GameI will never set foot in another games store again

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I see that many people, not only myself experience this type of attitude from Game staff members. This is certainly disappointing, and utterly disgusting. It is a fact that the staff dont even have knowledge of the products they sell. Game responded by saying that they would like to see me back in their store again. I can assure you that I will NEVER set foot in another Game store again, and I will advise others not to go there as well. I prefer shopping at other stores, where I get quality service!

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      Dec 14, 2013

    Totally agree, my wife was verbally abused by staff in Game Bromley, she was so upset, the manager sacked one chap on the spot did nothing to the others. There were many witnesses who back my wife up, whom later made an official complaint to head office, no reply weeks later !

    Game never again, go on like that and you will go bust as people will just buy online where they cannot get verbal abuse.

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