Garden Ridge/4X3.5' Mirror / Poor Product and No Customer Service

TX, United States

RE: Mirror purchased 08/21/2009 paid over $130.

Hello Customer Service,
I appreciate your response to this matter. It seems to me that Garden Ridge no longer stands behind the products sold nor is the quality and workmanship meant to last.

I have several pieces of heavy artwork and mirrors that have been hanging on walls from 1-15 years (several are from Garden Ridge). I would expect any mirror that I purchase to hold up to the trip home in the package it was purchased in and installed correctly stay together. I understand that you cannot guarantee control over installation. The mirror did not fall off the wall hanger and the wire did not break (my installation). The attached hanger that came on the mirror came off the mirror frame (your product).

I am not asking for my money back. I spent days shopping for this item and would like it replaced. It is clear that Garden Ridge no longer stands behind the items sold in it's stores nor really cares about me as a customer.

Good luck with all your future endeavors!

Garden Ridge response:
That is correct, we can't assist you further. We do not offer or sell extended warranties of any kind.

Per the policy on your receipt, and the policy we post at every register, we can only offer assistance within 60 days (as we have no control over installation or the use of any product).

Customer Service,
I would like to clarify that the piece that came off the mirror and caused it to fall was part of the mirror when I purchased it from Garden Ridge. Please review the pictures to understand that the frame is not strong enough to hold the hanger piece that came on the mirror used to hang on the wall.

I would like to clarify that I understand your response.

Under no circumstances does:
1. Garden Ridge warrant any items purchased from their stores for defects after 60 days from the purchase date?
2. Garden Ridge return, exchange or replace any items 60 days from the purchase date for defects in material, workmanship, etc.?
3. Garden Ridge return, replace, or repair any item that breaks after 60 days from the date of purchase?

Garden Ridge response:
We are unable to assist on a purchase from 6 months ago. All returns/exchanges must be made within 60 days.

Hello Customer Service,
I recently purchased a mirror and some other art work to hang in my new home. It has been within the last 6 months. One of the pieces I purchased is a heavy 4'X3' mirror to hang over my sectional. I followed all instructions and hung the mirror with the proper hangers that hold over 200 lbs of weight. I found a short screw on my sectional about a week ago and questioned my children about it. No one knew where it had come from. I was sitting on my sectional today when I heard a noise and turned my head to see the mirror crashing down. I was able to somewhat break the fall and keep the mirror on the sectional where it did not hit the floor or glass table and break. However a bit of the front chipped off during the fall. The part on the mirror that has 4 short screws holding in the part that is used to hang the mirror was bent and had pulled out of the frame. There were 3 screws left and the 4th screw was missing and matched the one I found on the sectional a week ago. Bits of the frame were stuck in between the screws and had pulled completely out of the frame. (see attached pictures)

I tried to contact the store but there is no longer a live person only recorded messages. I took the mirror back to the store. I went in the store to ask for help and where customer service is. The manager said there is no customer service. I explained what had happened and she said we do not take back damaged items. I asked her to look at the mirror and see that it was not damaged other than the part that came off to hold the mirror on the wall (see attached pictures) and the piece that had chipped out of the front when it fell, I had the chipped piece with me. I asked her if someone could help me bring the mirror in it is heavy. After looking at the mirror she said I had hung it wrong and was not suppose to use wire to hang it. I explained that I followed all the instructions for hanging the mirror that was on the package as well as used the proper weight wire and wall kit for hanging the mirror in excess of 200 lbs. At that point she called another large man over 6' tall named John. He asked me if I had my receipt with me. I said no but I can dig it out of my files. He then asked me if I paid cash. I said no I paid credit. Then he asked if it had been over 60 days. I said yes it had been in the last 6 months. He said the policy is that they do not return or exchange after 60 days. I explained that I would like to exchange the mirror that I purchased it less than 6 months ago. Obviously the mirror is faulty in the frame or hanging piece. He said we do not do that and I would have to contact you this way to determine if the mirror could be exchanged.

I was humiliated and felt like they were more than implying that this was my fault or I was trying to pull something. So I am writing you and sending pictures of the back of the mirror where the piece pulled out and the bent piece that came out of the frame. I am very grateful that my children were not sitting there at the time and I was able to break the fall of the mirror somewhat. I truly hope this was a faulty mirror and that it can be replaced by the same mirror without any problems. This is not the first mirror I have purchased at Garden Ridge. The other mirror I purchased from you is longer and narrower with a much heavier frame. This mirror is a bit heavier than the one that fell and I have had it over 7 years with no problems.

I would like to replace the mirror with the same or equal mirror as long as it is free of any defects.

Thank you,

Garden Ridge/4X3.5' Mirror
Garden Ridge/4X3.5' Mirror

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