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Ge Moneybank / Dealing with GE MoneyBank/CareCredit & Other aliases

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Dealing with GE MoneyBank, GE Money, GEMB, GE Finance, CareCredit, JC Penny, KwikComfort, Sam's Club, Toro, other aliases.

Determine how much you actually owe them (less and "fees", unjustified "late charges" or other ### they may tack on), pay them off and be done with it.

You're not dealing with honest people here; therefore you MUST protect your self. And the way to protect yourself is with proof...DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!!

Get a cashier's check from your bank. Write your account number and PAID IN FULL in the memo area of the check. Take the check to the post office and mail it with a RETURN RECEIPT REQUEST.

Make a copy of and/or save:

1. The check receipt from the bank.

2. The post office return receipt request.

3. Bills/invoices.

4. Canceled checks you already sent.

5. Any correspondence.

6. Log of your phone calls (date, time, whom you spoke with, what was discussed,
whether or not he/she was rude, whether or not he/she spoke comprehendible English,
how long you waited to speak with someone, whether you disconnected/hung-up on,
how many time you had to repeat/punch-in your customer number, etc.)

7. Record all telephone conversations. BY LAW, YOU MUST TELL THEM THE

Keep all documentation for seven years.

If/when they give you any flak, tell them to go right ahead and take you to small claims court; they will lose.

Have a good night's sleep.

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  • La
      29th of Oct, 2008
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    If you are having a problem with GEMB - they are probably related to these FEDERAL LAWS for more information go to

    File formal complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision. Otherwise they will never address and correct the PROBLEMS THEY THEMSELVES are making to your accounts and Credit Ratings.

    FYI - as for the recording of calls - Check YOUR STATE LAWS!
    Not all states require that you inform the other party on the call that the call is being recorded. But you have to check - DO NOT ASSUME!

  • Be
      28th of Feb, 2009
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    well for who ever reads this the whole write pay in full doenst work when they cash that it not binding a company to anyting written in the memo section the only time a py off is legal is if u get a letter from the company stating what they agreed the pay off is then u send them the money then u get a letter stating pay in full. just writting pay in full on the check will not hold up in the law the courts know that a machine cashes the check and doesnt read the memo so if u want to try it thats fine but it will not work.

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