GDex / GD Expressparcel shipment arrangement

27/11/2018 - 04/12/2018 (parcel no : GAM001534942)

I have made a purchase through Lazada on 27/11/2018. Immediately, the delivery status updated as 'parcel packed and will be handed over to our delivery partner Seller Own Fleet MY'. As I will be away since 30/11/2018, I had attempted to contact Lazada to check the status of my parcel. There was no updates until I received a call from Gdex delivery man on 30/11/2018 that my parcel had arrived. I then requested if I can self pick up on 3/12/2018 which the delivery man said he will arrange for me and the office opens until 9pm.
When I just came back from my overseas trip and arrived at the airport on 3/12/2018 @ 5.30pm, I called to Gdex immediately and was told by Mira that the office was closing now and I cant pick up my parcel on the same day. I then re-arranged to deliver to parcel to my registered address the next working day.
On 4/12/2018, I called at 12.30pm to enquire about my parcel, Cik Suhaila told me the parcel was still sat at the PJ HQ and no status updated. I then informed her to update me the status (either to deliver to my office, but if did not manage to, I did not mind to collect it myself). Cik Suhaila told me she will get the person in charge to contact me. No calls until 3.30pm when I called Ms Jaya who gave me the same answers. I waited until 5.24pm and called again and was given the same answers and was told that she does not have any contact number for PJ HQ to follow up my case. I was then put on hold for 5 min without getting any response. I called again immediately and the customer service lady told me she will forward my request through email and someone will call me back. Finally when I was put through to En Zulhafis, he told me their system status only showed that I will pick up my parcel myself. When I requested for an explanation, he does not have any and he said he had no idea what was going on. I then managed to talk to Mr Jason who told me that their office opens until 10pm and system only showed that I will pick up the parcel myself which no status was updated that I demand for the parcel to be delivered to my registered address.
I would like to demand for an explanation why such a delay and ridiculous system to trace my parcel and why different reasons were given by the customer service. They are apparently not well trained and seem to be clueless what was going on.

Dec 04, 2018

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