Gander Mountaingander mountain, opelika, alabama

I drove to Gander Mountain yesterday afternoon from Columbus, Georgia. May 11, 2017. I had approximately $210 in Gander Reward Certificates. I went to check out and started to hand the cashier my certificates, he told me that they could not be used.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Opelika, ALI started to return my items to the buggy, was not going to purchase these, the only reason I went was to take advantage of what I was offered. HE then told me, no, do not return the items, you can call your Gander credit card company and they will deduct these certificates from your statement. I called Gander and this was not true. I was lied too. I would not have purchased these items. I was told "I am sorry..." this was very wrong; I have talked to many people and all have agreed. this is totally unfair.

May 12, 2017

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