GDex / GD Expressunprofessional staff and undeliverable item for more than 10 days

I still yet to receive the item yesterday and tracking system showing "refuse to accept"??!! Is this your service standard? Never deliver the item and just simply update the status as "refuse to accept". When did your despatch send the item? and where did he send to? Who refuse to accept it if he was there? Please clarify it and make a refund to my loss.

In addition, your despatch is so rude and unprofessional when dealing with customer. He did called me yesterday to ask about my home location. But should a despatch call customer as "AMOI" and talking rudely to the customer? Same person called for few times to ask about the same question - "where is your house" and i've explained for so many times but yet still never send the item as promised. It's really unbelievable that a well known courier company's service is so terrible. Please educate and train your despatch to be more polite and professional.

I am really very disappointed on your service. Where to find a courier company that need more than 10 days to deliver an item to customer??!! And yet I still never receive it until to-date since 10 days ago that posted out by the sender.

Nov 23, 2018

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