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If I can take a full page newspaper ad to tell everyone to not waste their monies with Frys warranty, I would do it in a heart beat.

I took a laptop to Frys that I bought 4 months ago with a 2 year warranty. They first told that my damage was not covered by warranty. Then a new guy came along and told me that he would do this as a "favor" but I would have to leave the computer with him. I then point out that per my warranty if my computer is not fixed within a day, they have to give me a loaner. He reluctantly agrees and then informs me that he doesnt have the same computer in this store but asked me to go to another store.

So, I drive to the other store and they start me with the same story. I have now spent 90 minutes on this problem. Finally he agrees to get me a loaner but he wont let me swap drives. That is against policy. He doesnt show any policy statement that indicated this. So, I am left with getting a loaner on which I have to load all my backups, my software before I can take the loaner. I asked him how this was possible and he told for a fee he would do it.

So, essentially their warranty will give you a loaner but you are on your own -- you have to backup the data and load new programs on the new laptop. They will keep the laptop 8-12 weeks and then tell you if they are able to fix it.

In my opinion, this is a huge scam. Most people will just give up while Frys amasses millions by not honoring any of the warranties. I asked them to show me how to complain, and within seconds he produced this complaint slip and gave me his card and told me I was free to complain. They just dont care.

I would love to hear what can be done to stop this scam. Seems plain wrong, especially in a down economy. If there was a lawyer willing to do a class action suit on this warranty scam, I am sure there will be a huge number of disgruntled customers willing to sign up. Their executives have been living it up -- one of their executives was spending millions at Vegas and is being indicted.

I have bought laptops at BestBuy, Staples with warranties -- at Staples, it took exactly one hour and I got a replacement with my drive.

Avoid Frys -- they are a low price leader and also a low ethics leader.

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  • Da
      Mar 10, 2013

    I have a warantee from frys on my Lenovo y560. I took it in for repair and was told that the hinge was not covered and I was charged $78. However is this clearly a Manufacturer defect. Many people are having the exact same issue with the Y560

    How can i get this resolved?

    Here are just a few people with the same problem.

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