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The racing game is based on a slot machine hazard lottery pick up prizes and rewards system, that means that it's not even a pay per win game or not completely but a lottery random picking game that use the LUCK casual combination like a Slot Machine to get to reach the game purpose improvements to upgrade, so you can't improve upgrade your Cars without this system, so you have to insert coins anytime with real money and hope to win the exact combination to get what you need to go ahead, why someone would pay with real money and fall in this hazard trap? Because in game prizes are too lower for allowing the player to upgrade cars so they put a shop in it that doesnt grants you anything because its a SLot Machine. So this is a scam system a theft at 90% only a 10% could be the prize deserved or the shop that you wanted buy precise as most of the cars are not in lottery but to upgrade them u can forget to get what you want even if with real money shopping, there also the game remain stucked and the player can get boredom and abandon it at risk of the Gameloft itself, but probably most of the users players become buyer because got econnomic possibilitties and spend alot knowing that its nothing granted in this shop!!!

Jul 28, 2018
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  • Lo
      Sep 02, 2018

    Hello Gameloft.

    Your servers are down again, at least on IOS. I’m trying to finish your Anniversary Event and do other racing at the same time and because of your servers being down, I can’t do ANYTHING that involves racing. Will you please fix the servers and keep them fixed? If it’s beyond your control, I understand but seriously make an effort here.


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