Gameloftdungeon hunter 5

Gameloft represents capitalism at its mercenary worst. Their Customer Care department is a cruel joke. To paraphrase a popular Youtube video, crazy, nasty-ass Gameloft don't care. In response to my complaint that a glitch after their latest update had robbed me of a quite inconvenient but not enormous amount of in-game currency when attempting to purchase evolution materials, their stand was that since this transaction did not show up on their end there was nothing they could do for me. No amount of reasoning could persuade them to part with the few lines of code that would have saved them a customer. While admittedly not a big spender, I have made several purchases from them over the year that I have been playing DH5, but they would still prefer to lose my business rather than compensate me for my loss, even though the actual cost to them would be nothing. I am done with Gameloft and sincerely recommend that anyone else avoid ever becoming involved in one of their games.

Nov 21, 2018

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