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I brought my laptop to Geek Squad at Best Buy for repair. They told me it would be $122 and took my money. Two hours later they called me at home and informed me it would be an additional $110. I reluctantly agreed to pay. The following day, they again called me and said it would now be yet an additional $125. I insisted on getting all my money back and retrieved my computer. I brought it to a local technician who fixed it perfectly for $45.

Geek Squad is probably totally incompetent and definitely totally dishonest. Never let them get hold of your computer.


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A  9th of Aug, 2009 by 
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yea I agree Best Buy Geek Squad is a joke. you can find people to fix your computer cheaper for the prices they charge. its crazy
N  22nd of Aug, 2009 by 
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My 15 year old son took $200 out of his savings account (Christmas and birthday money saved up) to have his computer fixed. We had to "pay in advance" to cover any and all software problems that may need to be fixed. If, however, they found out it was a hardware problem, we'd be charged for the specific piece of hardware and refunded the difference. When we picked up the computer, I was surprised that all they did was "remove viruses" - for $200. When we brought the computer home, we discovered that we had the same exact problem - it was not fixed. We brought the computer back in the very next day and was told that they indeed fixed the problem but now we have a video card going on the brinx. One day after we brought it home. Funny how we have the same problem now as we did before we dropped it off the first time. I never would have paid $200 to fix viruses. My son is out $200 and the computer is still not functional and they insist that they "fixed" it. What options do I have? What can I do? I think it's all a scam. I will never use the Geek Squad again or step foot in Best Buy as they obviously don't have the customers best interest in mind. "How can we get the most money out of them" appears to be their motto.
N  22nd of Aug, 2009 by 
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What idiot pays in advance??? You get what you deserve. You get a WRITTEN ESTIMATE of what it will cost, and you sign saying the max you will pay, and you want proof that whatever they did to the computer was necessary and actually done. If they refuse, don't use them, period. You can ask them to call you and explain what they found is wrong with it, and THEN let you decide if it is worth fixing AND what you will pay for it. It's often better to just get another computer, if simply installing the software again doesn't fix a problem. Just don't get it at Besy Buy. You can also take computer to another place first to verify what was said was wrong is indeed true, then pay to get it fixed by the Geeks or someone else. Do you drop off your car, hand over money, then walk away? No! You get things in writing, and agree to terms, before any money passes hands. AND don't pay unless FIRST you can check to see if computer is working now.Duh.
N  22nd of Aug, 2009 by 
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One more thing. My laptop suddenly wouldn't take the password to start up, and I didn't have the Toshiba master password that will open Toshibas - which repair places use to get in to repair locked computers. Hubby took it to Best Buy, and they sent it back opened and ready to use again, removed my password so I could add a new one if I wanted, and didn't charge a thing. It isn't easy to remove battery and CMOS battery to unlock everything like it is on a desk machine, or I would have done this. So I really appreciated their help. Sometimes you get taken advantage of because you LET yourself be taken advantage of. For one thing, clean your machine of viruses by getting a good anti virus program. If you don't have one, you shouldn't have a computer. Reinstall your opersting system, even if a neighbor can do it for you. If you can read, you can do it, because directions are on the disks. You can call the computer maker help line and they can actually take control of your computer and fix things - all you need to do is sit back and watch them move the mouse. This way you also see what is being done. I keep copies of everything on both computers so any time I find one hinky I not only can use the other one until I fix it, I don't worry about lost photos, programs I bought, etc.
A  3rd of Feb, 2010 by 
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I don't care what anyone thinks, these geeks are out to get your money and that's it!. My laptop became infected with the security tool virus...which as they said was a very nasty one, so I decided to take it to them this morning. When they saw what it was and showed me that it was indeed a virus they told me to pay them $200 and they would remove the virus. I'm so glad I got a second opinion! I took the laptop to a little independent store in the city that I live in that specializes in these things and the man there just restored my computer settings to what they were on January 31st, (I guess most laptops have back up systems to restore your computer to what it was before you got the virus, assuming the computer didn't come with a restoring cd when you got it) so now everything in my computer is EXACTLY the way it was before minus the virus. I cannot believe these jerks actually charge people this insane amount of money to do something someone else can do for nothing! I'm so not computer literate and the worst part about all this is that they definately exploited that, I told the guy I couldn't afford that and asked him if there were any other options at all or something he could tell me to do myself and he actually told me that my only options were to pay the $200 or throw the computer away. THROW MY COMPUTER AWAY, ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME? I can't believe I was so nieve to think that it really was garbage if I didn't pay them to remove it and because I listened to my gut and not these money hungry ### I'm actually able to post this story tonight. Best Buy needs to cut-off all ties and contracts to the Geek Squad before people associate the store with these rip off scams and assume that Best Buy is just as corrupt as The Thief Squad!!!

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