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On the 30th of may 2018 after a long day at work I visited your game store at pietermaritzburg cbd on commercial rd.
I went on the sale table and picked out a couple of toys that were on sale for my niece as her birthday is coming up, went to the till to make payment, as the items were being rung up one of them came up in question as it was priced r5, the cashier called a lady (assuming she's the supervisor) to come and have a look. The lady's name was lungile, she is fair in complexion and had a long braided wig, the lady took the toy and went back to the store with it to verify the correct price, as I was assuming at the time, normal. After a few minutes she came back with the same toy but it was now priced r50, lungile advised that the correct price for the toy is r50 and not r5. I asked her where she had taken the toy that I had picked out that was labeled r5, she advised that she had removed that incorrect sticker and put on the correct one which was r50. I then advised her how I took that sale toy from that table, it was for r5 and I still want the same toy and pay r5 for it as I had decided upon picking it up from the table, she started having attitude and said that can not happen, the toy is r50 and will be rung up at r50, I advised i'd like to speak to her superior, she then proceeded to call an indian lady with short hair, the lady tried to say the same thing but I maintained that I want to pay the price I saw, the 2 ladies then went to the side and spoke there and I was left empty and un-informed at the til for a good while until I decided to go to them and asked what was going on. Lungile said I "must just wait for them, they're not working on my time, they're still discussing store matters". I really got confused because according to me the only matter being discussed here was my matter and there was nothing private really that had to be discussed on the side and me being left hanging at the till. I then told these ladies I am tired of waiting on them I want to see the store manager, they called a man who didn't introduce himself, he just came to tell me that what i'm asking for is impossible and cannot be done, during our conversation with him and the 2 other ladies it was clear that he was trying to persuade lungile into lying and just totally deny that the first toy I brought to the till was ever labeled as r5 and started incinting that I might have seen the price wrong. After blatantly asking him not to take me for a fool and that he must stop trying to persuade his staff to lie he just disappeared from the scene.

First of all when a customer buys an item the decision is largely driven by the price
Secondly if it was an error in pricing, it was not my fault, it was the staff doing the labelling that was in error, the store and the managers had to admit and recognise that, I asked several times for us all to first acknowledge where the error is here, however I was just dismissed from acknowledging this factor.
Thirdly that rude woman lungile had no right to take my r5 labelled sale item and go re-label it r50, she was now denying me the product I had taken and was also getting rid of my r5.00 evidence as the manager now was trying to dismiss that the item was ever r5 since there was no r5 label anymore.
Lastly, more than anything I was utterly disgusted by the manner in which they handled this whole matter, I was not treated like a customer, instead I was being bullied into accepting a price I did not plan paying, not that the r45 was material, no. R45 is actually immaterial, it is just the manner in which they handled this whole matter that had me fuming.

After they had all left us alone hanging with the cashier, this lungile came and changed the price on the computer without even the courtesy of informing me, as a customer what their decision was and left again, since they all abandoned me saying what i'm asking for can't be done. As I was fuming at this point I called her and asked why I wasn't being informed of their decision, she just started shouting and walked away from me. What the hell???!!! That lungile character needs a good smack in my opinion.

The staff critically needs training on how to deal and handle customers, there also has to be an implementation of consequence management, I cant receive such disgusting treatment and nothing be done about it, and still be expected to walk into game ever again and shop..

Jun 01, 2018

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