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Ge Money Bank / Amazon / BILLING/ADDRESS

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I opened an account with GE MONEY BANK in aug.08 and have never received a billing. The original purchase was $156.00.I ran my credit report and this account showed up delinquent.I have always maintained a 800 FICO.On the credit report, it shows I owed them $256.00.I finally found a customer service number for GE MONEY BANK and the lady told me she had the number of my street, but not the name of the street to bill to.Ithen paid off and closed the account.She said that a report would be sent to the credit bureaus and it should be taken care of.To sum this all up, I was very leary of ordering online and will not do it again.From reading comments on the web about the same problems, it sounds like someone should be investigating GE MONEY BANK/AMAZON for illegally running up false fees on customers. Maybe the new US Attorney General can look into this matter.

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  • Si
      22nd of Aug, 2009
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    Noway - a few seconds ago
    This is a scam and the posts you see on here that claim different have hidden agendas for doing so. These people try to use psychology fear and even compassion to ferret out further information. In my case... I never had an account with Chase to begin with neither did I apply for a card. However, they claimed the only way that they could verify the letter I received claiming I had an account, was to render SS#. So I said I would render it. He offered information to prove his validity.
    Of which I caught 3 discrepancies. Of which he apologized for and said he would have to alert his supervisor of immediately. LOL

    First the phone # offered to me for a Experian is not the actual telephone number for Experian. This was verified by My Credit FRAUD monitoring service. The # 1800 955 9060 is not anywhere on the legitimate CHASE.COM sites. And after pointing this out to him, he in turn claimed it must have been in error. Also I blocked when calling them, however he claimed my phone number did not match into their system on a search. However asked me to fax or scan the fraudulent letter I received to him. LOL Why would I block my number then release it pending exposing impostors of phishing scams? LOGICAL?

    So the numbers in question that were blown out of the water for inconsistencies are: 1800 955 9060, 866 396 8254, & 888 738 3115.
    The last number listed is where I was routed to the third time for the so called Internal Dept. Of which the individual claimed to be an employee of CHASE.

    It gets better. He offered me advice to make a consumer complaint saying the number for Experian was 1800 311 4769. Not according to my sources. I am warning people on here to use discernment as much psychology, guile and deception is prevalent in these economic times and the false rebuttals on this page just verify the compliance of these evil entities in the destruction of your economy. Karma is as Karma does and Justice prevails. This page is being used to access info that we know so they can use it to hide better.
    Caller: GE MONEY BANK

  • Sh
      13th of Sep, 2009
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    I just tried to pay my bill online for one entire hour. Ridiculous. Glitches galore. I never have difficulty paying any other bill online (and I pay bills on time). GE MONEY bank did not send me a bill. I purchased glasses from Pearl Vision about in late July. About 3 weeks ago I called MONEY BANK to let them know that I had not rec'd a statement. The person said it was in the mail. It was not. I NEVER RECEIVED A PAPER COPY BILL AND DID REQUEST ONE. So, today I tried to pay my bill - not only online but thought about paying by check. I did not do the check via phone since there was a 15.00/10.00 fee. What the heck is going on with this company GE MONEY BANK. I think they are trying to create late payments so they can charge a fee. I'm ticked. My monthly set-up payments finally went through, however, I do not trust the transaction now. I better not discover that they have charged my checking account the full amount. YES, I AGREE - SOMEONE BETTER LOOK INTO THIS. THEY NEED TO MAKE PAYMENT ACCESS FRIENDLY.

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