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Full Tilt Poker is a total scam, I play at the casino on bus trips and never this bad...I deposited $40 on Full Tilt and the first scam is they told me I would get 100% of what I deposited, which you don't, you only get it if you earn enough points, and trust me you won't earn enough points before they rig the cards against you and get all your bankroll. I started off playing tournaments and lost a $5.50 buy in, in 11th place with JJ to A 4...somehow they hit the miracle 3 outer...Then played in a 8.80 tourney in which I ran into quads twice both times with a full house to bust out after being the chip leader and taking it to the river. I started to realize at this point that something was wrong and took it to the cash games and lost AA to QQ, 99, K 10, you name it I went 1/7 with Aces and thats supposed to be an 80% is totally rigged to steal your money, I am so ashamed in myself for believing it was a legit site that was fair. Do yourself a favor and if you think your the next Phil Ivey or Tom Dwan like I did take your chances at the casino and don't bother even giving them a dime cause your not going to get it back.

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  •   Aug 19, 2010

    Totally agree read my post about them.

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  • No
      Jan 26, 2011

    I believe that full tilt cheat poker should be banned from the internet and the owner sent to prison for fraud!!! I mean they would do the same to one of us if we cheated!! Also there has been reports of them meaning full tilt poker using ( BOT`s ) on there site. BOYCOTT FULL TILT POKER Who`s with me????????

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  • Ri
      Mar 26, 2011

    no matter what bad things you have to say about this corrupt site, these cheating mf's have an answer for everything.
    you could have solid evidence and they'll still worm out of it.
    ive been playing online poker now for nearly 8 years and i still cannot find a way to win big, ive tried everyway possible but to no avail.
    these criminals will screw you time and time again and its funny when someone posts to there forum saying that the site is rigged, but as soon as there is a post like that there is always someone or some others (mainly the same lot) who ridicule the person who is saying that the site is rigged.
    full tilt poker should be closed down for good because there destroying a lot of peoples lives.
    do yourselves a favour and quit this site and go street robbing instead, because for 1, you will be fitter, because that is another thing that ftp does to you, it destroys your health and it makes you feel worthless.

    take a look at the tikwiro website and it'll open your eyes, knowing how much of a liar paul leggett is as he is doing an interview in a room where all the monitors are switched off and not in the room where there work force are working.
    ps: all the money that ftp rake in goes to support all the people of kanawake

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  • Ri
      Mar 27, 2011

    so if i know someone in america and ask them to murder someone for me, i wont get into trouble because im overseas living in uk

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