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After owning the GE model GXSV65F Water Filtration System for a couple years, I attempted to fix the dripping faucet. As with most anything, I don't have a problem understanding that things wear out over time and are in need of replacement parts. What I DO have a problem with though, is when the manufacturer (GE in this case) tells me that there are NO such replacement parts for that unit, and the only thing I can do to remedy the problem is to purchase a whole new faucet to the tune of $58.00. Gimme a break! Don't typical rubber washers for faucets cost about .79 cents? I understand the BIC lighter mentality of buying disposable products at a fraction of the cost of repairable ones, but this unit costs $158.00 new and now they are telling me if I don't spend another $58 I cannot fix it. I already spend about $100 a year replacing the filters. If I wanted to buy a disposable system, I'm sure China makes one comparable to GE's at a fraction of the cost.

If they don't do something, I'll probably just yank the thing out from under my sink and chalk it up to GE ripping off the little guy. That's alright GE, just remember, GM used to be too big for their britches too. What's GM's stock price at today? 2.66... OUCH!

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      Oct 06, 2009

    I own a GE electric stove/oven unit and the oven sensor is out. When I go on line to look up this part and put in the Model# and the Part# it comes up to be a oven ignitor for a gas oven or these # do not cross reference can someone explain this to me. Does GE make two different products using the same part and if so, how can GE explain the stupidity behind this decision? Confused Appliance Repairman in Texas.

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