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FYE / id

1 Taylorsville, UT, United States Review updated:

I went to FYE about a week ago to purchase some gifts, I had about 250.00 worth of things to purchase, which was convenient for me kind of like one stop shopping, I get to the checkstand and they are trying to sign me up for something, I said no I just want to pay for this and go, so they take my debit card hold it hostage and demand my ID I said no that is bad business practice my name is on the card I have my pin and I am not also giving you my drivers license number, IDIOTS
They proceeded to tell me they would not conduct the sale, I said fine keep it, so I went to their website to let them know that this business practice will put them out of business in a heartbeat, and they have no right to ask me for personal information my debit card is like cash everywhere else, I understand that this time of year they probab ly have alot of fraud and it is not so much they were trying to confirm my ID it just seemed that they were trying to make me sign up for some VIP program that I did not want... I live 70 miles from the store and would have no use for it. us plus how do i know the checker is not taking down my numbers for a fraudulent reason. that is why the kiosks are around so unless you are flagged by the bank and the checker never has possession of your card and so your pin remains secure is there something about that that is difficult, FYE does not want to hear the complaints I assure you after this holiday season they will be in chapter 11 bankruptcy because whomever is the CEO is a damn fool... BYE BYE FYE

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  • So
      26th of Jan, 2011
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    Let me start off with stating my vitriol towards FYE and Trans World Entertainment. They're a horrible company who I do hope ends up bankrupt by the end of 2011...

    That's being said, You're completely wrong concerning the processing of credit cards. You may have a "debit card" but unless you're swiping it and entering your pin number, it is a credit card backed by whomever's symbol adorns the front of your card (Visa/MasterCard/etc.). As Such, that card is now subject to the rules and regulations concerning credit cards, no matter whether you know your PIN number or not.

    However, If the employee asked you for your license for no reason other than to prove you were the card holder, that is actually against Visa/MasterCard policies, and you should contact your credit card company to complain (and so FYE/TWEC gets fined). The only reason someone should ask you for your license is if your signature does not match the signature on the card. If you have written See ID or have your card unsigned, the store is legally not supposed to process the card (as the card is not valid without a signature as stated on the card).

    So, if your card is signed, and they asked to see your ID before you signed or after (and your signature matched your card), you should call your credit card company and complain. Hitting their wallets is the only way they learn to follow procedures.

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