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On march 29, 2017, I bought a leagoo m8 pro on the gearbest site. The shipping promise was between the 1st and 13th of april. I think that due to the day of the lie to date they have not sent my cell phone. The answering service only gives automatic answers, offering me the money back or having me wait. Now they want me to wait another 7 business days so they can maybe know which day to send. The company is heavily stuck, dx shipped similar products within 24 hours, but gearbest can not meet deadlines of 10 business days.
Searching on the brazilian website " Br" I have seen a complaint (Complaint reclameaqui of [protected]) from a customer who bought the same product that my two days after my order and has already had their order sent, while my product does not even it was processed! Since you do not want to send my product, I have decided to open a complaint on the same site (Reclameaqui complaint of [protected]). If they do not respond and send my cell phone in 24 hours, I will share this complaint on all international websites, social networks and youtube videos that mention gearbest or leagoo m8 pro! I want my cell phone!

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Apr 19, 2017

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