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1 Rapid City, SD, United States Review updated:

I was offered GE CARE CREDIT for a ton of denistry i needed including Caps for many teeth. I started the work after applying for the CARE CREDIT. Was told that no interest would be on the card till after 18 months.

I began paying regular payments to them on time each month. The last statement I received showed an INCURRED finance charge of 1300.00. I called immediately stating that I wanted to pay the balance since the offer expired. They told me to make an immediate online payment and that the charges would be reversed. I did that the same day.

I received a letter today stating that they won't reverse the charges. That the offer expired Mid March. I received the statement the day the offer expired. I called to see what the balance was. Paid the balance and now in their opinion I was late on the expiration of the offer so owe ALL THE FINANCE CHARGES
for 18 Months. In reality I owe them 10 days worth the finance charges.

I was told today when I called after receiving the letter to decline the reversal of the Finance Charges that there was no recourse or place for me to dispute this. I was very upset and not sure what to do.

I had no intention of paying finance charges for 9000.00 worth the dental work done from day one- and called to pay it off. How can they get away with charing me this wehn I payed the amount off within 10 days of the expiration of the offer. I feel i was SCAMMED here.


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  • Mp
      6th of Sep, 2008
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    You weren't scammed. You didn't read the offer. There is no interest charged at all so long as you pay off THE ENTIRE BALANCE by the due date. Since you were late, (it doesn't matter how many days late)you owe the finance charge from day one. Why would anyone complain about getting an interest free loan for up to 18 months (NOT 18 months and 10 days) The details are not hidden in small print, it's clearly stated everywhere.

  • Mj
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    I would advise anyone you know not to use GE Care Credit. Their goal is to find some excuse to whack you with that deferred finance charge.
    I have read where customers mailed payments in plenty of time, only to have the company not post the payment until after the due date. The finance charge is incurred, and the customer has no appeal or recourse.
    Bottom line is to tell everyone you know to avoid Care Credit.

  • Ci
      9th of Nov, 2008
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    I also had dental care last summer and had to take out a GE Care Credit account. I paid my monthly payment on time each and every month, never late, always made a payment of more than the minium, yet feel I was scammed by this company also. Very had to reach a customer service representative, but I purposely was late with the 14th payment so that someone might contact me. They did...someone outsourced from India called me on Friday morning telling me I was late with my payment. I asked them to get a message through to CS because I wanted to speak to someone with the capacity to explain why I had an increase in my balance OF ALL INTEREST incurred from day one of my account. He explained that he could not reach anyone for me and that I must keep trying to call in to CS on the 800 number.

    I finally reached someone who explained that I missed the "fine print" at the bottom of my statement (not in the portion of bill that showed balance, payment, etc.).. My promotional period had run out at 12 months and I had 22% of all interest from day one added to my balance! I have no other option than to pay this off as quickly as possible. I will not EVER do business with GE CARE CREDIT again. What a way to make be unfair with your customers and intentionally try to rip each and every customer off.

  • Ka
      4th of May, 2009
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    I had no idea about what the interest penalties were, my son is unemployed, and the loan is in his name. I have been paying as much as I could afford on time and went in today to look at the balance, which should have been under $2, 000, only to find they had tacked on almost 30% interest on the amount, about $600. which just at that point all the payments I have made have been for nothing. Who needs an interest free loan, it's a scam and only an idiot would say it's not, it's a way to stick you with interest above and beyond a decent interest rate (what, now about 10 to 12%?) I am just beside myself with disgust at this company.

  • Al
      11th of May, 2009
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    I have been screwed myself several times by Care Credit and thought I was done. No one explained or provided ANY detail about an 18 month deadline to finish payments. I lost my job last fall and reduced monthly payments assuming that I would not be paying extra fees. Thank goodness I just checked my account but even still its impossible for me to find the details of when they provided me with the 18 month expiration date. I have since spoken to 2 customer service agents, and one debt support agent and they were all awful. I am so glad I found this site, because it looks like I'm not alone. I have called Credit Counseling services at 1-800-388-2227 to get some support. That number was given to my by one of the Care Credit agents and he explained it was part of their company. Wrong! In any case, I'm passing on the word to others. DO NOT USE Care Credit as they will find a way to keep information from you, and provide no assistance. I’m complaining to the dentist as well. This fiasco started in Oct 07 and I never received any bills. When my braces arrived, I asked the dentist how to pay and he was shocked I hadn't received a bill. After calling CC I learned that they were charging me huge finance charges, but I fought to have them removed. They did, but no one ever told me I had an18 month deadline, and even if they did, I only began payments in 08.

  • In
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    My complaint against GE Care Credit is much different. I understand the repayment and deferred interest policies. I have been faithfully making my payments for services BUT because of my pay dates I make my payments at a specified time of the month (the beginning). My payment in July happened to fall on the day that my bill cycled. Instead of applying the payment to the CURRENT bill cycle they applied it to the overall balance. Because of this they considered that no payment was made in July at all ao they charged me a 39.95 late fee. I was completely oblivious to this. The same thing happened in August...another 39.95 late fee. When I called & made them aware that all of my payments have been made I was told that I am not allowed to make the payments before or the day of my billing cycle...they MUST be made after the cycle date for them to appear as current payments...I told them that I understood & in the future would keep that in mind if they would please just issue a credit for the 80.00 in late fees. I was then told that all they could issure credit for was 20.00...1/2 of the first late fee!!! I am absolutely astounded!!! I am now refusing to make any payments until I see a credit for the entire amount of both late fees. I really don't care if it ruins my credit. I am sick of big companies thinking that they can rip people off for fear of a bad credit rating!!!

  • St
      29th of Oct, 2009
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    I am going to small claimes on Dec 8 2009. Same song & dance as everyone else. We should set up a class action case. I set up auto bill pay with care credit to be paid on the 15th of ea month. I paid the first bill only 15 days after my first of 3 Dentist visits. I paid twice the minimum balance. and continued for 11 months. durring the 11 months I kept seeing finance charges so I kept calling asking why? I was on a 12 month interest free plan. They said it would fall off if paid before 12 months so at 11 months I figured I owed $25 to pay off the loan so I called to verify, they said I owed $378. I asked why they said I had 4 lates?? $39 ea. I Still have not seen a statement that shows any lates and I set up auto bill pay thru them. So the math says 39x4 =156? whats the rest? they said they put my pmts toward the last visits not the first so because of the late fees I now am getting charged 29% interest. When I went to court 2 months ago the courts served them with a certified letter that was rejected by Ralph Stern the agent for service at care credit. So now I have to get the Sherriff to serve them. Hidden fees, missleading advertisement and a bill that would confuse Bill Gates.

  • Al
      2nd of Nov, 2009
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    The worst company on the planet and when they call, you cannot even understand them. I have asked for someone to speak to me in English that I could understand which is your right. This is where President Obama needs to step up and slap these companys down. This is a good reason why people are having a tough time paying bills because of companys like this that take advantage of people.

  • Ka
      26th of Oct, 2010
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    I thought Care Credit was a great option at first. The last year I have been paying off a $2900 dental bill. I paid on time every month. Always on time, never the minimum...this month my promotion ended. I had $400 on left to pay off. I was charged 367 dollars in interest. I was dumb, I'll admit, but I never would have thought that a card that I got through my dentist would wind up being the #1 worst credit card I have ever used. I should have used a normal credit card. I was slammed this month hard. I called to see if I could just pay off the $400 dollars and was told by customer service agent#1 "we have been paying 2900 of your dental bill for a year, this is the interest for us doing that" WHAT!!! I was so excited to be done with this card and would have used it again. I now have double what I thought I would pay off and while the manager was a bit nicer in terms of service, he was no more helpful. I was informed I received the notice every month. Unfortunately, I pay my bills online. I never checked anything other than whether or I had additional charged on my card (theft). I just paid. I only noticed this almost 100% increase in debt b/c I was shredding old bills. I was told there was nothing they could do, I should have read the fine print. Lesson learned. It's disgusting this card was promoted by a trusted dentist office. I would expect this from an internet scam but not from the dentist. While it's not 10000 dollars or anything I still feel like they completely used their placement and the fact that most people don't read every part of their bills to their advantage. Do NOT trust this card. Get a regular credit card, GE Care Credit is the worst.

  • Su
      21st of Nov, 2011
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    I cannot believe that I also have been taken by this company. I was aware of the 18 month interest free policy, but was never aware that all the interest for the total loan was going to be added. I thought that interest would be charged only on the remaining balance. My original loan was for 3000.00, as of this month it is now over 1900.00! This is crazy! I have never once been late on a payment and it was never pointed out to me that all the accrued interest would be added. I am going to get in contact with my attorney. I have found out today that they added 1040.00 interest! That is way more than I would pay on my regular credit card. Something needs to be done with this company!

  • Mi
      13th of May, 2012
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    i just sent the below email to the emergency vet that recommended Care Credit to me:

    Good morning,

    I just wanted you all to know that I truly believe GE Capital/ Care Credit is by far the WORST company I have ever dealt with . Not just the worst creditor but the worst in any industry.

    I believe before recommending them to your patients that stress be placed on this fact. The customer service is poor and the interest and fees are obscene.

    Stuck between a rock and a hard place, I opted to open an account with these people and do not forsee a way out at this point. They take advantage of their account holders in unimaginable ways.

    I dont fault C-Vets at all but I regret having my name and credit opened to these people and I most certainly do not recommend it.

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