Gardener Whiteleather sectional sofa

I bought a leather sectional sofa in 2008 and the sales guy recommended to purchase a leasther protection plan for 5 years. I purchased the plan. In 2009 I sent a request to Gaurdian who are supposed to send technician to fix a very small tear came took pictures and sent a letter back saying it is not covered as it is near a seam.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Canton, MI In 2010 the first tear increased in size and a second one developed nearby so I sent another request in December 2010. A tech sent by Gaurdian leather protection plan came took pictures and said the company would call nad notify with in couple days. They called me and sid that the said sofa I believe is a leather grain sofa and it is not covered in their plan.
I would like both Gardiner white and Gaurdian Leather protection company for deceiving me and not providing me service.

I need a immediate reply on this.

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