Gehan Homespoor craftmanship & deciving practices

We are buying half million dollar in frisco TX and very disappointed that we chose gehan as a builder . Beware prior to buying based on their model home because they will not have same products or upgrades availble at design center, basically they deceive consumers with presentation of model home which we learned hard way. Please make sure to get everything in writing prior to signing contract else forget getting what they promise. Gehan craftmanship is very poor quality and they hire third tier sub contractors(very unqualified workforce and does not focus on details whatsoever) to build your house. even their design center have very limited options to select from comapring to other builders. I had third part inspect it and they will not fix issues recommended by inspector and they only build according to their standards. No matter what we tell them will not listen or reply to our emails regarding issues. The only reason we decided to go with gehan is because of location and by looking at limited reviews availble online. They will tell you anything to sign you into contract.

Jan 27, 2015

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