Geek Squad/Best Buyattempted to charge me for uneccesary repairs

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When I got to work yesterday morning and fired up the Laptop, I got the dreaded blue screen. Not good. I then tried about 10 more times to shut down and restart. Still no luck.

I could have been patient and UPS's the laptop up to our IT people in the bay area. But I have ALL of my work on there and can't afford to be without a computer for a week or so.

So, I decided to go to Geek Squad near my house in Temecula. I have bought many items @ Best Buy over the years and have always received great service so I figured they would treat me right.

Oh, was I ever so wrong to make that assumption!!!

I had a bad feeling in my gut right when I walked up to the counter when Mr. "No eye contact", head down with no personality quickly told me $70 to diagnose it. To his credit he did on machine, wrote down error code, went to the back room and Googled it, and came back out and said it was most likely NOT a hard drive crash. WHEW! OK, I am thinking, this guy is probably legit. They then said they would run diagnostic and contact me on my cell in a little bit.

At the end of the day, and about 4 calls later (they never called me of course), I finally was told that they had run the diagnostic. The diagnosis? The Geek told me I had over 500 viruses and malware infecting my poor Dell. Hmmmmm? I immediately was suspicious. The laptop was running full speed until that morning. Furthermore, I am somewhat computer savvy - I have a top notch antivirus/spyware/firewall program installed that is monitored by an excellent IT company we contract with. So when I immediately questioned they guy, he stutters a little and says "well, some of the, were cookies and stuff like that". No no no, can't be, I have my settings set to auto remove all of that stuff upon log out each day.

So, I get home and figure, what the heak, let's start it and see what happens! And, low and behold, the damn thing boots right up. Did Geek Squad know that is was fixed, or maybe saw the error on the registry or wherever and repaired and then decided to soak me for another $230?

As I thought about more, I came to the logical and obvious conclusion, OF COURSE THEY KNEW. They would have to have restarted to the laptop after the diagnostic and they would have seen it was running fine, don't ya think? And if not, they are DORKS and NOT Geeks.

I am by far no computer Wiz, or in this case, a Geek. But I know enough to smell a rat here. It is just a shame they are trying to unethically make a few extra bucks under the Best Buy umbrella.

I am going to now really think long and hard before I ever go back to drop down my hard earned money at a Best Buy Store ever again.

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      Dec 27, 2008
    Geek Squad/best Buy - poor service and charges
    United States

    I couldn"t use my PC and called the GS. They came out told me that they had to remove everything and they did, but after they finisished it did not work the way it did b/4. The bill was $300. I called them back and was told by this "tech" it would cost another $300 to fix it. I told him to leave! I called someone else and was told it was so screwed up that it couldn't be fixed and should have been told on the first call that I should buy a new PC. This I did for less than $500.

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  • Mi
      Nov 01, 2012

    Hi every one out there thinking of using the Best Buy Extended service for the TV that I purchased 3 years ago alone with an LED TV.
    My TV broke and I call them, service tech come and told me to wait 2 weeks. Once month passed, I called tech number and they told me that they will give me some thing of equal value minus depreciation. Another week pass and no call from Best Buy, so I called them, I got Britney from Kentucky who hung up on me after she could not find the information. I called back wanting to talk to a manager and I got Britney again who was completely sarcastic telling that in order for me to speak to a manager I have to give her my name and all my information again twice. FOLKS DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID, I BOUGHT 4 IPADS, 6 COMPUTERS, 2 TV ALL WITH BEST BUY EXTENDED SERVICE AND THEIR SERVICE IS REALLY POOR. I ONLY GOT LIP SERVICE AND EVERY TIME I CALLED TOOK 2 HOURS OR MORE TO GET TO THE RIGHT DEPART. TODAY I TALKED TO SCOTT (PR MANAGER) WHO ALSO TOLD ME TO WAIT FOR THE CALL. IF THERE IS ELSE WHERE THAT YOU CAN PURCHASE FROM THE MANUFACTURE ITSELF . DO IT TO AVOID PAIN FROM BEST BUY GEEK SQUAD. THEY DON'T DO SQUAD FOR YOU WHEN YOU NEEDED. I HAD MUCH BETTER SERVICES THAN BEST BUY AND ANOTHER STORES THAT I PURCHASED FROM. IT HAS BEEN OVER 1 MONTH & I STILL DON'T HAVE A TV. SO BEFORE YOU PURCHASE ANYTHING THINK ABOUT IT.. MY EMAIL IS [protected]@HOTMAIL.COM. I AM THINKING OF PUTTING A COMPLAINT WITH BBB.

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