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I was very disappointed in the flowers ordered from FTD that my wife received in the hospital. I ordered an "upgraded" version of a basic "Big Hug Bouquet", raising the price from $39.99 to $59.99 (plus tax and S&H).

What she got was what I consider no upgrade whatsoever. We received a small (13 inches in height) bouquet with a clear glass vase (not the opaque china like one represented on the site). It was an attractive bouquet, but one I could have purchased at my local supermarket for $15. My total cost was $80. People who have seen the arrangement were stunned to learn it cost so much.

A complaint to FTD went unresolved. They requested a refund from the florist, "The Flower Place" of Sarasota, FL. They declined to provide one, saying they had used "expensive flowers".

Don't take my word for it. See for yourself and decide. I created a site to show the actual bouquet: (You may need to copy and paste that link into your browser)

On that page I show the FTD representation of the BASIC bouquet, and the ACTUAL UPGRADED one we got.

I recognize that FTD uses local florists, but I bought from FTD, and I expect FTD to resolve the issue. I will not use FTD again, and would never recommend them to anyone else. They apparently will not back there products. How could I ever be sure that flowers I send across the country are what they are supposed to be?

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  •   Dec 11, 2006 - It's much too frustrating and upsetting!
    United States

    I ordered flowers for delivery directly from the FTD website on Thursday, 12/7/2017 for my mother's birthday. I requested a delivery date of 12/9/2017 and completed my order as instructed -- by providing my email address, my daytime phone and my evening phone.

    On Saturday morning, 12/9/2017, I emailed Customer Service at approx. 10:00 a.m. requesting confirmation of the delivery. Finally at 2:00 that afternoon, I received an email response from Customer Service stating that the arrangement I had requested could not be delivered until 12/12/2017 and suggested that I call Customer Service if I wanted to discuss the order or cancel it. I, of course, called Customer Service and proceeded to hold for 40 minutes (ironically listening to their taped recording of how important my business was to them). When a live person finally answered, I gave her my order number which she was unable to pull up on her computer as it was "pending." So there was nothing further that she could do. To wait for 40 minutes for this type of response was unbelievable. I asked to speak to a supervisor -- by this time I was less than amused and asked if it was company policy to NOT notify customers of impending problems with delivery. I stated that a 1 minute phone call from an employee notifying me of a problem at any time prior to the delivery date would have avoided all of the frustration (otherwise why ask for all of my contact details) -- not to mention saving my sanity from being on hold with the monotonous recording telling me how important I am. As it was, my mother never received her flowers for her birthday and it was much too late by then to make alternative arrangements. I could kick myself because after checking around online -- obviously this is not a new problem with FTD. I personally will never use FTD again. It's much too frustrating and upsetting.

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  • Lo
      Aug 06, 2007 - Very poor service!
    United States

    I ordered flowers Thu FTD.COM for next day delivery,as it turned out their carrier DHL could not make their self imposed deadline of 3:00p.m. the next day. They finally got delivered at 7:00 p.m. They would not at least refund the delivery charge that WAS credited back to them from DHL This was my first and last experience with Also their customer service personnel are rude and useless. TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!

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  • Dw
      Sep 04, 2007 - Ruined my 25th anniversary
    United States website inventory showed a product was available; It was not FTD made an unacceptable substitution and ruined my 25th anniversary.

    On or about August 19th I purchased 1 dozen long stem yellow roses for my 25th anniversary, I was very careful to only purchase items FTD's website showed as available. FTD substituted some kind of weird ugly white with red trim roses for the yellow roses. This was unsatisfactory, FTD made no effort to contact me and authorize the substitution; my wife was insulted after 25 years I had sent her friendship roses. Additionally I also purchased balloons from FTD, my wife had to stand outside in over 100 degree temps because of the incompetent delivery person. I contacted FTD Customer service. FTD Customer Service said they can make any substitutions they want as long as it is a similar product of same value. Buyer beware, FTD can give your loved ones what ever they want.

    It is the consumer's right to receive what they purchase and it is not right for a company to substitute whatever they feel like substituting. At 1st I only asked for a full refund on the flowers, after FTD's answer I want a refund on both purchases on the flowers and the balloons, I will be more then happy to return the items to FTD. Nothing else will be acceptable website inventory showed a product was available; It was not and FTD made an unacceptable substitution and ruined my 25th anniversary.

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  • So
      Oct 02, 2007

    I order from 1-800-flowers all the time and it's great. The ONE time I stray and try FTD, the flowers I ordered didn't get delivered. Not after 1-2 or 3 days...never! They have a 48 hour return policy or refund time window but when you call it's an aswering service. You leave a msg daily and "They will call you back. We are just the answering service." My window is closed now, they won't call back.

    Still no flowers and still no information and I'm out $100. I will never use them again.

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  • Su
      Feb 16, 2008 - Terrible quality of product!
    United States

    My boyfriend order roses for me for Valentine's Day. They cost my boyfriend $73.98, and were supposed to arrive on February 12, 2017, the day before he left for Florida on business. Instead, they arrived at my office on February 13, 2017, and they were frozen upon arrival. It took us 3.5 days to get thru to customer service, and then they had to recharge the order to a credit card and send a separate refund via paypal – which is how he paid for the order in the first place. SO a word to the wise – NEVER ORDER FROM FTD. (All of this is factual information and can be confirmed via photographs and multiple witnesses.)

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  • Fr
      Feb 22, 2008

    Well maybe he shouldnt have bought flowers that are shipped. Have them delivered by a florist. This is your boyfriends fault for ordering shipped flowers. What do you expect when fedex or whoever delivers something. Not sure where you live but where i live its cold, of course things freeze.

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  • De
      Mar 27, 2008

    I had placed an order on March 20th for a delivary on the 26th for my sister in law's birthday. I called that morning for a delivary status and was told that I had to change my order because the arrangement that i chose was not available in her area. The operator told me that i could be the same thing just in a different color and would be delivered by 5pm. I called again @ 5 to see if it had been sent and was told that my delivary date had been changed to the 28th or i could cancel the order. I asked to speak to an manager and was told that they had tried several florists in the area and since it was being delivered to a military base they were having a hard time getting on base and wanted an additional $25 in order to deliver. I called and ruined the surprise to my sister about the flowers and asked her if florists had any trouble getting on base and she said that nobody had any difficulty getting passed security, they were full of crap. She had just had a delivary to her house by a local florist, she gave me the name and phone and i called ftd back and told them to call and order it through them, they said that it would be delivered on the 27th no problem. I called the next day to check again (getting aggravated) and the operator called the florist to see if it had been delivered, the florist thought that they ment the order she had recieved on the 26th from her husband and told ftd that she had gotten it. when i called my sister in law she still had not recieved it. I called the florist directly and asked if they had gotten an order from ftd, she said that she had but she had denied it on the 20th and today because ftd refuses to pay delivary charges and a lot of florists are turning fted away because they take 30% away from the florist. the florist called ftd back on my account and was able to get my money refunded and i ended up ordering directly from her. I definately learned my my lesson and will only deal with local florists

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  • Li
      May 02, 2008 - not what was ordered
    United States

    February 26, 2017 I ordered flowers to be sent to my son in Florida as a congratulations for purchasing his first home. He sent me a picture of what he received and it was NOT what I ordered. I contacted FTD and they told me they had a 100% satisfaction guarantee and would take care of the problem. A new delivery was made and this time the order was even worse, not even close to what I ordered. I sent a picture of the flowers to FTD and to my surprise they called me on the phone, apologized for the mix up and said a representative would be in contact with me the following Monday, which would have been MARCH 17, 2017...yeah, it was really taking this long. Needless to say, I have still not heard back from them and any emails I send are ignored. I will NEVER do business with them again and would NEVER recommend them to anyone. I was so disappointed and disgusted and what's even worse, my son still doesn't have his "Home Sweet Home" planter that I ordered!

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  • De
      May 12, 2008 - Not what I ordered - late delivery
    17701 South Avalon Blvd. Space 402
    United States
    Phone: Don't care to list

    This is to warn "unsuspecting" folks. I decided to order Mom flowers for Mother's Day for the FIRST time and was I ever disappointed with product and service. The bouquet was NOT EVEN what I ordered and late with delivery. Saw the arrangement and was pitiful. So embarrassed.

    Then went to Albertsons and bought the most beautiful flowers and she LOVED them. If had any class, they would refund my credit charge. Please don't be fooled like I was. DON'T ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY.

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  • Ga
      May 14, 2008

    Worst online experience ever. I will leave out the difficulties leading up to ordering, finally gave up with online, and waited for ever for an operator to help. I ordered flowers Tuesday for Saturday delivery for Mothers Day. The following day I get an email confirmation and a tracking number. Saturday comes and goes…no call from Mom, I wait until Mothers day….I call Mom no flowers and no help to be had from FTD except confusing tracking info on DHL site. I called again on Monday, sat on hold forever and gave up again. Tracked the package again still no help, so I called DHL. The package had never been picked up, only a label generated and a tracking number assigned (and an email assuring me my flowers were on the way) I call Tuesday and finally get through…..she confirms the box never went out and wants to ship it again for me….2 days after Mothers day….Ya…Lots of help, no offer to try to make it right…I cancelled order, so far no credit to card however…….WHAT A JOKE

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  • Su
      Dec 17, 2008

    I had the exact same problem with the exact same order. My daughter's fiance, a soldier in Iraq, spent almost $80 for an arrangement that I would be embarrassed to send to a child.After numerous calls to both FTD and the local florist, I was sent a replica of the same arrangement. FTD was rude and dismissive of my concerns. I would encourage everyone to think twice before using their services. They are the ultimate rip-off artists! What should have been a loving gesture has turned into a nightmare for my daughter. Shame on you, FTD!!!

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  • Ma
      Feb 01, 2009

    I had the almost same experience. Their web page said the flowers were available. I ordered them and then they let me know by e-mail that the order cannot be fulfilled. I was the only grandchild not to send flowers for my grandmother's funeral.

    Then they spammed me for 3 times a week. I clicked on the Unsubscribe link and it continued. I did this 5 times with no results. I filled in an on-line trouble ticket. I got no response and the spam continued. I called their 800 number and spoke to a rep who apologized and said that their system was down, but she will make sure my address is removed. She warned that it could take thirty days.

    After 40 days and 18 more spams, I called their 800 number and did not tell the rep that I have already requested to be removed 7 previous times. She said that their system is down right now, but... Then I told her all that I have been through and that on the next spam, I will go to the US Federal Trade Commission. These guys give you the impression that they are sleazy.

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  • Kw
      May 12, 2009

    May 9th 2017 I ordered 2 of the same flower arrangements for 2 separate deliveries for a Mothers day surprise for Moms in our family, One arrangement was delivered with no problem. The other order is somewhere in nowhere land and after 3 phone calls to FTD customer service and 3 e mails still no response from FTD. The only sympathy I have gotten is the customer service girls telling me Ohhh I am soooo sorry but there isn't anything I can do except tell someone to call you the next business day. Hmmmm no phone call or anything and all I can do is call again and get the same response from a different customer service rep. I will give them one more day to respond and I am going to dispute the credit card billing and hopefully I will get some satisfaction form the credit card customer service department. If not I guess FTD has scammed me out of 50 bucks and I will never recommend them to anyone and I will just continue to post blogs and post on until I get my 50 bucks worth of I am mad as hell out of me.

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  • Wa
      Jul 25, 2009 - Renegs on promises
    United States

    I was promised a delivery would be made by noon on Feb. 13 -- I would never have placed the order otherwise. Instead, my wife left work at noon (for an entire week) and never rec'd her order. I asked FTD to refund the charge, given their "Satisfaction Guaranteed" promise. They would not; they argued that the delivery had been signed by her at 12:30.

    First, 12:30 is not before noon. Second, this is an outright lie. We called her place of work and were told that the flowers were actually delivered at 2 and signed for by someone with an extremely different name.

    DO NOT order from FTD. They will take your money, ignore their guarantee, and lie to defend themselves.

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  • Vo
      Dec 17, 2009 - Simply awful
    United States

    On April 25, I ordered flowers for Mother's Day to be Delivered Friday, May 9. On Monday, May 12, I checked the FTD website to make sure that that indicated that the flower were delivered, and it indicated that the flowers had been delivered. My credit card had been charged as well. Meantime, I found out that no flowers had been delivered to my mother, so I called FTD, and was told that they had sent the order to all 6 florists in the area and all had declined to accept the order. I asked why, if that was the case (since I had placed this order two weeks in advance), I had not been notified that the flowers would not be delivered as promised, and furthermore why my card had been charged. After a long and meaningless story, the customer service representative told me that 'the best they could do' was to refund my credit card. I responded that since no services had been provided, and since I was not informed that my mother would be receiving no flowers for mothers day and since I was charged anyway, that was certainly NOT the least they could do, and that they should deliver the flowers for free AND refund the erroneous charges to my credit card. After a long wait, the customer service rep offered to deliver the flowers for 20% off. I told the rep that completely failing to honor an order placed far in advance and not informing me that that was their intent was a huge problem for me, and that was not sufficient. I asked to speak to the customer service rep's supervisor. After a long wait, the customer service rep returned and informed me that the best they could do was offer me 40% off for the order they had already charged me for and not delivered at all, and that delivering a mothers day order after mothers day was unacceptable and not at all what I had in mind. And I still have not received a refund on my credit card.This is a completely ridiculous reaction to a horrible business faux pas. ISend the flowers I ordered to be delivered for Mother's day and which were not delivered and for which my card was charge, free of charge AND credit my card for the entire amount of the transaction. Mother's day occurs ON the day not after the fact. These flowers were delivered two weeks in advance. I received NO notification that the flowers were not going to be delivered, although that was apparently obvious in advance of the scheduled date, nor did I receive notice after the fact, nor did offer any compensatory service for the fact that they failed to honor my order and my mother received no mother's day flowers other than to offer me 20% off for mother's day flowers NOT on mother's day.

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  • Mo
      Dec 30, 2009 - UNDELIVERED ORDER
    British Columbia

    I ordered a bouquet for my mother's birthday 10 days before the delivery date (Dec 24). The order was never delivered to my mother's home but FTD's order status system falsely claimed that it was delivered. Not delivering the flower as promised was already bad. They even cheat customer by claiming that an order has been delivered! They have been "investigating" till now with no solid answer on what is happening. I will never order from FTD again.

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  • Cy
      Jun 03, 2016 - Horrible customer service
    United States

    Ordered flowers to be delivered on May 6 for Mother's Day. The issue started the previous Saturday when a rep called me to change my order. I made the changes, confirmed the order on Monday. I had two orders being shipped out by FTD, and when I received confirmation on 5/6 for the deliver of one of the orders and not the other I called Customer Service and they said the order was cancelled!!! Not only that they said my money was refunded, which it wasn't. I explained I did not receive the refund, and they told me it was not cancelled. Then I tried to work with the customer service rep to change the order and continue with the having them send the flowers immediately-because the receipent should receive the flowers on 5/6 (the day this is all happening). They said they couldn't do that, and I told them to just give me a refund, but to send me an EMAIL of the cancellation and that I would be refunded!

    I received the confirmation on May 7 at 12:34 am!

    Just a note I was on the phone with Customer Service for 1 hour and 45 minutes. That blows!

    I will never use FTD again. Perhpas if they move their customer service to the United States I may reconsider. Or, have people who are customers talk to customer service reps who both have the same language as their primary language. Comprehension is everything with Customer Service!

    They suck!

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