, asked them what happened, and it was for having a dishonored check. i was very upset, but wanted to wait to see what happened with the new payment.

i checked back daily with - the payment had processed, and had cleared our bank on the 26th. now i was very curious about this situation, so i contacted the bank about the matter. the woman i spoke with stated that geico had done a trial deposit just to see if the account were really open - which it was - and she informed me that if in fact the account had even been closed for the hour the trial was initiated she could not see the trial or any information about it. she suggested i call and demand to speak to a supervisor as soon as possible. i did just that.

i wasn't transferred to a supervisor though. the csr i spoke with was very snippy with me. she informed me the bank account information we'd given them was for a closed account, and that we could get into big trouble for it. i asked her to verify the account - it was the bank account that we'd closed out in march and deleted from geico! i was outraged! i asked her where it came from. she said all details of the transaction had been deleted and it was my fault. i was very offended by this - especially seeing that all information from that bank was destroyed in april and i had no way of telling anyone the account number or routing number. i argued with her for half an hour, then my husband tried his hand. he finally spoke to a supervisor who agreed to refund the fee and apologized for the problem. she assured us the fee would be removed as soon as possible.

the next day i checked, the fee was still there. i had agreed to give her 24 hours to remove it before calling back. during my wait, i went to check the mail. there were 2 letters from geico - one was an agreement for the automatic payments (which were set up in april, but apparently they wanted to agree to the terms again) - another was a notice, dated july 25th (2 days after the payment had been made and all was well), stating that my insurance was cancelled at 12:01 am july 19th. it was a very threatening letter. i rushed home to contact them. the lady i spoke with was very rude and basically told me to disregard it - even though it pretty much tells me that i have no insurance, that the commissioner of insurance in my state has this information, and i'll have a hard time obtaining new insurance now.

i wouldn't recommend geico to anyone or anything. they have done us wrong for years, we just couldn't get away thanks to the low payments. i'm so glad i've found a new insurance that we can afford.

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      Feb 09, 2012

    I just had this type of problem with them. They are rude smarties!!! Thanks for the reassurance to drop them !!! Hopefully one day I will too !!

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