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Gameloft / asphalt 9 legends

1 United Kingdom

For quite long time I have been playing asphalt xtreme, asphalt 8 and asphalt 9; sent a lot of e-mail's throgh customer services, etc, etc, and never had a acceptable reply apart of the silly answers/replies, try to install again, give some time as a update was launched and takes a while to settle,... And... My gaming issues were never sorted. Also filled complaints about performance of cars bellow others on the same rank, unnexpected crashes (out of the blue), cars flying like birds, late starts while others were just miles away, disconnection from gameloft servers (several),... Just to mention a few and obviously complaints about hackers and cheaters on all games never sorted!!!
Imagine that on 30 multiplayer races I have lost in one morning nearly 300 rank points and never managed to finish at least third... Sometimes could see on screen 2nd nd at the end I was really last or a position before last. Furthermore, in many many occasions finished races and all others did get their ranks and mine was the same and most times no points just a sign (=) is this fair and acceptable after many complaints for the past 2 years? I don't think so!!! And, why you place players with cars with ranks like 1696 and 1500 racing other cars on over 2500 and 3000 ranks??? No way to play those races and if you don't race you loose points and if you race you loose as well because you can't keep up... Bullying online!!!
Last,... I think that gl plays the bully attitude and... Unnaceptable situation is; like myself probably there's other people getting annoyed and stressed instead of having fun and enjoying the rides. Shame on you gameloft!!!


Dec 26, 2018

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