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Furniture Galore / Worst customer service

1 Victoria, Australia Review updated:

I feel compelled to advise others of the poorest customer service I have ever been subjected to by Furniture Galore, Cranbourne, and Furniture Galore head office. Initially, we put a deposit on a coach, after weeks and weeks we had no phone call. As we had waited so long our circumstances had changed and we approached the store to cancel. We were told by the worst sales assistant I have ever come across, a lady at the Cranbourne store, that as we had misplaced our receipt, they had no way of making a refund. I repeatedly informed her that we had looked everywhere and we could not find it, and was told that that is my problem. Upon asking for the sales assistants name, I was told in no uncertain terms that she would not tell me her name and that she would NOT give me the head office phone number because she believed I was going to make a complaint about her. I called my husband, who had to leave work, come and help me deal with this as I was shaking and my five year old daughter was asking me "why is that lady yelling at you mummy?" Again, we were told that, it was not her job to look for the invoice number, and that If I had have approached HER in a more pleading way MAYBE she would have helped me . My husband got the head office number, finally, and we had to stand there next to her and use our phone to call them. Head office was no better than Cranbourne, we were told it was her word against us and that they think she tried to help us and pretty much that was that. Then we were told that Cranbourne would search and they would call us in half an hour. Four hours later, no call, so I rang and enquired. "Oh, head office is searching, but cant find it yet, we went all the way back to July and there is no record." Heck no! So I rang head office again and they knew nothing of it and believed Cranbourne was looking. OMG. Finally, after enquiring why no one would listen to what we were saying about the disgusting treatement we had received, I was told again that she could do nothing about the sales assistant, and then after all that she took our details and guess what? She found it, which if she had have done in the first place would have prevented this disaster in customer service skills. Then furniture Galore decided that of our $500, we would only get $100 back. Furniture Galore or Robbers Galore? Come to our store, we'll treat you like dirt, and then take your money. Please come again...

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  • Sh
      9th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    The women at Furniture Galore head office was a ###. After waiting 3 months for our couch they told us they could deliver it tomorrow. After asking them whether I could get back to them because it would be my partner taking the delivery because I was at work, they said 'that s ok the delivery guys will call in the morning and organise a suitable time'. When they called they told me that they could deliver between 1 and partner s doctors appointment was in that time so I told them no it would have to be a different time or day. "oh but we ve already put it in the truck".
    Head Office informed me that I would have to now pay two delivery fees..
    Why would they pack the truck first and then ring to see if the time was suitable? No delivery day or time had been confirmed. The woman at head office - who sounded like she was a teenager throwing a tantrum didn't even bother to listen to what had happened before she told me the delivery policy. I asked for her name, and she hung up on me.

  • Ka
      9th of Dec, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I wait for my fully paid lounge suite for 5 weeks..when I rang the Frankston Powerhouse store to enquire when it was coming in they told me to call head office. On calling head office from my mobile phone and waiting 75mins on hold they tell me the lounge suite is already in and waiting to be delivered. Six months later the modular lounge suite tore in almost every join. Not only does this look unattractive it keeps tearing everytime you sit on it. I called into the Frankston store in February this year to fill out the form for my warranty. 4 weeks they said and someone will contact me. Whenever you call the store they cannot help you they tell you to call head office and it is always at your expense. At one time I misplaced my worksheet that they gave me when I made the request for the repair. They told me that it wasn't their problem, they could not track it down without it and that it wasn't their fault that I was too lazy to go look for it. 8 months after filling out the warranty form a man who they told me had been brought back to the store fro retirement because nobody else could do the job turned up and took photos and left. 10 months after filling out the warranty papers they have decided to pick up my lounge suite and take it all the way back to their head office for 1 week just to have a look at it they said. In the meantime we have absolutely nothing to sit on. I'm betting it's going to be more than a week.

  • Mi
      20th of Mar, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Why the hell would u stay on hold on a mobile phone for 75 minutes?
    Have you not heard of email?
    I find it hard to believe u really stayed on hold for that long, on ur mobile.

  • Fe
      4th of Jan, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Do yourself a huge favour and steer well clear of Furniture galore. Worst quality furniture that does not last without breaking for more than a few months, then when you have to organise repairs or replacements, customer service is totally non existent. Purchased 2 click clack sofa beds from the Chirnside store. Within a couple of weeks, leg broke off the first time someone slept on it. We paid extra to get a different type and within a few months, one of the replacement sofas would not close up. Both times, months went by without them contacting us. It was always us doing the chasing up. Both times, Chirnside store manager Liz was rude and totally lacking in any customer service skills. I constantly asked the head office receptionist for the name of a manager, so I could send an email. She refused to give me names. Clearly, customer service is not a priority at Furniture Galore. I now have my third sofa in the house and wonder how long it will be before this piece of crap also breaks. Never again will I shop at Furniture Galore. Never!!!

  • Rz
      30th of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes

    I totally agree. one of the worst decisions i ever made was to buy from furniture galore.
    firstly i was told upon purchasing my "deer hide" couch that it wears the same as leather. what a load of crap. 2 years on and the back cushions on the main part of my chaise is flaking off. the seat in the same area has sunken and the arm rest has snapped so when you lean on it your arm sinks into a gap. so seeing as the framework was still under warranty i sent it back. i had to pay for pick up/delivery!! can you believe it?!?!? and then the lady called us with a quote for the "leather" and we negotiated that she would charge us something like $60 seeing as we had already paid so much for them to pick up and drop off the couch and i couldn't justify having to pay for something that was a warranty issue. she then calls us back a few days later and says no she cant honor her word because the damage is worse than she thought and she would be happy to give us a voucher to spend in store for $500. she thought this was a fantastic offer seeing as i had already had 2 year wear out of this couch! Firstly i don't spend $2000 on a couch to last me 2 years and secondly i was going to have to spend another that much to buy another pile of rubbish from their store?!?! no thanks. i got her to fix the seat and arm rest and now have a throw covering the eyesore which is constantly flaking off. i get so embarrassed when i guest is sitting and the throw drops and they see it. feel like a povo so we are buying new couches. so disgusted. especially with the way i was spoken to from head office secretary.

  • Sn
      28th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    Made the mistake of buying a recliner/lounge set about 18 months ago, the recliner trigger broke twice within first few months and was a pain to get replacements for.. We had to install the replacement ourselves. Within the first 6-9 months, two of the reliners footrests have warped due to cheap metal/materials and can no longer be clicked into place... Then more recently, our "microsuede" on one of the recliners has torn. We also notice springs pushing out the bottom of the recliner/through the fabric.

    Really unimpressed with the cheap quality. We are in the midst of trying to locate the receipt for everything, in the hopes that we can get it fixed.. But after reading all the reviews online and seeing how dreadfully people have been treated plus our previous experience with them, we know it's going to be a fight to get anything done :(

  • Mi
      24th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    Pardon me for asking, but do people honestly believe that they can simply walk into a store with a complaint, and not provide evidence of their purchase? It is CONSUMER LAW that customers MUST provide proof of purchase. There are valid reasons for this. Just one example: u purchased ur suite from Ebay. The seller who purchased it from the store has sold it to u. THEY have a warranty...u dont. Unless the Ebayer who is selling it on to u is prepared to offer u a warranty. Another example: uve ordered a lounge suite and ur waiting for it to be made or for it to arrive from china or wherever. U split from ur partner, and so u want the money that was paid as a deposit, but the deposit belongs to ur partner snd he is the one named on the invoice, and is therefore the only person legally entitled to the refund. IF u are refunded, the retailer is responsible for that and may have to then refund ur partner as well. Seriously...people need to consider WHY they need their proof of purchase. Blaming others for ur inability to manage ur paperwork is just a cop out. Ur given a receipt for a reason. What u do with it is ur responsibility, no one elses.

  • Na
      25th of May, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Took them to VCAT for my dinning table. My worst decision I ever made to walk into this ### store. Still I am holding my head. Hopefully Judge Give them proper advice " how to shut the stores"

  • Ge
      11th of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    Proof of purchase can also be Credit Card statement, and when you pay a deposit they normally put all your details on their database, includes phone number which also can be verified.

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