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Gatwick Airport Uk; Security Staff / Damage to property/Attitude

1 Ontario, Canada Review updated:
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Phone: 416-427-7029

On August 24, 2009 at approximately 5pm, my prescription glasses emerged broken from the security scan (scanner 2/3) at Gatwick Airport terminal for British Airways/Iberia to Barcelona. I was so shocked and angry that I was in tears, holding up my glasses; they could not have failed to notice me. My husband was also trying to get their attention, but they were so busy verbally abusing the female passenger ahead of me that we were totally blanked.
Eventually my husband spoke to someone in authority and the complaint was well handled (clearly they were culpable). I will be submitting an insurance claim. Regardless, the employees on the scanner NEVER ONCE acknowledged me, which was a deliberate and cavalier response. We have a photo of the damage but it is too large to attach here (max 2 MB)

When I told my family about the occurrence, I was told that my nephew (disabled by Cerebral Palsy) had also experienced verbal abuse on a flight to Spain. Evidently my nephew had asked (reasonably) if he should take off his belt. The guard replied along the lines of ``Of course, stupid idiot, there`s a metal buckle!``

We are mature, educated, quiet, well-travelled professionals. We were sober and compliant. We have passsed through security in airports in many cities and countries. NEVER have we experienced anything like this elsewhere.
I am a British-Canadian citizen and I was ashamed of Gatwick, an international airport serving millions of travellers from around the world. Something must be done about the thugs employed at the security scans. All the other airport employees we encountered were unfailingly pleasant and courteous.

Thank you for the opportunity to air our grievance anonymously.

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  • Le
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    Thank you.

  • We
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    I'm saddened to hear about your experience. At the same time I'm relieved, since your story proves that I'm not the only one whos been humiliated and made to loose my flight.
    2 days ago I was going to start the adventure of my life. 4 weeks of Pilgrimage on the St.James Road to Santiago de Compostella.
    My flight to Biarritz was at 9.30, and carrying only handluggage, I was ready to enter Security Control at 7.25.
    I was dismissed from even entering the zone due the supervisor whose incompetent eyes told her, that my handluggage was too big. Having measured and measured and measured, I knew that the size of my bag met their demands. I was made to wait for 20 min. before a securityofficer escorted me out of the area and put my bag into the exact same type og metalholder, which is close to the securitydesk. Of course it fitted, but I lost 20 minutes.
    At the securityscan I was denied further access, because it wasnt believed that I was on a 4 weeks holiday carrying only handbagage.
    After 25 minutes of waiting another authority came to the scene and split my backpack into pieces. Makeup was smashed, my clothing was all over the floor and was even walked upon.
    Then I was dismissed from the securityzone and could only reenter if I threw away shampoo, showergel and lotion. (Why?)
    But that was not good enough. I was held up for another 25 minutes, beeing grilled about my destination..why was I so late for check-in (!).
    Is it necessary to telle that I lost my flight and had to fly back to Denmark the same day.
    Gatwick security staff ruined the dreamholiday of my life, and I'm not going to another London Airport again.

  • An
      18th of Jun, 2011
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    my mum visited me for 2 weeks, i havent see her for 5 years, she had her birthday celebrated here on friday and on saturday she flew back. She loves cosmetics and in time she was here she bought lots of creams, lotions, tonics etc., very good brands, also i got for her on birthday few expencive crems, she never opened them never even broke a plastic covers. After check in she called me all in tears, saing that ALL her creams that wasnt in hand bagage but in give away one was trown away in the rubbish in front of her, all her cloth trown away all over the floor, she was forced take off her shoes, socks, OPEN IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY HER TROUSERS AND LIFT UP HER SHIRT!!! She was crying, she never was so much humiliated in her life! Im extreamly angry and realy wish those who responsible for this shameful and idiotic actions was at list dissmised from they place, that is making me seek to my stomik what my mum come true!!!

  • An
      15th of Nov, 2011
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    Also heartless stupid people are employed there in security checks (in Gatwick). How can you imagine that they take away (and throw to the bin of course) a 200ml juice for your baby, good brand deducted to children???? And explaining me that these are the rules of the Gatwick airport, while other airports may have different rules. I couldn't believe that, why the rules are sooooo stupid and even more stupid people who imply them like they were squeezed from the rest of their own brains! As far as I know all those stupid rules about liquids etc are to "protect" us from whatever imaginary dangers and after all we are actually deprived of basic comfort and having a choice what to give to drink to our child... Because of course after passing that wall of those heartless people-machines you are allowed to buy litters of alcohol, perfumes, juices, whatever, 10-20 kilo of goods making additional hand luggage or more and all is OK! Who will believe that it is for any kind of security????? It's just to feel pockets of certain shop owners and just to mislead us that they we should be grateful for being able to fly not them for the opportunity of having their jobs and businesses because of us passengers.
    What if suddenly all passengers would avoid Gatwick???? We have many other choices concerning communication, especially in London area. Airport is the same kind of customer focused institutions like any others and passenger comfort should be a priority. It is really a shame for England known from very good customer service.

  • Pe
      22nd of Jan, 2019
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    The 'security' at Gatwick. Staffed by [censored]s managed by fools

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