Ge Care Credit / Forced to pay for credit insurance plan before seeing contract

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I signed up for GE Care Credit to pay for some major vet surgery for our beloved german shepard mix. I just signed up for their auto-pay and called ot make sure it was active and would bill me automatically on this coming payment cycle. They assured me everything was fine and then offerred to sign me up for a "credit insurance" plan. Basically I would pay $1.5 per $100 charged on my account as an insurance in case I lost by job, was disbaled, died, etc. In this event, they would wipe my debt free with them. I asked to be sent the contract for this service so I could review it before signing up for it and they said I had to sign up for the service before I could see the contract. They said that because the service has a 60 day evaulation period (for which my account will STILL be charged unless I cancel with the evaulation period) they will not send verbiage out until I sign up. This was due to the cost of mailing the information. I asked for a soft copy via email and they said they still couldn't do it unless I signed up. So basically, they want me to sign a contract for a service before I am able to see the contract for the service. WHA?!?!?! Talk about fraud and bad business practices!!!

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